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Can a GMC Canyon Pull a Boat? Facts You Should Know

Can a GMC Canyon Pull a Boat? Facts You Should Know

The GMC Canyon is a best-known pickup truck with excellent towing features and you can use it to pull a boat.

Can a GMC Canyon Pull a Boat? The GMC Canyon can easily pull a boat due to additional features installed in it. The tow-haul mode makes the towing and trailering smooth. The powerful engine and better fuel usage also make the task easy. It can pull it by attaching a trailer with a powerful receiver hitch. Launch it in water by gear shifter that has control on its all wheels.

Can a GMC Canyon Pull a Boat?

GMC Canyon provides luxury with an enormous amount of weight pulling capability. You must be careful when towing a boat on your truck.

The towing capacity and the engine running power must be kept in mind. You can measure the weight of the boat and the trailer used to pull it precisely.

The boat you are towing in GMC Canyon must be in the range of 3500- 4500 pounds.

The GMC Canyon has the power of towing 7700 pounds, and the trailer used to pull the boat has additional weight. You should know the weight of GMC Canyon.

So, it is safe that the boat and trailer should be less than the towing capacity of your truck.

It contains a triple engine that has 2.5-liter cylinders. It also has greater torque and better towing capacity that protects the engine from excessive wear and tear.

The firm braking also helps the driver to have better responsive feedback. It has the towing ability of 3500, and the higher models have the capacity of up to 7000. The better fuel mileage also helps the driver. 

The extra feature of cylinder deactivation also assists the driver in preserving some fuel for future use. The better play load capacity also helps the pickup to extract weight easily and sleekly. 

The process of hauling a boat with the help of a trailer is easy, and you can achieve it yourself. But some changes need to perform for a better tow-hauling procedure.

Connecting the trailer

The first step in towing a boat in the GMC Canyon is to attach a trailer with the hitch.

The trailer hitch receiver is located on the lower side of the bumper. When towing a trailer, there is a need to check the tire and the axle’s condition.

The tire must be in good condition. The old tire shows a sign of unnecessary wear and tear and rusting that needs your immediate attention. 

You must replace the tires before attaching the trailer with the truck. Add new tires with the help of a licensed tire shop and check the air in them.

The axle needs to inspect also. Add some lubricant in the bearing for its proper working if required.

You need to install the trailer wiring for towing purposes. In GMC there is 7-way, and 4-way blade-style connectors are present in the bumper. 

Its wiring is present on the driver’s side of the truck The wiring needs to install before trailing the boat on the truck.

Most of the trailers contain these two types of connectors that can fix on the bumper. It will provide information about the trailer, brakes, and turn signals light.

It also gives us information about the brake controller signals and the reverse light. You can pull anything you need by adding the hitch pin and other locking and anti-clattering devices.

For attaching the safety chains between the trailer and the truck, you need to fix them.

You can hook up these chains in a metal loop present on the lower side of the hitch trailer receiver.

In this way, the hitch pins and the safety chain do not interfere with each other. For towing a sailboat, the hitch has the highest tongue weight.

The chain-bearing of this truck can bear approximately 850-900 pounds tongue weight. It will impose maximum pressure on the receiver tube. 

The hitch can pull approximately 6000 pounds of weight in addition to anything present on its top. 

Loading the boat on the trailer

The launching and retrieve of the boat on the trailer on GMC require some skills and experience. For landing the watercraft on the trailer, make sure to distribute the weight equally.

You can pull it with a winch, as forward on the trailer bunk as possible. After hauling it, fasten it with the trailer using these strips tightly.

Check the fuel level and the lights on the trailer and the vehicle. Adjust the side mirrors to see the trailer and the load accurately. 

 Spotted mirrors present that provide a broader range of visibility on the driver side for better-towing capability. 

It is equipped with an extra feature that makes the towing effortless and more protected.

You need to select the tow and haul mode after hauling the boat on the trailer. It makes transmission more peaceful.

It can control the upshift and downshift movement of the truck by controlling and accelerating the transmission power.

These features increase the control of the vehicle on loaded weights. You can turn it on and off, and its icon is visible on the instrumental panel of the GMC.

Make sure to put a safe distance for the brake between the vehicle and the trailer. 

Another feature is the electronic stability control system known as StabiliTrak.

This feature helps the sensor to detect the change route of the driver. It increases the engine torque and braking for better stability. 

 Standard trailer-sway control also helps the trailer movement. It assists the vehicle by controlling the unnecessary swaying motion of the trailer.

Trailer assistance guideline is another feature that helps the driver to attach the trailer and boat on the hitch. Efficient trailering performs with the assistance of a camera.

This camera helps the driver to see behind the vehicle. Make sure to use the hitch that is appropriate for your GMC truck and the trailer. Never surpass the tire speed rating of both the trailer and the vehicle. 

Launching a boat in the water

The best towing capacity and the high-power engine make launching a boat in the water easier. The rearview camera assists the driver a lot in moving the ship in the water.

The floating must be according to the rules and laws of the community. You need to test the engine and the mooring lines for efficient launching.

Carefully check the fenders and turn the drain plug ON. Remove all the straps except the winch and place the vehicle in neutral mode to carefully controlling the speed.

You take additional assistance from another person that tells you about the smooth launching. Start reversing the truck on the ramp until it is floating on the trailer.

You need to set the vehicle in parking mode and remove the winch so that it is released from the trailer.

If the trailer accurately launches, then it will go straight in the water floating. Try to attach the mooring lines of the boat with the wooden dock.

You can pull out the boat trailer from the water by pressing the brake pedal and shift the gear shifter from parking mode into driver mode.

Hill guidance also helps in preventing the truck move in backward while accelerating the vehicle.

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