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How to Keep Back Window of SUV Clean?

How to Keep Back Window of SUV Clean?

The SUV back window gets dirty quickly, but it is necessary to clean them for a good impression. Dirty windows give a bad look to your SUV.

How to Keep Back Window of SUV Clean? In general, you can clean the back window of the SUV by using isopropyl alcohol, baby wipes, and cleaning solutions. In addition, the use of mud flaps, spoilers, vehicle covers, and glass sealants makes the rear window dirt-free. 

It is also necessary to clean the windows to see outside clearly and prevent road accidents.

How to Keep Back Window of SUV Clean?

I have added 19 great ideas to clean the SUV back window and make them look better.

Use Glass cleaner

It is a mixture of water and any mild detergent. You need a dry microfiber cloth, glass cleaning solution, and wiper.

Spray it and then move the fabric in a horizontal motion from the left to the right direction. Carefully rub it because scratches can come on it due to harsh rubbing.

Then, wipe out the mixture with the help of a wiper. After this, take another dry cloth and remove excess water to keep it dry.

These glass cleaners remove the dust, fog, and all stains and clear them.

It is better that you should use ammonia-free glass solutions because they can damage them and produce scratches.

Apply Wet microfiber cloth

A wet cloth is also used to make the window of the SUV clear. Moreover, it is a cost-effective, quick, and easy method for this purpose.

It is always better to use microfiber cloth because they are the best absorbent they soak up the water.

Now take a cloth and damp it with water and then rub the cloth on the surface. This cloth removes all stains, grease, and spots without damaging them.

It is a soft cloth and cannot produce scratches and any damage. It is also washable; you can use it after washing them.

Rubbing alcohol

Using alcohol will remove all the stains, oily spots, and mud from the surface of the vehicle.

You require two microfiber cloths, a spray bottle, and a rubbing alcohol solution. Pour the alcohol into the bottle and spray it on the fabric to damp them.

After that, use this cloth on the surface and move it from left to right due to black lines on the back window. 

You should not use ammonia-based detergents because they can cause damage.

Use of Shampoo to clean window

It is the home base method to remove dust and mud from the windows of an SUV. The shampoo is a mild detergent; it can not damage its surface and make them clear and shiny.

Take shampoo in the bottle and add water, and mix the solution to make a homogenous mixture.

Spray this mixture and use a paper towel to rub the surface. After rubbing, remove the shampoo with a wiper. 

A mixture of water and vinegar

It is the best and simple solution to remove the dirt and mud from the rear window.

Take 3 to 4 tablespoons of vinegar and add 1 to 2 cups of distilled water to make them dilute.

Pour this solution into the plastic spray bottles; you can also keep this solution in your vehicle.

Lubricate them with water before spraying this mixture. Now sprinkle this mixture and then remove it by using a paper towel.

Wipe off the extra solution to keep them dry because more dirt will accumulate on the wet surface.

Use of paper towel

It can simply remove the dust particles from the back window of the SUV. 

It is made up of soft fiber; you can always keep them in your vehicle. Whenever it becomes dirty, quickly clean it by using a paper towel.

Spray them with distilled water and then rub them with a towel. It can clear the glass without damaging its surface.

It is better to use a lint-free paper towel because it can leave its lint behind.

Apply glass polish

You should use glass polish on the window to keep them clean. It is used to remove dirt from them and make them shiny after the use of detergent.

It also removes the scratches and stains from them. You should buy a kit of glass polish and use them on the surface.

You can also polish the glass with toothpaste. Spray the water and apply some toothpaste on a microfiber rag.

Apply this rag and move in a horizontal motion. Then remove the mixture by using a damp cloth and then dry it with a paper towel.

It makes them clear and restores their original appearance and brightness.

Use clean newspaper 

It is a cheap way to clean the window from the outside and inside. It is better than paper towels and microfiber rags because of its high absorbency.

It can remove the dust and spots of water from a back glass without producing streaks.

First, you have to spray them with any cleaner then wipe out this by using newspaper.

Soak excess water by using newspaper; it can make them crystal clear.

