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How to Remove Cigarette Lighter in Ford F150?

How to Remove Cigarette Lighter in Ford F150?

Here are 9 easy steps to remove a cigarette lighter from the Ford F150. We have added the required tools in this detailed guide.

How to Remove Cigarette Lighter in Ford F150? You can remove the cigarette lighter in Ford F150 by cutting off the power supply, access location, remove the fuse box, remove screws and lose the equipment, detach wires, and remove the lighter.

How to Remove Cigarette Lighter in Ford F150?

There is a step-wise guide that helps to remove the cigarette lighter. The process is minimal time-consuming if you have a comprehension of the system.

Choosing the right tools is another supporting factor. 

Cut off the power 

Cutting off the power supply in a ford f150 is essential during such activities. You cannot open an electrical circuit in the presence of a direct current. 

Remove the ignition key and power of the system. Leave it for three to four minutes approximately. It helps to cool down the vehicle.

Take preventive measures before starting the process. Wear goggles and protective gloves and reduce the chances of any harm to your body.

Check the power batteries to make sure that there is no free-flowing current anymore. 

Access its location

Few people are unaware of the exact location of a cigarette lighter in a Ford F150.

Some people even do not know that there is a cigarette lighter device in their vehicle.

It helps you to reach the exact location of this structure. Never remove the additional parts because there is a lot of equipment around this tiny tool.

You can also mark the points with a non-permanent marker. It provides maximum support during the removal of a cigarette light instrument. 

Read the manual at every step, and identify all parts of the relevant device. Observe the tools, and comprehend the mechanics carefully. 

Remove the fuse box 

There is a fuse box of this tool that directly connects to the truck batteries.

The removal of this electrical fuse box is essential in all situations. You cannot remove this tool during the performance of this fusing area. 

It is an electricity carrier, and avoiding it results in disasters. The whole system lacks electrical energy, and repairing costs affect the budget drastically. 

Remove the screws

The lid and other parts attach through screws, and they keep the system firm. The intact positions are beneficial for all the 12-volt equipment that include the cigarette lighter.

Use the screwdriver with excellent shape and strength. Insert it in all the screws one by one, and follow the clockwise directions.

Lose the equipment from its specific place so that you can proceed with detachment. Removal of all the screws and extract the external body of the setup.

Detach wires

Identify the power cable and detach them from the system. Use a power cable cutter and remove the electrical tool from the point of orientation.

You can pull these wires from their attachment points with minimum effort.

Always make sure that you cut the accurate electrical passages. The system has a network of these power supply tools.

Read the manual and acknowledge the internal mechanism. Cut them from the initiating area and remove them. The device loses its capability to stay attached to the system. 

Remove the cigarette lighter

Pull the lighter from its socket and carry out this process manually. Remove the outer lid and then keep on pushing until it detaches.

Never use excessive force because it can break the socket. It results in the repairing and installment of both devices.

In those circumstances when the lighter has lost all of its efficiency, the discarding method is essential.

In other situations, when it is working accurately, then you can keep it aside. 

You cannot repair it while it is inside the socket. It is impossible to resolve the complex network of electric passages. 

Check the cigarette lighter with a specific meter

Particular meters check the performance of the lighter tool. They provide complete information about the lifespan and damages of the tiny instrument.

Attach these meters with the removed device. Leave them together for at least fifteen minutes.

The screens panel of the checking device shows all the capacities. The meter identifies and declares the use of this tool for future times. 

Why would you remove the cigarette lighter from your Ford F150?

There are numerous reasons that people end up removing them from the truck. 

The reasons are malfunctioning of the equipment, blown out socket, and the damage of 12 voltage structures.

Malfunctioning of the equipment

It is one of the significant reasons, and people remove it from their trucks. The malfunctioning of the equipment is not favorable for surrounding equipment. 

All of the instruments get their electric power from the ford’s batteries. The power supply pattern interrupts in this way. It affects the other machinery, and eventually, the ford machinery stops working. 

In these situations, the drive instantly prefers to remove this from the whole setup. The installment of a new tool is also necessary.

The system cannot bear this deprivation due to electrical change.

Never leave the faulty device in the vehicle for more than two days. The consequences are critical, and repairing cost leads to thousands of dollars. 

Blown out socket

The internal temperature changes and electrical supply affect all the working. The sockets help to control and hold the device.

They are supporting factors and require exact functioning. The blown-out fuses are not suitable for the setup itself.

It lacks the power to maintain the quality of the cigarette tool. The efficiency and performance of the system reduce to the worst condition. 

The lighter may be working accurately, but the socket is in the worst condition. The owners of the Ford truck remove these things from the vehicles due to damages. 

The damage of 12 volts structures

Numerous structures of the truck get their power through 12 volts batteries. The tools are tiny, and they surround the sides of the cigarette lighter.

In some situations, all of them align in the same pattern. One battery offers the same power and electrical energy to all the equipment. 

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