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How to Install Toyota Tacoma Cargo Divider?

How to Install Toyota Tacoma Cargo Divider?

You can add a cargo divider in your Toyota Tacoma to keep the luggage safe. It will also protect your large boxes from slipping when you are applying brakes frequently. 

How to Install Toyota Tacoma Cargo Divider? You can install a cargo divider in Toyota Tacoma by using bolts and brackets. You should connect the rod with the bracket and fasten them with nuts. You can also use tracker bolts and fix them in between rails for their movement. After this, attach the cargo organizer with them and then join the steel divider. You can also place a net and plywood for partition.

These are easy to fix, and you can also remove them when they are not in use. For plastic and steel ones, you can paint them with desirable colors for their attractive look. 

Easy Steps to install Toyota Tacoma Cargo Divider

These are small partitions that you are adding cargo dividers on the bed slides present on the backside of the Toyota Tacoma.

You can add them by using drill machines which is a complex process and require proper care. You have to apply pressure on the body of this vehicle carefully to prevent its surface from dents.

When making partitions in the cargo area using a long rod, you first have to measure the length of these rods according to their placement site.

Making cargo partitions by using a rod is beneficial because you can also take your curtains and shower rods when these become old.

After this, you have to open the tailgate and mark the point on the rod where you have to cut them and then cut them using a blade.

After this, take two bolts that have a fixing point for the rod. Next, take a drill machine and make a hole in the exterior panel of the Toyota Tacoma carefully.

You should take care don’t make a large hole and hold the machine carefully. You should apply less pressure from your side to prevent any damage.

After installing these clips, fix the rod in the inner side and revolve them until they become tight, this is an easy method, and you can also do this in your home in 2 to 3 hours.

You can also add wood with them for proper partition of small objects. If you are only taking the large cartons and other things, then rod alone is enough.

Take plywood and measure it according to the size of the rod by using measuring tape. After this, take a wood saw and cut them from the marked points.

 You can attach this by making holes on the wooden panel at some distance; after making holes connect the wooden board with a rod and secure it by using clips and screws.

The addition of a plywood bar is beneficial, and it will only take 40 to 50 minutes for installation.

The other method that you can use is the addition of bracket mounts. You can drill these mounts in the side of the bedrail carefully.

These bracket mounts are moveable; you can take them anywhere inside the bedrails where you want to fix them for luggage.

Purchase a suitable type of these bracket mounts from the market and add them to the bedrails using a drill machine.

After drilling the surface of bracket mounts, attach them to the surface of a truck and secure them by using nuts and bolts. After this, take a steel bar, but these bars in the bracket mount, and fix them using nuts.

The addition of brackets is an easy trick, and it will take less time, effort and needs fewer skills. The time required for their addition is about 30 to 40 minutes.

Can you install cargo dividers in Toyota Tacoma without a drill machine?

I am adding different tricks to put cargo dividers in your Tacoma by using less effort and experience. You should not need any heavy material like drill machines with you for making holes.

You can simply add a net divider on bedrails by attaching their ends on both sides of the cargo area.

Take a rigid net and attach a band on its four sides for its attachment with bedrails. Now open the tailgate for the inside entry and installation method.

Attach one extended ribbon from the net dividers on one side and make a tight knot in all directions. You can also use a cargo divider kit for this whole procedure.

This divider kit comes up with a steel net rod and moveable bracket. You should purchase them from the market, and these are readily available.

After buying, remove the plastic wrapper from track knobs. First, you have to fix these moveable bolts between the rails for their forward and backward movement.

Then add this bracket on the rails and attach them by using bolts. After this, add an l-shaped bar, also called a cargo organizer, on the side of holes present on tracks and fix them using rubber knobs.

At this bar, you have to fix the steel rod for the partition. Now your divider is ready, and place your materials in them with appropriate adjustment.

Use lubricants and apply them on bedrails and mounts for their appropriate movement and prevention from corrosion.

Different kinds of cargo dividers

These gadgets that people use for partition in their bed slides come up in the market with different materials and price ranges according to their quality.

The cost of these partition gadgets depends upon their quality and durability. These come up in wood, plastic, steel, and aluminum material.

Wooden drivers are not that much costly, and these are easy to install. In addition, you can quickly fix them alone or with a metal rod by using clips and bolts.

Plastic ones are more durable due to their flexibility. They also require less time for their adjustment with bedrails.

Moreover, these come up in the market with lower and affordable prices. Most people are using this type because it is also lightweight, and you don’t need the help of any technician for their mounting.

The steels ones are a bit heavy, and you also have to lubricate them after some time. People are not using them frequently because they are challenging to clean, and rust will come on them due to slight humidity in the outside environment.

The corrosion on their sides also disturbs their movement throughout the bed rails. The plastic material is best in this way due to their easy clean and no chance of corrosion.

Net dividers are beneficial because you can add them at your home, and it is also readily available in stores at the affordable price range. It will also make a good grip on different cargo areas within other things.

Why would you add a Cargo divider in Toyota Tacoma?

These are small and valuable gadgets that people are using for the separation of their luggage. These are useful to place when you are taking a small amount of luggage with your Toyota tacoma.

When you are putting these minute accessories in a large area, it will cause a problem due to their continuous movement.

The continuous movement will cause vibration in the compartment, and your luggage may fall into different sides.

You can control these vibrations by putting them on one side and secure them by using dividers. 

Suppose you are going for a trip and have to place your food items and clothes, you can separate them to prevent your cloth from stains.

You can also separate your clothes from shoes by using these. The continuous slipping of heavy boxes and your accessories on the backside cause distraction of driver during driving.

You can control this distraction by adjusting your luggage on one right side. In addition, when you are adding your food to the cargo area, you want to keep food items away from the engine compartment to prevent heat. You should use these to keep your food boxes fix in one place.

Putting your items at some distance from another will create problems during the vehicle’s movement and produce uneven noise.

These noises will cause a problem in driving and also disturb the comfort of passengers. When you take items that are easy to break, you should install these gadgets to increase their safety.

Things to consider when installing Cargo dividers in Toyota Tacoma

Check the material of the cargo divider; I always prefer plastic ones because of their best quality and durability.

The next thing is their direction in which you have to add them. Then, you can measure the size according to the direction you are placing.

You can place them in a horizontal direction, vertical direction, and on sides. Moreover, it is also beneficial to make these partitions on 2, 3 sides.

Place them horizontally on the front end of bed slides and add your material there. You can also place them on the right side vertically.

When you measure their size accurately, measure them because if these are smaller than the desired length, you can’t fix them properly.

The larger ones also cause a problem and can’t be adjustable in the required space.

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