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How to Make Subaru Forester Seats More Comfortable?

How to Make Subaru Forester Seats More Comfortable?

Subaru Forester is a compact SUV that is famous for its features. However, many people complain that its seats are not comfortable. If you are uncomfortable, it can cause you to lose focus and risk your safety.

How to Make Subaru Forester Seats More Comfortable? You can make Subaru Forester seats more comfortable by using sheepskin covers, adjustable lumbar support, and neck and head support. Furthermore, you can also use memory seats, ventilated seats, heated/cooled seats, and adjust their position according to your convenience. You can also replace the seat foam with new ones and add extra foam layers.

This vehicle has a spacious interior with plenty of legroom and headspace suitable for a comfortable journey. However, earlier models, especially 2014-2018, have uncomfortable seats. 

Are Subaru Forester Seats Comfortable?

Although the seats of the Subaru Forester are comfy, people agree and are happy with their model.

But they also complain about the seats like the bottom, which cause fatigue, discomfort, and a real pain in their back and hip joints.

New models come with updated versions, and these minor flaws are more common in older ones.

Because SUVs are marketed for their compact size, large interior, and all-weather capability, you should test drive one before purchasing to ensure that it is comfortable or not.

Everybody has their own opinion, but in my perspective, you should select it and make any necessary adjustments to suit your preferences. 

According to the survey report, it is comfy among other midsized SUVs.

Its features are more cargo and headspace, good visibility, low cabin noise, luxury front and rear seats, and a suitable driving position. 

How Do You Make Subaru Forester Seats More Comfortable:

There are several ways to make Subaru seats comfortable.

Increase Seat Height:

You can easily adjust the seat height according to your liking. You should be familiar with all the sitting positions.

So, its appropriate height adjustment increases your easiness and comfortability. 

It’s necessary to make sure that its height increases your visibility of the road while also providing enough space for better pedal control. 

The cushion is angled such that the front side is at the lowest point. Therefore, raise its bottom to the maximum extent possible.

You can also add a pillow or extra cushion to increase the height or fill in the bottom-hollow depth of the seat. 

You can tilt it back to about a 30-degree angle from vertical, which provides full-body support.

As a result, you should be capable of moving your knees freely in enough space and not squeezing too tightly.

Use Lumbar Support

Lumbar support plays a vital role in comfortable driving, especially during long trips. Earlier model Forester misses the feature of adjustable lumbar support.

Even if it is available, it lacks proper position being very low and the design also adds discomfort.

Therefore, you can make it comfortable by adding portable lumbar support options available on the market.

Install it at the best suitable position that reduces back pain or other spine-related issues.

You can also use a towel wrapped up in the form of a roll or rectangular shape and place it to provide support.

In that case, you can purchase the adjustable memory foam pads and mold them according to your requirements.

Another simple solution is to use a paper towel roll as lumbar support. It will significantly improve the situation as per my experience.

According to my personal experience and survey of various online forums, 2014-2018 Subaru Forester has the most complaints regarding uncomfortable seats.

The reason is a more obvious backseat, and you need to modify it.

Use neck and head support

Using a neck pillow and proper headrest will increase the comfort level.

The headrest is a part of the seat, and neck support is a portable accessory available in different styles and designs.

Furthermore, portable headrests with memory foams are also available. You can adjust it according to your convenient head position. 

Some third-party manufacturers also offer neck pillows with soft material, high-density foam, and designs according to your neck curves.

Use memory seats

If you have to travel frequently and on longer trips, memory seats are the best solution to make your SUV driving comfortable.

The latest models of the SUV have this option available with the feature to save up to 3 seating positions.

Find the proper position according to your convenience and save it as your preference. Then, activate it whenever you go on a trip and have a fantastic driving experience.

The multiple positions saving feature allows you to use a single vehicle for other drivers without affecting your preferences.

However, you can avail of this feature in the latest models with power-adjustable seats. You cannot install this feature in earlier models.

You can cover this gap by using memory foam cushions and it will contour according to your body curves and reduce pressure at particular points. 

Use Ventilated Seats

Sitting on a regular SUV seat feels your body parts heated and sweaty, which adds inconvenience during long drives.

You can resolve the issue by installing ventilated seats in your vehicle. They have air chambers or small pockets at the back support and bottom.

An air compressor ensures air circulation in these spots regulating the body temperature.

Therefore, you will not feel sweaty or heated during the journey.

However, you need to check first that the electrical system of your Forester model supports the installation of ventilated seats. It will require power and electronic controls to work better.

There are third-party ventilated products available compatible with Subaru Forester. However, it is an expensive solution, and you should be ready for it.

 Use Heated/Cooled Seats

Heated/cooled seats have a similar working principle as ventilated seats. The main difference is temperature control according to your requirements and weather conditions.

These are not standard features in this vehicle. Therefore, you can swap any parts from other vehicles or third-party solutions with its specification.

Although it will increase the comfort level during your journey, it is a costly and time-taking solution as it involves a lot of modification work.

Renew the foam

Its cushions become worn out with time and lose their elasticity and width. You can fix it by replacing the foam.

It will be a tedious task as you have to remove all upholstery to access the old cushions and install the new ones. However, it will allow you to increase the foam thickness. 

You can also use gel foam instead of regular or memory foam to significantly improve the quality.

Use Sheepskin Covers

Use sheepskin covers in your vehicle to improve the softness of the seats and relaxation during traveling.

These are natural insulators that provide heat/cool depending on the weather condition. In addition, it allows maximum body support and comfort.  

Few customers prefer to use custom-fitted sheepskin covers to ensure optimal airbag deployment.

The majority of the well-reputed stores provide custom-fitted and pre-made design covers.

These are available in various styles; choose one that suits you and make the necessary adjustments. 

These cushy accessories are available at an affordable price, and their installation is also easy, so you should consider buying these. 

Add Extra Foam Layers

People complain of back and thigh pain after a few hours of driving and feel uncomfortable. As a result, most of them sell their vehicle due to this issue. 

You should make sure that these don’t interfere with the airbags.

Which year Subaru Forester has the Most Comfortable Seats?

The seats in the vehicle should be comfortable according to the standard requirement.

The manufacturer tries its best to offer luxury vehicles according to customer demand. This SUV model has a long list of safety features. 

Moreover, its value-added features make your journey easy in all weather conditions like hot, humid, rainy, or snow. 

It was redesigned in 2019 and further updated over time. 2021 and 2022 models have ventilated leather seats, and heated/cooled seats to offer calm and relaxed sitting and improve convenience.

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