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Why Is Swift Trucking So Bad?

Why Is Swift Trucking So Bad?

Swift trucking is a famous transportation company in America and has worked for many years.

Many people are not satisfied with this company due to their inexperienced drivers, which makes the road unsafe for driving.

Why Is Swift Trucking So Bad? Swift trucking is so bad because its drivers are not experienced, and the company gives low wages to their employees. In addition, they have a bad reputation because their drivers do not follow the traffic signs and rules while driving. They do not know how to deal with weather conditions and other people on the road. They also have poor communication skills, creating a barrier between people. Their fleets also produce loud noises, irritating people living in nearby areas. 

What is Swift Transportation Trucking Company?

Carl Moyes and Jerry Godell started a trucking company in about the 1960s with only one truck.

In those days, this company has four customers in the market, including swift fresh meat company, American fence company Godell’s own company, and Marathon steel company.

The main aim of this trucking industry is to provide valuable services to its customers and build up their trust levels.

They are working continuously for the growth and profit of their business in the market.

What things does Swift trucking company transport?

They provide various options for transportation of every kind of material from short-haul to long and heavy haul.

They have dry vans to transport dry materials, including cloth, furniture, and other material, to prevent them from moisture and water content.

They also have the service of refrigerated materials for transportation of food items that have less shelf life and also the non-perishable commodities.

They also have flatbeds for the transportation of heavy hauls. In addition, it also provides logistics and intermodal services to its customers.

What makes the swift trucking so bad?

Many people complain that it is not good company because their experience is not good on the roads while driving with their trucks and tractors.

People often get irritated from their trucks and do not want to drive in a lane where they are moving their fleets.

Poor communication skills

Their drivers are not well educated and have fewer speaking skills. Therefore, the communication barrier is an essential thing that can affect their business.

In addition, due to a lack of communication skills, their employees also have fewer dealing skills, and they do not know how to make their customers and attract people.

Due to the poor communication skills of the driver, people avoid talking with them while driving on roads.

Moreover, poor communication issues will come when hiring drivers from other countries.

The only native driver has good English-speaking skills and confidence to talk with their customers.

Less experienced drivers

The driver’s experience matters a lot when transporting different materials from one place to another.

They always focus on the on-time delivery of products to their respective customers.

The on-time supply of dispatched orders is only possible when you have experienced drivers to drive the fleets.

They also know how to drive on busy roads and overtake the other vehicles in case of emergencies.

In addition, the loading of heavy hauls also needs a lot of experience because it is time taking process.

Divers use phones

They have a terrible reputation on the roads, and people do not want to drive their cars along with their trucks.

The drivers are not driving their fleets with full concentration on the roads, increasing the risk of accidents on the roads.

They continuously use phones while driving the trucks, which is the biggest distraction while going.

The driving of flatbeds and heavy hauls requires more effort and full attention because it is difficult to move and turn them on turning points.

When using phones while driving, the larger flatbeds can put you at more risk of accidents.

Do not follow road signs

Their drivers do not follow road signs, and they do not stay at the places where traffic signals are present because they think that it can take their time, and they become late.

When they are not following the road signs, they can cause the collision of their heavy fleets with other vehicles.

Moreover, when you are not following the traffic signals on the roads, you are also putting the life of pedestrians at risk.

The pedestrians also do not feel safe when they see their trucks and tractors moving around.

Poor dealing with weather conditions

When trucking companies transport materials from one state to another, it can take longer.

Sometimes it also takes one or two days, and you need an experienced driver in this situation. Rain is a natural phenomenon, and you should know how to deal with weather conditions.

The hauling of heavy material on the long flatbeds also needs proper care during changes in weather conditions.

You should take the long plastic sheets to cover the material in case of the rainy season.

Driving at high speed

When hauling heavy materials, you should drive at normal speed to prevent accidents. The movement of trucks at high speed while carrying heavy loads also increases the brake distance.

You cannot apply brakes early to prevent collision with other vehicles on the roads.

Moreover, their drivers also do not know how to deal with other people on the road during emergency conditions.

Produce loud noise

Their fleets make a lot of noise while moving on roads.

People who live near the roads and streets get irritated by the noise coming from their vehicles.

Furthermore, it does not only irritate people living nearby but also cause a problematic situation for other vehicles.

Sometimes the emergency vehicle is coming behind them and giving horns repeatedly to take the path, but they cannot listen to them because of the noise of their tractors.

Owner-operator driving system

The company does not provide fleets to their drivers in this system, and they have their trucks.

When the drivers have their fleets, they can drive them at high speed and without any care.

They drive them on the roads like they play some game and do not follow the traffic rules and regulations.

When the company provides the vehicles to their customers, the drivers use them carefully because they have to pay in case of any damage. 

Drivers health issues

The other bad point of this company is that their drivers remain unhealthy due to which they cannot drive the trucks with full attention on the roads.

In addition, the drivers also remain on leaves which can delay the dispatching of orders to their respective customers and eventually affect their reputation in the market.

The drivers remain unhealthy because they eat food from the roadside at nighttime. In addition, they also eat junk food more, which can disturb their life.

Eating more junk food makes you unhealthy and causes more laziness, and you feel sleepy during driving.

Larger trucks and trailers

Their trucks and trailers are too large, which can cause problems while driving on the roads.

The larger vehicles require experienced drivers and need more effort and mind to drive them.

In addition, it is also challenging to move them to turn points. Moreover, they also take more space and make the roads busy.

They will make the roads busy, especially when you turn them because it takes more time. The larger trailers can also damage more when they collide with other small fleets on the roads.

Low wages

The people do not want to join this company because of the low wages. They are not giving a good salary to their employees according to their work routines.

Due to insufficient salary, many employees left the company after 1 or 2 years. When they hire new drivers, they have to train them again.

In addition, the drivers cannot work for a longer time because they take more work from them and are not paying well that can satisfy their needs.

Due to lower wages, experienced and well-trained drivers do not want to join.

Hire new drivers

When they hire the new ones, they have to train those people according to the requirement of their organization which is a hectic and time-consuming process.

The new drivers are not experienced, and they do not know how to deal with other drivers on the road, affecting the industry’s reputation.

Why do some people prefer Swift trucking company?

Some people think that swift trucking company is good and they prefer this for transportation of their material.

They have the latest trucks and new equipment to transport various materials, including perishable and non-perishable.

Moreover, it is also famous among people because of its heavy hauls without the need for docking.

What happened to swift trucking?

The swift trucking company is not in business these days; they have stopped their business in about 2017.

The knight-swift owned this company with more than 20,000 fleets. It is the largest motor carrier in America with a good reputation.

The company merged with knight transportation to become famous and strong in the market, which is only possible in this situation.

Why do so many swift trucks crash?

Their trucks are more vulnerable to crashes than the other companies’ vehicles.

The main reason for the increased accidents in their fleets is the driving skills of their drivers. They are not driving on the roads with full concentration and effort.

In addition, they are not experienced in hauling heavy flatbeds on the roads.

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