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How to Install Ford F150 Front License Plate Bracket?

How to Install Ford F150 Front License Plate Bracket?

The installation of the Ford F150 front license plate bracket requires selecting the correct space in the vehicle, the durability of the bracket plates, and its strength to stand in every condition. 

How to Install Ford F150 Front License Plate Bracket? The installation of the front license plate bracket depends upon the model of Ford F150. Some models have slots present in the truck’s front bumper, and others have vertical bars for their installation. You can fix these bracket plates in the slots and vertical bar of the F150.

They are inexpensive to purchase; try to install the best quality bracket in your truck.

How to Install Ford F150 Front License Plate Bracket?

The front plate brackets are easy to install, and you can mount them without the help of professionals.

Install the brackets in vertical bars of bumper

The mounting process depends on the configuration of these bracket plates you purchase from the market according to your vehicle.

You can install them by putting them on vertical bars of bumpers or removing the truck’s vertical bars grille housing.

To attach the brackets in the vertical bars of the bumper, mount them in the bars and press them slightly. You will hear a click sound check the whole assembly by wiggling it slightly.

Remove verticle bar grille

You can also attach the brackets by removing the bumper verticle bar housing. It would help if you had a pair of pliers for this process. 

Displacing of the vertical bar housing

Open the truck hood by pressing the hood release lever located on the lower side of the driver compartment.

Pull the verticle bar grille out with the help of a plier by pulling tabs situated in front of it. It would help if you pushed the housing of the vertical bar from its backside. 

After removing it, clean the whole surface by using an alcohol wipe.

Now add the front plate bracket in the holes of the tab, push it down slightly, and then fix it. Check the installation of the front plate bracket plate by pushing and pulling it slightly.

You can remove the bracket plate assembly from its position by squeezing the upper clips of the bracket with the help of a plier.

You can also remove its lower tabs from the bumper’s slots by pulling the frame in an upward direction with your hands. 

Install the front license plate in the pre-cut slots

You can also install a front plate bracket in the pre-cut slots of the Ford F150 bumper. Purchase the front license plate brackets according to the truck’s configuration. 

Now fix the brackets clips in the slots and press it slightly. You will hear a lock sound.

Check the process by slightly pushing and pulling the bracket plate from its assembly if you want to remove these brackets from their position.

Go underneath the front bumper of your truck. Push the bracket tabs in the upward direction, and then pull the assembly from the outside of the bumper. 

Install removable front license bracket plates

You can also mount removable brackets plates on the lower side of the bumper by following this procedure:

Tools required

You will require a drill machine with drill bits, measuring tape to measure the center of the bumper for installing the licensed front plate in it. Make sure to purchase the best quality removable front plate bracket. 

You will also require a marker to mark the slots, ratchet, and wrench for mounting the screw. You will also need safety glasses while doing this step; it will stop material from entering your eyes.

In Ford f150, if you install the front bracket plates by making holes in the bumper, it will reduce its integrity and appearance.

You can put the license plates by attaching removable brackets underneath the bumper. These brackets can easily mount and remove without blocking the opening of the truck’s inner core. 

The removable brackets have two parts, i-e, the front, and the base bracket.

You can attach the base bracket with the vehicle’s bumper and mount the number plate with the front one. You can easily remove the front plate from the base plate using a quick-release latch.

It would be best to use a marker to mark the holes of the base bracket plate underneath the bumper.

Ensure that the bracket plates line up with the back of the bumper and be present in the center of the vehicle.

Use a drill machine to make pilot holes with the help of a 1/8 inch drill bit. Now use the quarter drill bit to enlarge the holes and clean the area with an alcohol wipe. 

You need to add the base bracket by removing its double-sided tape and stick it with the bumper. Add the screw on the base brackets and tighten them with the help of a ratchet.

Fix the number plate on the top bracket by attaching the screws and acorn nuts with it. You need to tighten the assembly with the help of a screwdriver and a wrench. After connecting your front plate assembly in the base bracket, add the quick release latch.  

The quick-release latch and the notch of the front bracket plate must be present in the same direction to easily remove it from the base plate by pulling the quick-release latch in an outward direction.

It would help if you made arrangements before installing the licensed plates because most kits come without hardware. Buy the bolts that can fix in the front plate bracket correctly. Please choose the right size screwdriver for the bolts because the wrong size can strip of bolts-head and make it challenging to tight or remove them from the front plate.

Why would you install front license plate brackets on your Truck?

You can also mount personalized bracket plates in front of your truck. They protect the corners of your number plate from damages that happen due to accidents or weather conditions. 

Extreme weather conditions like excessive heat, snow, and rain can damage your plates and make them prone to cracks. The bracket gave them additional support and prevented them from cracking. 

The brackets are usually available in metals or plastic configuration, which protect the plates for an extended period.

They are economical, and you can also engrave different messages in them that helps in increasing the aesthetic value of your vehicle.

It is a law to mount front and rear plates in your truck for safety purposes. The front plate’s number must be printed in black color to become more visible from a significant distance. 

The front plates must build of reflective material that can become noticeable in low light. It will prevent accidents at night and prove helpful for navigation.

The mounting of these license bracket plates helps the transportation department to find the stolen vehicles using a license plate reader. 

They can also monitor the speed limit of automobiles by the license plates in the high-speed camera’s photographs. The installing of front license plates is essential for reselling the vehicle through dealers. 

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