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How to convert a box truck into a camper?

How to convert a box truck into a camper?

Here are 9 best DIY methods to convert your box truck into a camper. If you are interested in camping, then you should make your camping life easy and enjoyable. You can use a box truck as it provides more benefits than converting another vehicle into a camper.

How to convert a box truck into a camper? You can convert your box truck into a camper by designing the structure of the RV, prepare screen windows, add curtains, and by installing electrical connections. A box truck camper is like a room where you can eat, sleep, and do whatever you want.

A suitable and reliable vehicle must be weatherproof, functional, and comfortable. It gives you a sleeping space with off-grid electricity.

How to convert a box truck into a camper?

In this article, we have added easy steps to convert your box truck into a camper. All these steps are straightforward, and you can do this at your home.

It can be done within a week or in several weeks, depending upon the design you choose for making it. You must have designing skills and necessary woodworking skills to do this work. It can also be used as a guest house and can also be used in place of a tent.

Design a Structure of the Camper

The first step is to sketch the design you want to make. It is the most crucial part as you decide the layout for your camping vehicle. For this purpose, you need paper and a pencil. Sketch the interior on the paper. This sketching would help in design processes such as designing the bedroom, eating area, and bathroom.

You can also mark the lines inside the vehicle using a marker. You can draw the outlines of different features such as dining, closets, etc. Make sure you are designing your vehicle according to your needs, and the measurements you made are accurate.

Gather the Necessary Tools

The next step is to gather the necessary tools which have to be used in this process.

These tools include hammer drill, sharpie, heavy-duty fabric scissors, etc. You should also buy a device that consists of a driver-side toolbox. It can also serve as a mobile storage unit. If you are moving from one place to another, you can place your luggage in the back.

DCU truck cap is preferred as it offers side access doors, interior aluminum framing, and a toolbox for storage. The ladder rack can be used on the top of the vehicle, which expands the storage space and provides anchor points for hanging lights, ropes, etc. It saves your time by boosting your productivity by streamlining the way you approach the process.

Before starting this project, you have to find a place where you can place that equipment. It can be your garage or a piece of land. You should also take care of the surroundings, i.e., before operating anything that makes a noise; you should look if anyone is around so that no one could get disturbed because of you.

Adjust for Weather Protection

Every type of shelter needs protection from the outdoors. No one wants the raindrops to be splashed on them while sleeping or getting wet in the cold, especially at night. You should weatherize your vehicle. You need washers for bolts, mounting tape, locking nuts, hammer drill, and wrench for this purpose.

First, you have to spread a blanket that is bigger than your drive. Lay the cap on that blanket and apply insulation tape around the bottom of the cap, leaving the rear hatch area. Place the cap onto the pickup bed and make sure that it is placed evenly on both sides of the bed. Secure it using the bolts and wire the brake light.

You can use thick fabric around the windows to make it warm. As we know that no weather sealing product lasts forever, so you should seal around all the windows. You can protect your device also by sealing the exterior lights. You can install a new carpet in your truck bed.

Installation of lighting and off-grid electricity, accessing panels, and other protruding elements and can protect it from the leaks to be entered in your pickup. You can keep it warm in winters by baking cakes in it so that the smoke of the stove keeps it warm. It is recommended to follow these steps to avoid your vehicle from blowing black smoke.

Make a BedRug Liner

A shelter is reliable only if it is comfortable. You should install a bedrug liner in your vehicle. It is just like a carpet or mat and can easily withstand any type of harsh elements that you through its way. It is made with foam and is similar to a life jacket as it does not absorb any liquid.

First, you should remove the old bed liner, which came with your device when you bought it. It is because it is made of a solid piece of plastic and was installed without using any bolts. Clean the bed and wipe out all the dust and debris before installing the BedRug. Then install it in the right position and apply the VELCRO strips throughout the bed.

BedRug liners are waterproof and completely mildew resistant. They help in protecting your tools from dings and dents. Closed-cell foam is used by the BedBug that will not scratch the finish. It can be used for years, and when you remove it, it looks new as if you bought it today. You can clean it by using a vacuum, brush, compressed air, or a broom.

Prepare Screen Windows

Without a window screen, we cannot sit comfortably in our camper with the access doors open. These screens let the fresh air circulate in the vehicle and keeps the insects out. It does not allow the bugs and pests to enter.

