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How to Remove Headrest From Kia Sorento?

How to Remove Headrest From Kia Sorento?

Many people do not use the headrests on driver’s seats on Kia Sorento because they do not like them. I removed the driver’s headrest on my SUV last week because it caused me neck pain.

How to Remove Headrest From Kia Sorento? You can remove the headrest from Kia Sorento by reclining the seat through its lever, holding it from both sides, pushing the side release button, and pulling the seat headrest up to the maximum height to take it out.

My friend removed the headrest of his driving seat and ended up in a crash, which led to several neck injuries.

How do you remove the headrest from Kia Sorento?

Headrests of the driver and passenger’s seats provide maximum comfort and specific head posture on Kia Sorento. However, many individuals remove them from their driving seats despite their smooth surface and comfort.

People do not like them because they remain fixed in the adjusted position. It can lead to neck pain and muscle soreness in drivers on long routes.

Removing headrests allows them to change their neck and head position according to comfort. They can look at their family members in the rear seats.

However, their removal is dangerous because they provide security from rear-end crashes to the driving persons and passengers. The removal consumes a few minutes, and time varies according to your knowledge, skills, and expertise.

You should remove them from the seats of drivers and passengers when they cause neck pain. Their removal does not require the help of a professional individual because the procedure is less time-consuming and is not complicated.

You should select the seat to remove them and sit on the rear side of this seat. Then, reclining the seat is better through the built-in lever.

You should hold the lever and pull it down, which leads to seat folding. Holding them from the left and right corners is better.

You should hold the sides with specific strength and pull them in the upper direction. Pushing the release button on the left side of the headrest is essential simultaneously.

You should pull them upward while pushing the button continuously to release them. In addition, extending and pulling it upward to its maximum range is necessary for its removal from the seat.

In such circumstances, the side release button provides force and pressure to remove it from the passenger and driver seat of the Kia Sorento.

You can take the help of a friend or family member for their removal. But, your assisting individual should push the headrest release button continuously, which is challenging.

Therefore, you should remove it without external assistance because their removal consumes 2 to 3 minutes.

Why would you remove the headrest from Kia Sorento?

Many people remove the built-in headrests from the seats of their Kia Sorento models because they can stabilize the individual head in a specific upright posture.

Not comfortable for individuals’ height

Several Kia Sorento models have headrests on the passenger and driver’s seats. However, they provide comfort and relaxation to the driving individuals of these SUVs during long-distance traveling conditions.

A few lack the knowledge and skills for their standard adjustment on the seats.

In such circumstances, they do not fit at a specific spot on the driving seats, which reduces their comfort. As a result, the driving person cannot drive and control the SUV with focus.

The driving individual loses focus, which affects visibility and leads to various accidents. Sometimes, it can push the head of the driver in the forward direction.

In such circumstances, you cannot maintain a distance between the headrests and your head. The gap has a negative effect because it changes the standard posture of the head of the driving individual.

Also, it alters the neutral position of the head of the driving individual, which makes them uncomfortable.

In such circumstances, removing them from their seats is essential, which makes the head relaxed and in a neutral position.

Issues with blind spots

Kia Sorento has large-sized blind spots, and their drivers have the skills to remove them for optimized safety. However, they have large-sized headrests according to the dimensions and layouts of the seats on these SUVs.

These large-sized headrests are dangerous for driving individuals because they interrupt blind spots. The driving individual cannot identify the blind spots clearly due to their installation on the seats.

As a result, driving safety decreases from the standard level. In such circumstances, the driver cannot control the SUV, which causes several accidents.

The visibility of the drivers reduces because of the large-sized headrests. Therefore, the drivers remove these to make the blind spots clear and visible for optimized protection at high-speed driving.

They can reduce the visibility through the mirror that provides the rear view.

It decreases the visibility through the windows, which leads to collisions and high-speed rear-end crashes.

Pain due to head position

The specific posture of the head is essential while driving the Kia Sorento at the highest speeds. However, the manufacturers install high-quality, smooth, and appealing headrests for the seats.

In such circumstances, they keep the head of a driving person in the upright position because of the layouts. Therefore, the driver cannot move the head rearward to relax the neck and head.

It causes severe neck pain because the head remains upright for several hours. It happens when you do not adjust these according to your sitting position and height.

The continuous upright head position causes neck and shoulder pain. In such circumstances, their removal from the seats is necessary for comfortable head movement.

Their removal can relax the shoulders, and the driver can move the head in different directions. It reduces neck and head pain, and driving becomes comfortable for the driver.

Wrong adjustment

Several people adjust the position of headrests on the seats of their Kia Sorento. Furthermore, these adjustments are essential according to the height of a driving person.

You can modify their positions upward or down for your convenience. They are restraints for the rear side of the driver’s head.

They protect the passengers and drivers from neck and head injuries. Their wrong adjustment can lead to neck pain and reduces the driver’s focus.

The driver becomes restless and cannot handle the steering wheel at an optimized stability level. In such circumstances, the SUV momentum reduces from the standard level, which leads to various crashes.

Therefore, you should remove them from the seats of your SUV when you do not have sufficient knowledge of their standard position adjustment.

You should not drive the SUV with the wrong adjustment on the driving seat because it can lead to reduces driving focus, which decreases the momentum and causes accidents and injuries.

Is it safe to remove the headrest from Kia Sorento?

Many individuals drive their Kia Sorento with the headrests on the driving and passenger seats because they provide comfort and a specific head position.

A few people remove them for cleaning or replacement, which consumes a few minutes. However, other individuals remove them permanently, which is dangerous and causes severe injuries to drivers and passengers of these SUVs.

Their removal increases the chances of severe wounds in a rear-end crash. The rear crash and its forces affect the necks of passengers and drivers after their removal.

Therefore, their removal from the SUV seats is dangerous because it causes several injuries and wounds when the driver undergoes rear-end crash.

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