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How to Remove Ford F150 Glove Box?

How to Remove Ford F150 Glove Box?

The glove box in Ford F150 is an appealing tool. It is a part of the design, and no design lacks this tool. People like to adjust the gloves and other documents in this box.

How to Remove Ford F150 Glove Box? In general, you can remove the Ford F150 glove box by holding it from both sides and elevating it. Next, remove the screws, detach the holding tabs and pull the glove box out with your hands. 

The broken glove box is not suitable for the design of the truck. People remove and replace them with new and appealing structures. 

How to Remove Ford F150 Glove Box?

I have described 7 easy steps to remove the glove box in your Ford F150. All of these steps are easy, and you can do them within a few minutes.

Check the glove box

Access the glove box on Ford F150 before initiating the process. It usually occurs on the dashboard section of the truck. It has attachment tools that keep it intact in one position. 

The removal of all the attachment structures is necessary to open the dashboard.

First, approach the tool and observe its sides. Then, follow the instructions to check the attachment tools and their accurate numbers. 

Uplift the glove box

The glove box has a lock-like covering. Open the latch of the structure and then reach the internal sections of the glove box.

Use hands during such removal procedure. For example, insert your fingers inside the box and then lift it upward.

Pull the structure in your direction during such lifting conditions. 

Handle the sides of the box

The glove box comprises plastic sides. Therefore, you have to press the sides of this box to reduce the attachment capacity. 

The passing of the plungers is necessary against the dash section. Push it down and keep it down as much as you can. It loses its fitting ability after such modifications. 

Unscrew the holding tools

Some screws hold the device with the bottom of the dash area. These screws are usually four, and they have attachment ability. 

Use a screwdriver of accurate size and then open the screws one by one. Lose them, and then discard the screws from the box. The shape of such screws is capable of the Phillips screwdrivers.

Adjust the driver on these attachment tools and follow the anticlockwise directions. Then, open them and keep them in a polythene bag. You can also mark them for future convenience with a non-permanent marker. 

Detach the tabs

Few tabs connect the glove box with the dash section of the Ford F150. Therefore, the detachment of the mounting tabs is necessary to remove it permanently. 

You cannot pull the structure without detaching such stable supports. They hinder the path and can result in damage.

Use a wrench or any other structure to detach these mounting tabs. Detach the side tabs first to move the tool. Keep the mounting tabs in one corner because they can help in the installation process.

It also depends on the condition of these attachment structures. However, these are cost-effective products and provide excellent attachment ability. 

Pull out the glove box

Use hands during such removal activities and apply a particular amount of strength. 

Hold the structure firmly, and then pull it in your direction. Finally, detach it from the dashboard section complete.

Disconnect any possible connection between the dashboard and this tool. Never use any sharp tools during pulling procedures. 

It can damage the tool and result in deformation, and the glove boxes damages and tears them into pieces. In addition, the pulling of broken pieces is more challenging.

You can adjust the screws in the openings for future use. It keeps them safe, and you never lose them. 

Why would you remove the glove box from Ford F150?

Multiple reasons lead to the removal of the glove box in a Ford F150. First, all the removal procedures are manual, and they require minimum involvement of external tools. 

Change of interior

It has various designs and sizes. People like to add new things to the interior of their trucks. So it leads to the removal and change in such structures.

These have convenient installation techniques that appeal to the users. They change them without any professional help, and it reduces the installation cost. 

Broken parts of the glove box

The glove box may break due to various reasons. For example, the age and heat conditions impact the external surface of such tools. 

Various parts and top corners tear apart. 

The users keep them for a few days and repair the broken edges. 

Misfit in the internal body

Few items are attractive, but they do not fit in the interior. In addition, they lack the adjustment capabilities, and people discard them.

In few situations, the users do not add a new device due to frustration. The removal of such structures is due to inappropriate adjustment.

Addition of new design

The product comprises various designs and advanced features. The body and material vary according to the manufacturing companies. 

It generates an urge to replace the old glove box from the Ford, and the user replaces it with a new design.

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