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How to Install Carpet in a Truck Bed?

How to Install Carpet in a Truck Bed?

Here are the 13 best DIY methods for installing carpet in a truck bed. We have also added the tools required along with a step-by-step guide.

How to Install Carpet in a Truck Bed? You can install carpet in your truck bed by cleaning the floor, measure the size, remove the old rug, mark the holes, glue down the new carpet, and secure it properly.

Various vehicles come with pre-installed carpets, but with time, they are worn out and stained. The most important thing is to buy a good quality rug and you should measure the size accurately.

How to Install Carpet in a Truck Bed?

In this article, we have explained proven techniques for installing a new carpet in your truck. Just follow this guide to do this easily at your home.

Tools Required

  • Wrench set
  • Four in one screwdrivers
  • Utility knife
  • Socket set
  • Drill machine
  • Torx bit
  • Scissors
  • Scraper
  • Heat gun
  • Adhesive or glue spray
  • Level or chalk
  • Rust converter
  • Auto carpet kit

Sharp tools are best at the time saving and effort. If the appliances are harsh, you can monitor the cut rather than focus on where you want to cut. You can buy a new tool kit to get the desired results.

Clean the flooring

Before fixing the runner, you should clean the bed with the final sweep or finished wash. You can use compressed air and vacuum to remove debris and dirt. You can also use a towel and water to remove dust.

Dip a cloth in water and mix floor cleanser in it. Now scrub the bed with this towel. Let it dry for five minutes, then rinse the surface with a cleanser free towel.

Validate the carpet

Before cutting and making holes on the rug, you should verify the carpet. When you start to cut the runner, it is unable to return. The best way to test is to lay down over the top of it and line up the form of both products.

Check that the stuff is accurate, can fulfill your requirements or not. If your vehicle does not have an old product, you can dry-fit the runner on the pickup’s surface.

Length and width measurement

It is essential to fix it on your truck appropriately. Minor mistakes in the size of length and width will severely affect the contour.

You should mark with chalk at the edge lines and truck bed. Once you have full marks, check all the measurements again at the end. Make sure you measure it in feet instead of inches. It is a must if you have just converted your box truck into a camper.

Place the carpet in the sun

Keep it in a sunny or warm location, it will make it flexible and easy to use. Usually, it has two pieces, place both in a warm place flat to remove the folds and wrinkles.

You can simply put the heavy object to make runner falt. Put it in the sun for two to three hours.

Remove old carpet and seats from the truck

You should remove all the interiors from the vehicle. If your vehicle has an old rug, take a utility knife and cut any stubborn from the pickup bed.

First, disconnect the battery wires, then unplug any electrical components and wiring. Some bolts of seats place the bottom of the vehicle; in this situation, eliminate rubber plugs to contact these bolts.

Remove the center console and seat cushions. You should also remove the seat belt base bracket to have complete access. Now, you can fix a BedRug truck Bedliner. You must know the exact weight of Ford F150 for this procedure.

Mark holes on the mat with chalk

Mark holes with chalk first than making holes with a utility knife. Mark the hole with chalk instead of cutting with a knife that will prevent your mat from damaging.

We make holes to fix it on the floor tightly. You have to make a large hole and screw hole or tiny pinholes to permit the water to enter a minicab.

We have to make holes for bracket screw and seat bolts by beginning with time cuts. Make sure the wiring is out of danger or away from damage.

Fold carpet in half

Before fixing it, fold the mat in half from start to rear will work the best. Place the cloth in the lining will contour seats from the starting point of passenger and driver side.

Put the mat resting on top, fold the next half as far forward as possible, and place the rear half on the cab surface.

Cutting spare carpet

Cut or trim extra mat from the verge of pickup walls. Trim any hole for car seat anchor, shift stick, pedals, and other parts where the parts of the automobile connect under it.

Use your knife or flathead screwdriver, need an excess trim mat to put under the door sill plates and kick panels. You might be required to alter the console and other parts.

Make sure you trim through both the deadener and the rug. It is best to press the mat beside the dimmer switch and mark with chalk where to make the hole.

Gluing down the carpet

The adhesive down the method just the same as the stretch method. This method is best for inclines or slopes, and places with extreme humidity.

You begin this adhesive method from one side of the vehicle and pull the mat in half from the distance of pickup. Use a notched trowel to apply a proper amount of glue into the ridges back of a runner.

You should cover the area of 12 to 15 inches length by adhesive glue. Pull it again back to apply glue on the remaining part of the mat. There should be no wrinkles on it.

You can use the hard plastic or straight strip of wood to apply the glue into the product. When you glue it down, make sure not to damage the equipment.

Do not use the adhesive gum on the already glued side. You should cut the tiny holes, and the dimmer switch should fit tight. Too big holes cause to make a sloppy fit. It will make your truck smell brand new.

Open all the doors

When you finished your task, open all the doors and windows of the pickup. Smooth the mat with your feet.

You should remove creases and wrinkles which formed while doing this procedure. Pree each corner for several minutes where the glue applied. Leave it to dry and let it fix accurately.

Use a heat gun

A heat gun is used to mold or softens the mat fibers correctly. Warm the runner with a heat gun and press it on all the corners of the pickup floor.

It is best to check the hotness of the heat gun before use. Grasp the heat gun 12 to 17 inches far away, and when your hands begin to warm uncomfortably, now it is ready to use.

Reconnect seats

When you successfully finished your process and securely fix it, you have to reconnect seat base studs and all other things that you took out from the pickup.

Reattach the battery correctly. Fix the gas pedal to know it can work without snooping from the runner. In the end, it is ready to add the seat buckets.


Wear gloves and goggles when starting this procedure. If you are using the heat gun, do not use it continuously for more than 3 to 5 minutes otherwise it can lose power. Do not use it directly at one point for more than 30 seconds.

Do not remove the old rug until you have gathered all the required tools and understood the entire method. It is better to ask a friend to help you with this setup.

Do not buy products online, it is better to visit your nearby market and select the best-sized equipment for your pickup.

Once you have fixed the rug, secure it properly with glue and you can also add plastic straps to fix them properly.

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