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What Size Torx Bit for Ford Ranger Bed?

What Size Torx Bit for Ford Ranger Bed?

Torx bit or Torx screws are usually like star-shaped objects. Mostly these are available in vehicles like Ford Ranger and information technology systems.

What Size Torx Bit for Ford Ranger Bed? The size of the Torx bed for the Ford Ranger bed is t-55, t-60, and t-65. While removing or installing it, take care of its snapping or stripping due to overtightening or corrosion. In addition, their star shape is large to tight screws tightly. Therefore, the Torx bit is preferable by most users for swift and complete transmission of force applied on screws with star shape.

By using this, mechanics can tightly screw and unscrew bolts and screws. Furthermore, in Torx shape screws and screwdrivers, there is less likelihood of stripping off the head of the screwdriver or screw head itself.

Hence, it is the safest way of opening up and tightening screws in your vehicle without any damage or delay. 

A pin is present in Torx screws for security reasons. This pin never allows any standard Torx bit or screwdriver to unscrew or tighten this Torx screw.

For this purpose, you will only need to have a specially designed screwdriver with such a shape to accommodate the pin at the middle of the screw.

In the case of the size of the Torx bit, you first need to analyze the type of vehicle and part where it is available.

Determination of Torx Bit Size

In addition to the above-stated details, it is necessary first to rightly determine the size of the Torx bit.

To figure out the size, you’ll need to know where this star-headed screw is affixed or keeping parts of your Ford Ranger together.

For instance, its size will be different beneath your truck’s seats to the size of Torx bit at Ford ranger bed.

Torx Bit Size for Ford Ranger Model

People are usually curious about the Torx bit standard size but do not care about its precaution while removing or installing it.

Because it needs you most when you perform replacement or removal of bed or change the jump seats or passenger seats, you also require it when you service the fuel tank sending unit.

 It is also vital to match the appropriate Torx screwdriver size to the Torx bolt head size, regardless of its size. In general, the size ranges of Torx screws are available from t-1 to t-100. 

You can see these bolts can be rusted. I have some advice for you, make sure the breaker pipe does not spin the driver because Torx drivers are typically a little tall. 

Put one hand on the pipe and another on the head of the socket wrench.

According to various replies and reviews, the Torx bit in the Ford Ranger fleetside bed is usually t-55 in size. You can use t-60 or t-65 also according to the need. 

In long, fleetside, or a step-side bed of the pickup truck has the recommended use t-55, t-65, or t-60. 

If you want to check which size of the bed bolt is preferable, you have to place a T-socket of its tiedown and see the correct information.

Then, place the t-socket on its tiedown and look at the relevant information if you want to know what size the bed bolt is. But in my recommendation, t-55 is the ideal option. The thread size of the bed bolt is approximately iS8mm X1.30. 

 If the Torx screwdriver isn’t working, use a smoke wrench to remove it. It usually happens when you live in the salt belt region or use a much-penetrating oil. 

You can buy these from a well-reputed online source at $6 to $7. You should purchase a two-piece design having Torx bit epoxied or pressed into a socket. Some sellers provide a proper package having t-5 to t-65. 

How to Remove Ford Ranger Bed Bolts by Torx Screws?

Ford ranger is a good off-road truck, and I have been using it for the last 2 years. To remove the bed bolts, you need a Torx screwdriver, hammer, impact, and razer blade to trim around the Bedliner. 

First, carve the Torx bit head correctly and tap it with a hammer. Then, use the screwdriver/impact driver to unscrew it. Its removal depends on the rusting level or its over-tightness. Handle it carefully so that the Bedliner remains secure. 

You have to jack up the truck or drive on a ramp. Next, determine the location of bolts you can get access to from the bottom. Then, a power tool or hand brush can clean the threaded bolts and apply a lubricant or penetrating oil. 

Proper cleaning is necessary because it helps to have good access to this tool.

If you do not apply it, then the head can strip off. Instead, use the short adapter of a suitable size range and drive the Torx bit. 

When it becomes free from stuck out, you should lose and tight it to check. Then, re-apply the penetrating oil on truck bed bolts. 

 Leave it overnight, then tighten these again the next day to ensure proper lubrication. Finally, remove these from the truck bed without breaking it or other damage. 

Caution While Using Torx Bit

When you remove or install the lug nuts or bolts from the Ford Ranger bed or the passenger seats, make sure, do not harm these. 

 If you overtighten it, even adding lubricants or penetrator tools required for removal or replacement can cause it to break.

They can bend or break if you overtighten them or expose them to rust before removing them.

The corroded condition rotates in the socket but cannot be removable.  

For Effective Force Transmission

To unscrew any bolt, you need to apply a good amount of force at a right angle and in the right direction. Your only concern is its application with great effectiveness when exerting this force. 

This effectiveness produces when force transmission is smooth and optimum.

In the case of the Torx bit, this force is smoothly and effectively applied due to the star-shaped bolt head and a good amount of rotational force transmission during the opening and tightening phase of any bolt in your truck bed. 

Torx Bit with Security Features

Secure screws are always preferred for models like the Ford ranger. For this purpose, star-headed screws with unique pins having 6-lobes are best. 

In these screws, a pin is put either in the center or on the side of the star head. Therefore, a simple Torx bit or screwdriver cannot use for unscrewing. 

 A mechanic or person unscrewing screws in the bed of his Ford Ranger uses a specific screwdriver with a pin holding inside its opening structure to unscrew such a secure start-headed screw.

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