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How to Make Your Truck Sound Like a Jet?

How to Make Your Truck Sound Like a Jet?

The whistle-like jet sound coming from the truck sounds good, and most people want to make it sound like a jet. A truck producing a loud, unique jet-like sound is the dream of many owners.

How to Make Your Truck Sound Like a Jet? You can make your truck sound like a jet by removing silencer ring, cat and muffler delete, changing turbo, proper exhaust system, and other repairing techniques.

All these procedures help change the truck sound and require different equipment and handling. You can apply any of these methods depending upon your convenience and affordability. 

How to Make Your Truck Sound Like a Jet?

Changing the truck sound into a jet-sound is not essential, but it’s the owner’s choice and desire to make it sound different. There is no need or requirement of making it roaring or loud as your truck is ok without it. 

A truck is a big vehicle, so it should produce a sound that matches its body size. Some people do no like this jet-like sound and try to make it silent, and many people try to eliminate this silence and make their truck louder.

It is not about making it noisy but about enhancing the appealing sound of your vehicle. When doing this, you have to make sure not to make it noisy or extremely loud as it can cause a disturbance. 

Remove the silencer ring

The easiest, cheapest and affordable way to change the truck’s sound is to remove its silencer ring. It does not require much time, as you have to take off the intake and pull up the silencer. 

Reach up to the ring and take it out of the silencer. This ring makes the truck silent, so removing it will make the truck voice louder. Put back the intake altogether and check the sound.

Remove resonator or drill holes in baffles

With removing the silencer ring, you can also remove the resonator baffles in the intake tube to further improve the sound. Drill the resonator at the end cap using twelve inches length drill bit and drill two half-inch holes into the baffle plates. 

For better sound, drill more half-inch holes or do a full hole-saw mod and remove the resonator. Leave the circumferential ring around the edge of the pipe outlet, so there is an option of restocking.

Wicked wheel and ATS housing

Replacing a stock compressed wheel with a wicked wheel is a great option to improve the truck’s sound. It is necessary to eliminate the turbo surge to make your vehicle sound like a whistle.

A wicked wheel alone can not cure surge, and you have to get an ATS housing. Similarly, alone ATS-housing can not cure surge completely. You have to get both of them for better results. You will notice a bit louder sound after doing all this.

Inter-cooler foil delete

Inter-cooler is an intake air cooling device that is necessary for turbocharged and supercharged engines. It cools the compressed air and improves combustion by allowing more burning of the fuel.

It usually has a silver foil around it, and removing this foil can improve the truck’s sound by making it louder. Removing a foil has no other benefit than increasing sound.

Aftermarket truck air filter

These air filters increase the airflow and improve horsepower and engine performance. More power means more work leading to the production of loud whistle sound. Replace the air filter of your truck with this for better results.

Bigger truck exhaust with low restriction

The proper pitch of fluttering is necessary to produce a whistle-like jet sound in the truck. You can achieve the accurate fluttering-pitch by shortening the time between the pulse.

It is possible when you add a bigger exhaust with less restriction and less backpressure. For this, you should also replace the catalytic converter with a straight pipe for better performance.

Metal intake tube with no box around

You have to get an open metal intake tube to increase volume. Remember not to cover the intake tube with any cover, so there is no restriction in producing a loud sound.

By doing this, you will observe a bit of an increase in the volume with a jet-like whistle sound.

Use straight pipe exhaust

When you add two straights pipes into two separate sides of the turbine inlet, it will maintain the flow over the wheel. This maintenance of flow helps produce better sound in your vehicle. 

Straight pipe exhaust of 4 or 5 inches is much more efficient in producing jet-like whistle sound. You can also replace your CCV plastic piece that sticks up inside the intake hose with a 4-inch exhaust tubing. All these can increase the flow somehow.

VGT (variable geometry turbo)

Variable geometry turbo is a mono-turbo setup that is suitable for diesel engines. It is necessary to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

It has a row of vanes that control the exhaust flow in the turbine wheel to meet the engine’s requirement. This balance is essential to maintain turbine power and pressure. These turbos are costly but can make your truck produce a whistling jet-like sound.

Cat and muffle-delete mod

After removing the emission equipment cat, you can notice the change in sound. Cat and muffle are sound dampening and insulating equipment. They absorb a lot of sounds, thus decreasing the overall sound frequency.

By removing the muffler, you can improve the exhaust flow and increase the horsepower. It is the best way to get the loud, powerful sound of a truck’s engine. 

Fe Bladerunner mouthpiece

It is a simple mouthpiece that allows the turbo to breathe a bit better and to produce good sound in the truck. This nozzle help reduces back pressure and enhances flow. 

Pro fat downpipe

A proper size downpipe is necessary, and some trucks have a horrible downpipe. The three-inch downpipe is preferable to increase the quality and frequency of the truck’s sound.

Rebuilding the turbo

Rebuilding a whole turbo is time-consuming work that requires much effort, but it will cost you less than buying a new turbo.

You need a proper rebuilding kit for your truck’s turbo, and so you can add some modifications to it, such as power stroke or blade.

Time required

The time you require for this purpose depends upon the method you are using. Every procedure requires a different amount of time and effort, and you have to give proper time for this.

Rebuilding or replacing a turbo requires time in several hours. Other simple tricks will not take more than 10 to 20 minutes, such as removing the silencer ring, changing pipes, drilling holes in the baffle.

How much does it cost to make a truck sound like a Jet?

Cost is the biggest concern of many truck owners. Most people can not afford expensive equipment or replacement to make their truck sound like a jet.

Finding a cheap and affordable alternative is not easy. Turbos such as VGT, VNT, or Garrett are too pricey and cost between 500 to 800 dollars.

Changing pipes, removing silencer ring, cat and muffler delete, baffle repairing, and other repairing techniques are very cheap.

You have to take out these parts or some modifications to them, and can produce whistle-jet sound. A rebuilding turbo kit cost between 100 to 200 dollars and is not as expensive as buying a new turbo.


Whatever method you adopt for the purpose needs careful handling. When using tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, and others, you have to pay full attention to avoid harming yourself or damaging your vehicle. 

While doing any modification in the truck to produce change sound, do not compromise its working and maintenance. Remember, changing sound is a choice, not a necessity. So never destroy the efficiency and working of the truck’s engine.

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