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How to Make a 30 Amp RV Extension Cord?

How to Make a 30 Amp RV Extension Cord?

Everyone needs a 30 amp RV extension cord. Here are 9 easy steps to make an RV extension cord at home.

How to Make a 30 Amp RV Extension Cord? You can make a 30 amp RV extension cord by measuring the required wire’s length, gathering all the materials, cutting the wire properly, and then fixing it with the circuit board. 

How to Make a 30 Amp RV Extension Cord?

You can follow all these steps in minimum time if you have all the materials available to you. Some of the essential steps are as follows:

Measure the length of the required wire

Firstly, you have to measure the distance that you are covering with these extension cables. You can check the quality of the cables that you want to attach with them.

You can increase the length if you need more after some time. You must check the number of the bundled conductors inside the wire.

The number of conductors in the insulation will depend on the current amount you want to pass through it.

You must plan all these things properly because the wire may burst due to heavy loads and keep your RV secure.

If you manage to install the conductors in more numbers and with more diameter, you can save yourself from the short circuit and other faults. Fault current will ruin the conductor, and it cannot transmit the current correctly.

If you plan to pass the 30 amperes of the current through this extension, you have to arrange more than 10 gauge wire.

You may pay more cost to it, but you will not feel any problem with the wires’ transmission. You can check that the products that you are using in the RV should be working at their best.

Gather all the materials

There are multiple components that you will gather before starting the process. You have to look for fuses, wires, circuit boards, sockets, plugs, and other essential features that you want.

You may check that the products that you are installing must be capable enough to bear the current of 30 amperes. You cannot use an ordinary board or socket to it.

You have to check all of these components before installing them on your circuit board. Some of the components have a specific rating on them.

You can check that they are safe to use for 30 amperes of current or not. Circuit breakers, fuses, and sockets are designed on specific ratings. If you pass more current or voltages through it, then they cannot work correctly and damage the electrical parts in the RV.

You must arrange the wire of a length more than ten feet so that you cannot face the short length problem. If you start adding different wire pieces at different places, you have to get ready for a short circuit and other problems.

Cut the wire

After collecting the materials, you have to peel the wire from the front side to draw the copper out of the insulation.

Many companies may use another conductor like silver or any other. You can check that the products that you are using should be free from all the faults.

The efficiency of copper to transmit current is more than any other conductor. You should purchase the wire that is made up of pure copper.

You can hire an electrician to check the quality of the wires and other components. If you have proper knowledge about electrical components, you can do all these steps independently.

You can check the wire’s color by peeling its insulation, and you can identify which material is used in its manufacturing.

After checking the conductor’s quality, you have to cut the wire from both ends to make its proper connection. You can use a plier to make these connections quickly.

You must take care that the wire should not connect with any electrical supply because it can be dangerous for you. You must note all the precautions before starting the process.

Fix wires with a circuit board

You can design a circuit board on your own or purchase a readymade circuit board that has the ratings to bear the current of 30 amperes.

You can use terminals of the steel to make its connection with the circuit board. You can fix the sockets on your own by purchasing the sheet of the circuit board. You can get the connection of the circuit board quickly.

You must make the circuit board properly before connecting it with the wire. It can cause great trouble for you when you have connected it with the supply before making the connections of the circuit board.

You must follow all the guidelines step by step. You may not face any problems if you are following all the guidelines. You can use a sharp knife or plier to cut the wire while making its connection.

You must cut it with a specific angle that only insulation will remove rather than cutting the whole wire. You can practice it for more than one time. 

After peeling its insulation, you must check the live or neutral wire connections and connect them at their place. You may face few problems while understanding it, and later on, you will get familiar with all these connections issues.

Connect wires with the main RV electric supply

After making the circuit board’s live and neutral connections, you can connect it with the main electrical supply. You can connect few devices with its sockets to check that the current is flowing through it or not.

You must double-check all the connections before connecting to the main supply. These few precautions will save you oncoming problems.

You must attach all the wires with steel terminals and insulate them with tape or any other non-conducting material. It will not cause any other connection with the peeled wire.

You can check that it should not surround by any other wire that can cause a direct flow of current through that wire. You may arrange that the products that you are using must be matching with your electrical environment.

It can cause problems when you have used the wire without checking proper ratings. You may note that the products that you will connect with it should be safe enough to run for a longer time.

It should not cause any problem with the power adapters and other connections of your RV. You must check the level of the voltage and current after a few times with a multi-meter.

It will help you to find any fault before its occurrence, and you can disconnect all sensitive electrical devices from it.

Add circuit breakers and fuse

You can use different protection devices like a connection of the circuit breaker and fuses to interrupt the current supply in case of a short circuit or occurrence of any fault.

You can install it at the receiving point to detect any fault in the electrical supply before entering it into the extension cord. 

Protection equipment plays an essential role in saving the RV electrical parts from burnout and other issues.

Problems while making an RV extension cord

You may face multiple problems while making the extension cord of RVS. You may face the issue of the rating of the component that you are using.

You must check all of the components before purchasing them because it can create a significant loss for you. You may face the problem of fixing the power adapter in an ordinary socket.

You should install all the sockets while checking your needs because the power adapter will not fit in all the sockets. You should be careful about these problems.

You should have some knowledge of the connection of the wires of the circuit board. It can burn the connected device with fault current if you have made the opposite connections.

You should understand the concept of live and neutral wires before fixing them in the sockets. You may check that the products you are using should have a proper protection mechanism to save them from these common issues.


Cost of making an extension cord will depend on the material that you are using, the length of the wire, and the purpose of the use in the RV.

You can make a rough estimate about all these figures that may help you decide your budget. The average cost of making the extension cord is around $17. You can also make it for just $10 if you have used the average quality material in it.

If you are willing to make the best quality cord, then you may spend more than $25 for it. You must identify your needs before deciding the type of extension cord for you.

Do you really need a 30 amp RV extension cord?

There are multiple benefits of using these extension cords for these vehicles. You can charge your equipment at any time during your journey. You can connect any type of power adapter with it.

You can stretch the length of the extension cord to a maximum. You will enjoy the use of your recreational vehicles with these facilities. You will not face any significant problem with using it.

You can use it as a live electrical supply. You will enjoy its use at faraway places during your visits.

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