The first step in preparing the screen windows for your pickup is measuring the length and width of the access door. Secondly, outline the access door using VELCRO. Cut the VELCRO strips and clean everything before applying it to the aluminum surface. You should use non-fabric shears for this purpose.

Thirdly, cut the access door screen. You can use tiny little boxes to cut a straight line along with a window screen. After cutting the screen, outline it with VELCROs soft side so that it won’t stick to your BedRug. The final step is to apply hockey tape to the reverse side of VELCRO.

Before applying the hockey tape, spread the layer of Fabri-Tac glue on the top of the screen and the adhesive side of the VELCRO. After about 48 hours, you can attach your screen and can enjoy the cool breeze inside while keeping the bugs out.

Install Off-grid electricity

We install off-grid electricity in our vehicle so that we can use power whenever we need it. First, install a power inverter that charges your devices while driving. These devices could be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. Second, establish an adhesive solar panel. Choose a flat surface on the roof, clean that area, and place the solar panel there.

Third, run the cord from your solar panel to your mobile power station. If you are inside, then run the cable with the help of a super cab door. If you are in the bed, then run the cord through the access door. At last, hang warm LED lights inside the pickup. Attach the LED string lights to the serape blanket. You can use a needle and thread and sew it to the ceiling of the blanket. If you notice your truck is cranking then do not start it.

Add Curtains and Ceiling Covers into your box truck

There are many ways to renew your pickup. You can remove the old dinette table, vinyl flooring in the kitchen, old carpet and sofa. And you can install new paneling, wallpapers and can paint it. For coverings of the ceiling, you can use wood, metal, fabric, fiberglass, plastic, vinyl, and paneling.

Using wood for ceilings covers would be inexpensive. You can cut the wood easily for design and can paint it. Metal ceilings are long-lasting, quite elegant, and are straightforward to install. You just nail them up. Fabric ceilings can easily be installed using glue. They can also enhance the sound quality.

Vinyl or PVC tiles are the best choices for the covering of the ceiling. They are long-lasting and durable. Its smooth leather-like texture provides an upscale look. These are waterproof and easy to clean. Plastic ceilings are light-weight and can be cut with scissors. They are glued for designing purposes. These will also keep you fresh if truck Ac is blowing hot air.

The curtains for your ride can be privacy curtains, shower curtains, window treatments, or blackout curtains. These curtains cost from $100 to $250 per panel. You can also wash these curtains on the delicate cycle using vinegar in the soap dispense.

The best fabrics for curtains are cloth, lace, nylon net, muslin, and gauze. We can use these curtains to create a cozier vibe and block off the cab area if we want. You can also use these if you have converted your truck into a dually.

Build a Wood Wall

If you want to have a functional living place, a reclaimed wood wall would be a great suggestion. It not only covers the industrial makeup of your vehicle but also makes you feel like you are in your home while sitting in a cabin.

The protection from heat or cold is not only possible by using exterior panels. You should also protect it from inside, and it can be done by building a wood wall that provides you with a lot of much-needed insulation and stays colder inside during hot days. In winter, it also traps the heat.

Another benefit of the wood wall is that it contains soundproofing properties. It does not let others listen to your private conversation and other things that you do. It t disturbed by the noises coming from outside.

These wood walls are strong and durable. They cannot be ripped off easily and are also harder to puncture. The wood grains make you feel warm in the cold. You should protect it from water because water will damage it and it will start swelling up. If it gets wet, dry it immediately because fungi will start growing on it.

Install a Swing Case

A swing case is a removable and portable utility case that is used for vehicles. It allows the clearance of about 3 inches above the bed. It is effortless to use as you have to pull the latch, and it pivots about 180o to provide you with instant access.

For installing a swing case, you need a swing case kit and an electric screw gun. It can hold up to 75 pounds. Its moisture seal keeps the contents dry. It has a lockable lid and is very to install. They are not intended to sleep and are also not safe.

You can use it either on the driver’s side or passenger side. This storage area can only be accessed from the outside. It can be used to store your tools, jumper cable, or sporting items. It has a removable sliding tool inside it. The lid of the swing case is key-lockable to keep your appliances or other things safe. It is portable so you can take it with you wherever you go. You can also add this to a hybrid truck.

Swing Case also has cup holders on the top. It is removable to provide complete access, its quick-release latch allows you to swing it up to 180o and swing it back to its original position when it is not being used. It usually takes ten minutes to install it. They are available with a warranty of at least one year.