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How to convert a dump truck into a dump trailer?

How to convert a dump truck into a dump trailer?

Here are 9 easy steps for building a dump trailer at home. You have to follow this step-by-step guide and transform your dump truck into something much better.

How to convert a dump truck into a dump trailer? You can convert a dump truck into a dump trailer by upgrading its lifting mechanism, adding better tires with rims, reshape the side walls, add rear and side gates, build a ramp, and modify its axle.

A dump trailer offers a wide and large area to load the weight. The lifting mechanism of the dump trailer is simple and advance. These are cheap and durable. 

Dump trucks can’t turn back and forth into the streets. Convert it into a dump trailer is beneficial because it can load more weight than the standard truck. You can increase the dimension and size of the trailer according to your needs. 

Tools Required

  • Welding Machine
  • Cutter Machine
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Wrenches
  • Chisels
  • Drilling Machine

These are the primary tools required for converting the truck into a trailer. In addition to these tools, you must have a standard tool kit for heavy vehicles.

Upgrade the Lifting Mechanism

The lifting mechanism of the trailer is different as compared to the dump truck. The dump trailer uses a scissor lift to unload the weight. The Scissor lift has two mounting points to hold and maintain the trailer. You should weld the lift at the right end of the trailer frame.

You have to construct four pivot points that will rotate the lift. You should use grease to make the pivot light and moveable. Now you have to set up the hydraulic system of the trailer.

Make a series of tests to check the working of the lifting mechanism. When you are testing the lifting mechanism, you should also check the wheel alignment. You should know about the Ford truck generations if you plan to buy a ford vehicle.

Reshape the side walls of the dump truck

You can reshape its side walls into a trailer. You have to build 24-inch sidewalls. It depends on your choice that instead, you want to build metal walls or wooden walls.

The metal walls are best and durable for a long time. Wooden walls are less stable, but you can replace them. You will need large size nails for assembling wooden sidewalls.

First of all, you have to increase the width according to its dimension. Then, you have to collect all the pieces of the sidewalls. Finally, you should construct metal pipes on the sidewalls for the durability of the trolley.

You have to build slides on the trolley where the tires are linking. You have to add a roof rack on a pop-up camper, but not in this case.

Modify the Axles of the dump trailer

These vehicles need large axles to bear heavy loads. The loading limit also depends on what type of axle you have fixed in your trolley. You can use the Leaf Spring Axle or Torsion Axle to modify it.

You have to remove the nut and bolts of the previous axle. Next, you should disconnect the brake connection of the trolley. Finally, remove all the axle components with the help of tools and replace them with the new axle components. You should also clean the truck from bed bugs.

The leaf spring axles are a better option than torsion axles. This is because you have to replace leaf springs only when your axel becomes damaged. 

Construct rear and side gates

The rear and side gates are essential for the trolley. This will make it easy to load and unload the goods. It is difficult to move the heavy machinery to the rear gate, so side gates are essential to build. You will need good quality metals to make gates.

The gates should be closed appropriately to avoid any leakage. If you make a wooden trolley, you will need metal frames to make the loading goods safe.

To make the gates moveable, you will need to weld the hooks on the trolley’s sidewalls. Next, you need to weld the two little pipe-shaped metal on every side of the gate and fix it on the side walls. Now check the closing and opening of the gates. You can also construct immovable gates on your trolley that are very easy to remove and fix.

Build a ramp for the trailer

A ramp is helpful when you are loading and unloading goods. First, you have to construct the ramp according to your trolley size. Then, you can set up a manual opening and closing mechanism for the ramp. Ramp’s height should be suitable according to the length and width of the ramp. Finally, you may have to construct a ramp rack under the trolley bed.

To make a ramp, you have to construct a strong metal frame and then place a good quality steel sheet on the rack with welding. You can also make a wooden ramp for the trailer.

Other important parts are the wheel covering the structure and fixing the light indicator. The wheel covering frame keeps your tire clean and safe from the accident. You should fix the light indicator as per the instructions of the traffic police.

The plastic toolbox is the best option because they are light and safe from rust. You must have adequate safety chains to hook the trailer with the vehicle. When you are turning the trailer, the safety chain helps minimize the stress.

Modify the electric brakes

You need to fix electric brakes properly. You will need parts such as a magnet, two types of the shoe (primary and secondary), springs (for adjusting and reacting), and an adjuster to assemble the brakes. Magnets are directly connected to conducting wires to magnetize the brakes.

When you apply pressure on the brakes’ paddle, an electric signal will transmit to control the brake, and the vehicle will slow down. The Shoe generates the force.

This will help to stop and decelerate the vehicle. Next, you should fix the best quality of the brake controller on your vehicle. The brake controller will tell you about the working system of the brake on the LCD panel.

Add Special tires to the dump trailer

There is a particular category of tires for trailers. The average life span of tires is 5,000 miles to 10,000 miles. So the life and type of tires are present there on the sidewall of the tire.

You should not use the average tires because they can’t bear heavy loads like trailer tires. 

First, you have to jack up your trailer and remove the bolts. Then, after inspecting the wheel, you have to fix the tires on the wheels. You should tightly fix the tires on the wheels and then lower the tires.

When you are purchasing tires, you have to check their sidewalls. Any spider lines or cracks are signs of bad quality tires. In addition, you should review the PSI level of the tire at the shop.

Make a test run

A test run of vehicles is an essential and compulsory step after manufacturing.

To check the engine of the vehicle, you have to check the viscosity level of oil. The checking of oil’s viscosity is essential for operating the vehicle in cold or hot temperatures.

It is better to check the working of headlights in the fade dark environment. You should properly clean the glass of lights and adjust the bulbs in the right place. You should check the formal operation of emergency and turn signals. Adjust the side mirrors to see the behind areas easily. 

You should check the lifetime, mounting, and connection of the battery. Now you have to start the trailer at the minimum speed to check the brakes and hydraulics system.

Put the oil on the brakes to remove the dirt. You should never run your trailer on the road without checking these steps. Hydraulics system testing is essential before loading the weight on the trailer.

After the test drive, you should re-check the engine, steering wheel, battery. This will help remove the problems like oil leakage, noise production from the engine, and free steering. 

How much does it cost to convert a used dump truck into a dump trailer?

The dump trailers are expensive and range from around $9590 to $11000. So on average, it costs around $9000 to $13000 to convert your dump truck.

The labor charges you around $20 to $34 per hour, and the conversion is stable. The average cost of a welding machine is around $500 to $900 approximately. 

The cutter machinery costs you around $46 to $78 and depends on the size of the machine. On average, the measuring tape costs you around $12 to $15, and a hammer costs you between $20 to $156.

The cost of wrenches in a set is around $24 to $160 and changes according to manufacturing brands. 

Also, you can purchase the chisels for around $21 to $38, and depend on their number in a set. A drilling machine costs you around $100 to $750.

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