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How to Prepare Truck Rims for Powder Coating?

How to Prepare Truck Rims for Powder Coating?

Powder coating truck rims is a procedure that involves a combination of pigment and resin. The spray guns contain electrically charged powder particles that have an electrostatic charge.

How to Prepare Truck Rims for Powder Coating? You can prepare metal and chrome truck rims by separating them from wheels, dismounting the bearing assembly, stem valve, degrease, and cleaning. Then, use a coal blasting media, and apply electrically charged particles with a spray gun. Also, remove metal oxide from aluminum rims, apply alkaline solvent, provide heat, clean, and use sweep technique to deform. Now, dip rims in a phosphoric acid tank, rinse, and dirt with pressurized air.

The coating material provides an extra coverage than ordinary paint. The procedure was invented in 1945 by Daniel Gustin.

It has a rounded appearance on the edges, and the texture is smoother than paint colors. 

It is expensive and costs between $520 to $530. Also, it depends on the type of powder, used method, and expertise of the performing person.

How to prepare metal and chrome truck rims for powder coating?

The powder coat application is challenging on a metal surface because it is prone to frequent rusting. 

It requires preparation and cleaning for a long time to generate long-lasting effects.

Follow the guidelines for better results and durable coating of material. 

Remove the rims

The regular wheels, tires, and rims users know the demounting procedures. But, a few people are unaware of the internal complexities and require professional support.

In such situations, consult an expert mechanic and remove the truck rims. Then, separate the tires from metallic parts one by one and keep them aside.

Hold the lugs and nuts and adjust the appropriate tools on them. It is better to adjust a wrench on nuts and rotate them anti-clockwise.

Then, pull those outwards and remove them from the orientation point. The removal makes the coating procedure convenient and enables smooth layering.

Demount the bearing

Typically, the tire bearings are an essential component of the entire assembly. Also, it connects the axles of the wheels with the truck frame.

They are a steel structure that holds rings of metal material. However, it helps in the appropriate rotation of rims.

Hold them firmly, loosen the lugs and remove them. Then, access the stem valve and remove them from the vehicle.

Degrease rims

The degreasing of metal material involves a commercial degreaser, lint-free fabric, and a sponge. In addition, apply the material on the surface; rub it 2 to 3 times, and remove the rust.

Then, use a fiber-free fabric and rub it on the rim’s surface. Remove the contamination, dust particles, and other such material gradually. Make their top clean and shiny for better adherence of material.

Manual cleaning

The manual cleaning of the metal components is essential before powder coating of rims. It removes dirt from the folded sections of the rims.

It can remove corrosion material from the inner compartments as well. Finally, manual cleaning helps in a better layering of powder substance with a smooth texture.

Select blasting media

One of the most cost-effective blasting media includes coal and provides a high-quality profile. The ready-made media can remove the accumulated paint and rust lines.

You can also use aluminum oxide, but the coal media is slightly more costly than oxide liquid. It can remove corrosion more effectively than other substances.

Apply layers with a spray gun

Fill the commercial coal media in a spray gun and apply the electrically charged particles directly on the metal and chrome surface.

In addition, hold the spray gun firmly and apply a smooth layer. You can spray 2 to 3 layers according to the quantity of media.

Steps to prepare aluminum truck rims for powder coating

The preparation of aluminum truck rims is far more challenging than metal ones. It requires costly cleaning and degreasing materials. 

Removal of metal oxides

Aluminum is a powerhouse of metal oxides as a top layer. You cannot apply a powder coat on a metal oxide surface.

Power washing is one of the best ways to remove the contaminated oxides from the aluminum surface.

Take the help of a professional mechanic and remove the top layer. Next, access a clean, smooth, and shiny surface for the coating procedure.

Alkaline & solvent cleaning

Make an alkaline solution with sodium compounds, or purchase a commercial solvent. These have a percentage of sodium and emulsifying agents.

You can apply the solvent through a bristle brush or use the tank technique. First, dip the truck rims in a tank filled with alkaline solvent.


The spraying procedure requires heating as well. The material works best from 61 to 86 degrees centigrade. Preheat the rims and rinse with hot water.

It is better to use heaters and other electric drying machines to remove water and dirt particles.

You cannot carry out this procedure without heating because aluminum resists cold water conditions.

Clean its surface

It takes less than 4 to 5 minutes, but manual cleaning plays a vital role in the entire procedure. In addition, use a clean and fiber-free towel.

Rub it over the surface and fold 3 to 4 times. It removes dust particles and residual oxides while leaving a clean aluminum surface.

You can se spirits and naphtha solvents because they can remove grease within a few minutes.

Sweep technique

Sweep blasting includes rough brushes, nozzle movement, and silicates. Its prime function is to deform the surface.

However, particles control is necessary because uneven spread leads to non-adhesive conditions. Adjust the substrate at a temperature of 3°C to 4°C.

Then, use compressed air machines and remove the abrasive particles from the surface. You should maintain the pressurized conditions for around 3 to 5 minutes.

Repeat the activity according to the conditions of your rims. In cold and humid conditions, the aluminum surface attains the metal oxides quickly.

In such circumstances, apply the powder coating within 50 to 60 minutes. Leaving the rims damages the top layer, and you have to repeat the procedure.

Negligence can destroy effort and consumes a lot of time. The metal oxides are invisible, and you cannot access them with the naked eye.

In such conditions, use your expertise and monitor the weather conditions. Then, perform the procedure according to narrated guidelines and prepare aluminum truck rims for a durable powder coating.

Chemical cleaning

It is an optional and challenging procedure that requires extreme control conditions. To accelerate the high-quality coating, use an appropriate substrate.

Use a tank of phosphoric acid and add the rims inside it. Dip them for around 10 to 20 minutes and apply a layer of phosphoric acid.

In addition, apply zinc and other agents for better adherence and coating properties. Finally, prepare it for the rinsing procedure that involves sealing.

Also, it decreases the resistance of the surface to paint and other powder materials. You should never use hard water for the rinsing procedure; leave them for drying and apply the powder coat latterly.

Why would you prepare truck rims for powder coating?

It has several benefits, and it promotes better adhesion. Also, it increases the life span of powder material. A friend of mine neglected the preparation procedure and lost his coating and rims altogether.

Maximum adherence

The preparation of truck rims surface through sandblasting media, brushing, sweeping, and chemical rising makes it durable.

The powder stabilizes on the surface within seconds without any sharp lines and edges.

The particles approach the surface, and electrostatic force keeps them in one appropriate manner.

Durable effects of coating

Without preparation procedures, the powder coating on rims can adjust to the surface, but it has no durability.Many people use solvents and commercial media for emergency preps.

Safety from contamination

The presence of dust particles does not allow the adherence of coating material.

During these procedures, the dirt removes and leaves a clean surface. In addition, appropriate solvent and powder adjust on the top of truck rims. 

Removal of old and damaged paint

The old and damaged paint resists the attachment of the coating substance.

Remove the top layer of colorful material to prepare and clean the truck rims. It smooths the paint patches, lines, and uneven surfaces.

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