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How to Keep Groceries From Rolling Around in SUV?

How to Keep Groceries From Rolling Around in SUV?

I have added 13 great ideas to carry grocery items in your SUV without rolling. These items begin to roll around while SUV is moving, braking, or turning, and you end up with many smashed items such as fruits and veggies.

How to Keep Groceries From Rolling Around in SUV? Generally, you can keep groceries from rolling around your SUV by placing them in lightweight baskets or cabinets. However, cargo organizer blocks and stay hold barriers are the best options to hold everything in place safely. In addition, you can tie the grocery bags with cables or straps.

Transporting and carrying groceries and other items in a vehicle is a good idea because you have enough backspace unless the things create a mess.

I also experienced this many times, but I have got the solution and can carry my groceries easily without any damage.

How to Keep Groceries From Rolling Around in SUV?

You should not keep all these items free and open on the backspace.

Look for appropriate storage bags, cabinets, or holding barriers that you can install or adjust in the backspace and keep everything in it.

Headrest multi hangers

These plastic hangers have four equally spaced hooks attached to a plate of the same material to hang bags on it.

You can manually adjust the space between hooks depending upon the size of the bags.

All you have to do is to hang them on the headrest of seats, so they rest on the back of the front seat.

I use them to hang my lightweight bags having cereals boxes, plastic juice boxes, fruits, and vegetables.

Do not hang heavy bags having glass bottles on them because they can hold excessive weight and are usually less durable.

Use bins or baskets

Bins and baskets are perfect for carrying grocery items because they are large enough to keep everything. These are suitable if you are driving the SUV with its back open.

I often use my laundry basket to keep heavy objects like watermelon and soda bottles in it because these are among the most rolling items.

However, you can place all delicate items such as egg crates, soft fruits, and meat packets in it.

Moreover, you can purchase big size wicker or plastic basket and fabric bins that coordinate well with the interiors of your vehicle and are strong and spaced enough to carry different things.

Organizers for SUV

You can transport all the groceries safely in a vehicle is to purchase a trunk organizer of accurate size and good quality.

They will surely come out as a game-changer for you because they immediately turn the mess into a blessing.

Moreover, they are lightweight and made of fabric, and you can also fold them out after the intended use. So they are ideal if your SUV is bouncy.

Place these organizers in the cargo space and arrange these items in it, and zip it.

In addition, they have to secure hooks to provide additional support to the items inside when you are driving fast.

Add Plastic drawers

I prefer plastic drawers to place small items, like condiments, bread, nuts, and spices.

Usually, two big drawers are enough for the small and medium items, while you can keep other heavy objects on top of it.

They are durable and leak-proof, so any accidental spillage will not destroy your backspace.

Moreover, they are easy to maintain and give the options of permanent and temporary installation.

Bubble wrap the groceries

These wraps usually come with newly purchased items to protect them from breakage, and you can use them for multiple purposes.

The air-filled bubbles in these plastic wraps provide insulation and act as a barrier from external strokes.

Wrap it around all the glass bottles or jars and make them stand upright in a corner to prevent bumping.

Also, you can roll these wraps into small balls and place them in between the items in bags.

It will serve as soft padding to avoid friction and collision between different objects and keep them safe.

Use Cord and straps

Find a long strap of good strength and big diameter with hooks on both ends to lock them onto a surface.

I recommend a bungee cord because it is more reliable, having a tensile strength of 100 to 400 pounds, depending upon its size.

Tie all the products together with this cord, and make sure to give at least two rounds of the cord around the items.

Tight it properly as the things can roll out of it due to vibrations when the cable is loose.

Moreover, you can install it to the backspace with the loops present on the vehicle body after passing it through the handles of all bags.

Get a shelf organizer

You may find these acrylic or plastic shelves online and in the shops as well that are suitable to place in your SUV trunk space.

Usually, they come with the functionality of folding, so you can fold it out when not in use.

It is a single shelf at the top that has three compartments below with dividing pipes or walls.

You can keep all the heavy items in these compartments by arranging them properly and place the light product at the top, such as bread, egg crates, snacks.

Stayhold barriers

Plastic stay hold barriers remain on the floor of your vehicle because they have attached velcro tape at the bottom that sticks to the backspace carpet.

You have to bring the bags or items together in the center or corner, as per your choice, and hold them with these stay hold barriers.

Moreover, they have small compartments that allow you to attach small items such as cans, jars, and bottles with them using velcro tape.

Cargo net

Usually, cargo nets are elastic materials that stretch to a certain extent and tighten to secure things.

Some SUV cargo nets are also available with multiple pockets that give you enough space to keep these bags and other items in them.

Also, they have detachable hooks or knobs that you can attach to the trunk loops.

Moreover, hammock-style net, bulkhead net, backseat nets, and floor nets are also helpful for this purpose.

Use Cargo organizer blocks

These blocks are the most reliable and luxurious option to carry groceries in an SUV and range between 30 to 40 $.

They are high-quality, long-lasting, and unique design blocks made of plastic and provide maximum support to the items.

The black or gray blocks are large and heavy and come in different shapes and a pack of four.

You have to mount these blocks on the carpet of backspace around the products to secure them.

Back-mounted cabinets

Back-mounted cabinets attach to the backseat of a vehicle and look like a rectangular box.

This rectangle box has around 3 to 4 compartments or cabinets with lids and covers to store things.

You may find them in materials like nylon, cotton, and other fabric having four straps, two on each edge to attach around the headrest posts.

It saves space and is washable, so you can wash it with any detergent if there are any stains or spills of items.

The only drawback of these back-mounted cabinets is that they can not hold excessive weight and tear or wear.

Why would you transport groceries in your SUV?

Almost every person does grocery every month that includes all the food items such as grains, bread, spices, nuts, fruits, vegetables, drinks, dairy, eggs, oils, meat, and a lot more. 

Altogether, these items become a huge number, and you can transport them to your home without a vehicle.

SUV has huge backspace that allows you to keep all these items in it at once without the shortage of space. 

It has the functionality of folding backseats, so you can also place other items such as kitchenware, kitchen appliance, laundry supplies, and bathroom essentials.

Things to consider before placing grocery items in the SUV

The number, size, and materials of items according to the cargo space are essential elements to examine before using it for grocery shopping. 

Size and number of items

I always make a list of items that I need to shop for before leaving for the store because it gives me an estimate of the size and number of these things.

It helps me make an imaginary arrangement of every item in my mind before purchasing, and I place them in the backspace more accurately. 

You must have an idea of the probable number and size of items you will carry in your vehicle so you can use the appropriate organization technique.

Material of the groceries

Generally, this list includes many soda bottles, milk bottles, eggs, and other delicate food items that can crush or break easily.

A moving vehicle continuously produces vibration, and these lightweight things can not hold on to their place, so they start rolling around.

You have to be careful with items in the backseat, so I recommend using trunk organizers to place them instead of keeping them free.

Back space in the SUV

An SUV of mild-cargo space with second and third seat folded has an area that ranges between 75 to 90 cubic feet.

However, it has an area of 10 to 30 cubic feet when you fold only a third-row seat which is vast enough to keep all your groceries.

Moreover, the cargo weight capacity of an SUV is around 900 to 1200 pounds which means it can carry a weight of 408-540 kg.

One bag does not weigh more than 40 pounds, so the average weight of all bags will be no more than 200 pounds.

This large cargo volume makes it the best choice for most people to take for shopping.

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