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How to Make Your Truck Smell Brand New?

How to Make Your Truck Smell Brand New?

Here are 13 best DIY methods to make your truck smell brand new. We have explained all the things required, along with this step-by-step guide.

How to Make Your Truck Smell Brand New? You can make your truck smell brand new by using air fresheners, air ionizers, conditioners, proper ventilation, drying sheets, and regular cleaning with baking soda.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to retain the brand new smell of the pickup without any effort. However, with these proven techniques, you will notice better results.

How to Make Your Truck Smell Brand New?

Everyone likes the smell of a brand new truck. In this article, our editors have given the required details that will help the results.

Tools required

  • Bristle free brushes
  • Wiper
  • Shampoo
  • Detergent
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Fiber free cloth
  • Screwdrivers
  • Air conditioners
  • Ionizers
  • Dryer sheets
  • Baking soda
  • Air freshener

Wash and clean floor mats

Smoke and other food items can bring a very stingy smell inside. Take all the floor mats out of your vehicle.

You can clean them with water and any detergent. Wash all the rugs properly and use a wiper to remove all types of dirt from them. Now there are wipes available that help to get things done quickly, simply take the wipe and move it on the desired location.

You should put these mats in sunlight for some time unless they get completely dried. Put all these mats back, and in this way, you can enjoy a decent drive. This will also help your truck to idle higher.

Vacuum the truck

Plastic has the capability of having the smell of something when used for a more extended period. You should use a vacuum cleaner in such cases.

It will clean all parts, which must include all the plastic parts. Rub it on these areas and then use a dampened cloth. Clean the surface and hidden areas by using this cloth.

Clean seats with shampoo

If the seats are removable, then take them out. Place them on a stable surface and start their washing and cleaning. Put a small amount of shampoo on seats; you can use shampoo of your own choice.

Use a bristle free brush or a flat wiper. This method helps in removing all types of odors from the seats. Allow them to dry in the sunlight for at least half an hour.

The sitting area of the pickups is usually made of leather, which tends to absorb all kinds of odors for a more extended period.

Moreover, if the seats are non-removable, you can still clean them. Make a mixture of shampoo and water in a bucket. Damp a fiber-free cloth or brush inside this tub. Rub the seats without spreading water and shampoo.

You can use a shampoo and it will make your vehicle smell like it is just coming from the factory. Always read the manufacturing and expiry date before using any such products.

Clean whole truck

You can also go for stepwise cleaning; this method can be used for those who do not want to buy expensive products for this procedure.

Remove all the extra material, which may include the floor mats, sheets, carpet pieces, seats, dashboard’s coverings, and seat cover.

You can wash and clean all of these things separately outside. Inside the pickup, you should use a fiber-free cloth, a detergent, and water. Use a wiper if necessary.

Clean every part carefully in detail. Allow it to dry for some time before start using it. You should select the best battery for your pickup to get better results.

Remove smelly things

People have this terrible habit of leaving dirty things like socks, used shoes, and stingy food packets inside their automobiles.

These things produce a very unfavorable odor; wet suits can also create a foul odor. Remove all of these things; do not leave any small item.

Leave it for some time without closing the doors and windows. You will feel the difference next time you will use it. You can install a new carpet in your truck bed.

No eatables in truck

Do not eat anything in the automobile. Keep all the eatable out of the pickup. You should not bring food inside even in raw form.

Hot fast foods and oily food from hotels have their smells. They stay inside the vehicle for months. If you want to bring the foodstuff inside the automobile, open the windows. Cross ventilation can help you in achieving your goals.

Avoid smoking

Smoking can overcome any smell immediately. Cigarette smoke has a more destructive rate as compared to other things inside the vehicle.

Never smoke inside the pickup; if you smoke outside but immediately get into your automobile, this can also cause disaster.

If the seats absorb the smoke of cigarettes, that means it will never come out of it. Make sure you are following this procedure to get the required results.

Use Conditioner

There are some conditioners available in the market; some of these are leather conditioners. These are very effective in all the leather areas like seats and leather mats.

You can apply these conditioners on the seats and rugs, which keeps them soft and smooth. They help in bringing a suitable environment; you can use them twice or thrice a week for better results. This will just cost you a couple of dollars but the outcome is just awesome.

Air ventilation

This method is one of the useful and practical techniques for getting immediate freshness. If you feel that there is some odor is hiding, then follow this.

Open the windows and allow fresh air to get in. The odor will also move outside due to air pressure. Driving with open windows for a certain period can also reduce the odor. You should know the exact weight of Ford F350 Dually to make proper adjustments.

Ionize the truck

Air ionizers also help in removing the unwanted odor from the automobile. You can use them weekly or whenever you feel bad. Ionize the entire automobile, including all of its parts, and you can feel a fantastic fragrance inside it.

Use Drying sheets

Drying sheets have their specific odor, which resembles fresh new vehicles. These are found in different shapes and sizes. You can use them even in the old pickups.

Take a box which should be adjustable near the seats. Place the dryer sheets inside this box. Adjust the box below the seat and leave it for a little time.

The dryer sheets produce a scented effect on the whole automobile. The odor of the dryer sheets retains in the vehicle for more than three months.

Clean with baking soda

Baking soda has the most fantastic quality of absorbing in it. This powder is multipurpose, and people find it very beneficial in removing odors.

Baking soda works as a deodorizer for vehicles. You can spread or sprinkle this powder all over the mats and seats.

Use a bristle free brush, rub it on all the parts correctly. Leave the sprinkled soda on all the parts overnight for better results. The next morning you can remove the soda by using a vacuum cleaner.

Use air fresheners

Air fresheners have this diverse property of bringing freshness to any environment. You can buy any air freshener of your choice from the market. If you want to make a home-based freshener, then you can mix any oil with rice water.

Moreover, you can use peppermint and lemon. It all depends on you; you can fill this mixture inside a spray bottle and spray it all over the surface and parts.