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How to Reset Trip Meter on Ford F150?

How to Reset Trip Meter on Ford F150?

A trip meter on Ford F150 is a type of odometer that resettable and can measure the distance between two points. Its purpose is to measure your truck mileage for a particular tour to check the truck fuel economy. Ford F150 has a trip computer that keeps a record of the trip distance, trip time, and fuel economy.

It has several menus that you can access via 5-button control located on the left side of your steering wheel. It also gives information on how much more distance you can cover on the remaining fuel in the tank.

How to Reset Trip Meter on Ford F150?

It is a digital display that has several menu options to display the vehicle parameters.

You can navigate it by different screens to check the trip distance, trip time, distance to empty, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, average speed, and digital speedometer.

There is also a single screen option where you can see all these values together. You can locate it in the form of a digital LCD between the speedometer and dashboard.

Trip Odometer: It displays the total distance traveled for a particular journey. It is beneficial to keep a record of the traveled distance for a long tour.

Trip Time: It displays information of time for a specific trip and resettable. It keeps on counting time as soon as the vehicle engine starts.

Distance to Empty: It tells the distance you can travel on the remaining fuel in the tank that advantageous to plan the next refueling stop.

Instantaneous fuel consumption: It gives the display of fuel economy at the current moment by considering the average speed, fuel rate, and throttle position.

Average Fuel Consumption: It displays the average fuel economy for the whole journey by dividing the total distance with fuel consumed since you have reset the odometer for a specific trip.

Average Speed: The trip computer calculates the average speed by dividing the distance traveled with time since the trip start.

Menu to Change Units: There is also a menu accessible through the settings menu to change the display units from imperial to metric ones. You can switch it according to your ease and the region you travel.

All Value Screen: This screen shows all values that are trip distance, time, fuel consumption, and distance to empty on a single screen.

Misc Functions: Trip computers also have other miscellaneous functions like temperature and warning sounds that you can enable or disable from the settings menu.

Navigation through different options of the trip computer

You can navigate through the various menus on the trip computer by using a navigation key. It is a 5-way key having 5-push buttons to change the display screens.

These are left, right, up, down, and OK keys. Four-keys are to scroll through different options, and the OK key is to confirm or select or disable any particular option.

You can locate this 5-way key on the steering wheel left side for easy access and go through all the options without disturbing the driving efficiency.

How does it work?

The trip computer takes input from various sensors located at different points of the Ford F150 truck.

The fuel sensor gives the fuel level, and the speedometer provides speed, and the odometer gives the data regarding distance traveled.

Our specific concern regarding this topic is the odometer. It has a rotary encoder installed along the truck axle to count wheel the number of rotations.

The trip computer takes that data and multiplies it with the wheel circumference to calculate the distance traveled for a particular trip. It is 2*pi* radius of the wheel.

How to Reset the Various parameters of the Trip meter individually?

Resetting any parameters of the trip computer display is relatively easy, and it takes a few seconds. The resetting procedure consists of various steps.

Step 1

Reset the trip meter on Ford F150 to zero by holding the dashboard right button for few seconds. If it does not work, then press the button at the end of the right-hand comodo.

You can look through your ford console center and monitor it and figure out the zero option.

Step 2

Scroll through navigation keys to the particular screen that you want to reset. If you reset the distance traveled before starting a new journey, go to the trip odometer screen.

Step 3

Now press and hold the OK button until the status bar starts moving and completes. You will see the reset status at the end of this procedure.

You can repeat these two steps for all the trip parameters you want to reset before starting a new journey.

You have to cruise control the restore button, which helps to normalize the original speed setting.

How to Reset the All Value on Trip Meter Screen?

You can reset all four trip parameters on a single screen by scrolling to all value screens. You should press the OK button until the reset status bar completes.

In this way, you can easily reset all the values instead of individually resetting the parameters.

Common Problems in the Ford F150 Trip Meter and their Solutions

Here are the common issues that we see in the trip meter of the Ford F150, and we have also added methods to fix these.

Improper trip meter reading

Sometimes trip meters show improper reading than the normal due to any damage. It can trouble you when you are driving.

You have to adjust the new reading pattern like +99 if you are specific or sure about the reading.

You can also guess through the main reading meter than through this and follow the manual or proper instruction.

The problem with the trip odometer display

This problem occurs due to fuse damage, and the relay is not working.

The trip odometer display permits determining the A or B on your ford truck. You cannot control or handle this problem with ease, so consult with the local professional mechanic.

Fuel density

Weather condition varies the fuel density, and you cannot measure it. Summer gas should differ from winter gas and depend on it.

It cannot measure by the trip computer. You have to observe it and maintain the changes related to it.

Unmetered fuel

Sometimes trip meter cannot give the exact appropriate value. It shows the less or high mileage may be due to inappropriate fuel efficiency.

You have to monitor the engine system regularly and fix it if a problem occurs. If you want 100% accuracy, then reset the trip-B odometer to assure you can not make any side trips as about or around.

The problem with the light switch

If your odometer or trip meter is not working, fix it through manual help or a local repair service center. They help remove the light switch from the dash part.

Plastic gear issue/cluster

If the odometer is not working, then due to the plastic gears. You can repair or fix it by the same model year truck cluster or go to the cluster repair shop.

You have to buy the same size with exact assembly and proper plug-in without any changes.

Stepper motor contains that gear when it becomes intermittent like high friction. Then, you pull out the cluster, remove the speedometer, odometer assembly, and find the gear train issue.

If you have the 12volt supply or power generator, then stimulate the signal of its on the workbench.

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