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How to Install Running Boards on Ford F150?

How to Install Running Boards on Ford F150?

Adding running boards on Ford F150 is a simple task and use your garage to do it. It serves as a step to enter and exit into a truck. They also keep your clothes clean and safe.

How to Install Running Boards on Ford F150? In general, you can install running boards on Ford F150 by adding brackets on both driver and passenger sides, then tighten them with lock washers and bolts. After this, add running boards and fix them on brackets with nuts and bolts. 

How to Install Running Boards on Ford F150?

The footboard is another name for the running board is a narrow or rectangle step that fits the side doors of a vehicle. Its function is to aid entry into high trucks.

These help in blocking dirt and debris into the Ford truck. This way, these boards keep the seat and carpet clean.

Footboards are also essential for safety measures in keeping distance between wheels.

The time required for this work depends upon the experience of the technician. It can take more time when you are doing it on your own.

Typically it takes half an hour to one hour to add them on both sides of the vehicle.

Types of running boards

  • Step board
  • Curved nerf bars
  • Side step
  • Retrieved running boards
  • Lighted running boards

Mount brackets on the rocker panel

Before proceeding to the first step, read all the instructions guide to know the specs of products.

Mostly brackets kit and other tools are present inside the packaging. Purchase separate frames when they are not part of the package. Then park the vehicle on a flat surface. Turn off the engine and all other electric devices.

First, add running boards on the driver’s side. Inspect the rocker panel present on this site to check the location of holes.

In some models, you have to drill holes with a drill machine. There are two pairs of holes present where you have to mount the brackets.

Place the first bracket on the first pair of hole Fixes or tighten it in its place with bolts and washers.

Make sure to not over-tighten the bolts and lock washers. Check the brackets and rocker panel by moving the center of the vehicle. Then mount brackets on the second pair of holes.

Repeat the same procedure to mount brackets on this pair of slots.

Mount brackets on the rear side

Here only a single hole is present where to mount a bracket. To mount it, separate wire nuts are present within the packaging of the product.

Mount it with the wire nut. Use a screwdriver to tighten it in its place. Then check it by moving the rear side of the vehicle. Do not over-tighten the wire nut on brackets.

Add running boards on the driver side

Remove its plastic cover and then place it on the brackets and insert the bolts through the holes present on the device.

Check all the bolts and tighten them properly. Fix it on the place with the help of a screwdriver.

Attach running board on the passenger side

To attach the boards on the passenger’s side, repeat the process. First, add brackets on the panel and tighten them with bolts. Then add brackets on a hole present on the rear side.

After this, place the equipment on them. Place them straight and insert bolts through the slots. Fix them on it by tightening the bolts with a ratchet and socket. You should also know methods to lower the running boards.

Which type of running board is suitable for Ford F150?

The type of running board to add to a Ford truck depends upon your intention. Either you are adding them for aesthetic appeal or supporting entry into the truck.

When you want to aid in the entry, steel running boards are best. Some plastic molded footboards with aluminum or steel bases can serve both purposes.

  • Amp research black access step
  • Aries running boards
  • Mifeier oval bent Nerf bars board
  • Westin pro TRAXX 4
  • Luverne grip step black
  • Bestop trek step

How much does it cost to add running boards?

Their price varies depending upon their material design and purpose. On average, the cost of one pair of footboards is $400 to $1900.

When you take help from a technician, labor cost is an additional charge for installing them. The least expensive running board costs only $150.

Products with the highest price need an electric setup; you can consult a professional for this purpose.

Why do running boards fail?

The running board gets damage or suffers from poor performance due to many reasons. First is the nature of their job. They stand outside the vehicle and get dirty due to filth and dust.

They bear a lot of loads when we step on them to enter the truck. Over prolong use, they become loose from their position. You have to refit them on their respective site.

Rubber-coated products fail due to damage to the rubber lining. Some steel running boards get corroded due to moisture in the environment.

Some footboards have an electrical connection to the system of the truck. When the wiring of the system is wrong, the boards stop working.

It is due to the poor functioning of the motor. Use a brush to clean all the hinges. You can spray rust cleaner on these to enhance their performance.

Use a straw can to spray cleaner into the folds and corners of boards. Regularly cleaning the filth can also resolve the issue.

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