Deep washing

If it gets too dirty and muds spots are present on them, then deep wash your vehicle.

Take them to some professional for throughout washing and cleaning purposes. Professionals will apply a professional detergent on them and remove the mud and spots from them.

You can deep wash them at home, but it needs much care and proper handling. First, clean the surface with a lint-free cloth or towel.

Then apply some mild detergent on the cloth and use it on glass. Rub the surface carefully that it cannot make streaks on them.

You should not apply the detergent directly on them because it can damage their surface.

Wipe them off using vehicle wipers and then apply glass polish to restore their shine and brightness and make them glistening clear.

I always deep wash my vehicle window after every 2 to 3 months to maintain them.

Park SUV in a safe area 

You must park your SUV in the dust-free area to keep it clean.

Do not park them in the muddy area because they can stick to their surface due to air pressure. Avoid parking in open places because dust is also present in the air.

Park them in under shady and clean area which is dust and dirt free.

Use of baby wipes

The back window catches the dirt quickly, so it is better that you should keep baby wipes in your vehicle.

It contains a cleaning solution that will clean the surface thoroughly. Moreover, it is damp and soft; that can also remove spots from the back glass.

Use of spoilers

Spoilers are the best thing to keep the back clean. You can install them on the back bumper at the rear ends if they are not pre-installed in your vehicle.

They are made of plastic glass and last for a long time. When you are driving in sandy areas, spoilers prevent the accumulation of dust.

They keep the airflow downward so dust particles or dust from the air cannot move upward towards your glass.

In this way, they prevent them from grime and filth.

Cover your SUV

Cover your vehicle clean and free from dust if you are not using it.

Use a vehicle cover and wrap it around them to prevent the glass from heat exposure.

This cover also prevents its whole surface from damage and discoloration.

Glass sealants

Glass sealants of better high quality are available in the market. For example, you can apply it to the back window to keep them free from dirt.

After washing or cleaning purposes, it is better when you apply sealants on its surface. This is because adhesives are hydrophobic; they are more durable they make them resistant to water spots.

They can also repel the dust and mud away from the backglass and make them clean and clear.

Vehicle duster

These dusters are mostly made of pure cotton fabric to remove dirt from the mirrors and dashboard. Many people always place them as an accessory in their dashboards to keep them clean.

You can also keep them in your SUV to remove dirt from the surface. They are soft dusters that cannot produce scratches and streaks.


They are made of flexible rubber material. You can hang these flaps on the lower side of the vehicle behind the wheel.

In addition, they keep them clean from the mud and dirt from the road.

When you are traveling on dusty roads, they help to prevent the back glass from dirt. Due to these, the mud and dust can attach to them and do not stick to the vehicle.

Use of wax

You can apply the wax to prevent dirt and stains on the surface of the vehicle.

Apply the light coat of wax on the small area, buff it with a lint-free cloth, then apply the second coat and buff it again.

In this way, apply it on the whole surface, then leave it dry for some time. After this, remove the wax with a paper towel or damp cloth.

Now apply some glass cleaners to them it will make the glass clear and bright.

Cleaning the inside of the SUV rear window

It is also crucial to clean the back window from the inside; you can use rubbing alcohol, hair conditioner, shampoo, and baby wipes to clean the inner side.

Sit on the back seats and remove all the fingerprints, grease spots, and marks from them.

After cleaning from inside and outside, it gives a bright and makes your SUV look cool.

Why does the back of my SUV get so dirty?

Many people complain that the back of their SUVs gets so dirty. It looks hectic to clean them again and again after some time.

It is due to its shape from the backside that makes them dirty quickly. In addition, the wedge-like shape from the rear allows the dirt to stick on the glass surface.

Due to the flat backside, the dust and watery mud from the wheels also comes on them and make them dusty.

It is also because of low air pressure due to its structure in the gaps. So it can cause all the dumps and grime to stick on them.

Many people drive them in sandy areas that are almost dirt which makes the rear window dirty.

If you park them in the open-air garage, the dust and grime from the air also come to its surface.

Many people do not take proper care to maintain their SUVs which makes them grubby. You should wash them after every 4 to 6 months.

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