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How to Remove Pitman Arm on Ford F150?

How to Remove Pitman Arm on Ford F150?

Here are proven methods for replacing the Pitman arm on your pickup. It is attached to the steering of the truck.

How to Remove Pitman Arm on Ford F150? You can remove the Pitman ram on Ford F150 by raising the vehicle, grab the inner tie rod, detach the clamps, remove huge nuts at the gearbox, and pull the device.

Pitman’s arm is a part of the automotive named after a railroad engineer George Pitman.

It moves in a circular motion; a sector shaft generates this circular motion. The sector shaft converts this motion, and this is used to move the wheels. It is supported by a sector arm, is directly attached to the steering gearbox.

How to Remove Pitman Arm on Ford F150?

First of all, park the vehicle in some open area and put it on the parking brake. Place a rounded chock below the tires of the vehicle.

You can take a wood piece or a rock for this purpose. You have to raise the vehicle and then secure it on the jack stand; after that, you have to remove the front tires.

There will be a jack inside of your automobile; take out that jack. Keep the jack in the frame.

You will place the frame very adjacent to the replacing tire. Check two times and make sure that if the jack is making an exposure with the frame metal.

Now grab the inner-tie-rod. This will help you in working. After that, you have to detach the clamps located on the steering rack and push the rack in the forward direction.

On the interior end, a substantial hexagonal ball joint can be seen on the internal tie rod.

If you cannot access the ball joint, turning the steering will further push or propel it out. Now separate both the inner-tie-rod components and place it about the internal tie rod’s ball joint.

The third step involves the removal of huge nuts located on a gearbox. The gearbox is a component that clenches the Pitman Arm.

After that, lose the nut that connects the device with a center link. This nut is located on another edge of the tool.

Now use the tool to separate the link center from the device. You will separate the link from the arm idler. It will make the link center different or other than usual.

Observe from your vehicle and identify the three bolts of the gearbox. Screw those three bolts that are holding the gear.

Move the whole box of gear near the frame. It will allow you to pull the equipment in place to begin the process.

After removing the defective part, you have to add it with new nuts. Install the tires and lower your vehicle. Before using the vehicle, give it a test drive to check the steering operation. You should clean the fuel injectors on your pickup.

Why would you remove the Pitman Arm from the steering?

The suspension system maximizes friction among the road surface and tires. In comparison, the steering of the pickup plays a role in good handling and provides stability.

If your vehicle’s steering column is loose, it will make the driving experience unsafe and flimsy. This feeling can be caused by much more play in the box of power steering.

This is a usual problem; you can quickly fix it by making some worm gear adjustments. You can add a new O2 sensor and it will make the ride of your vehicle safe.

The driver has to continuously adjust the vehicle’s steering wheel to make it move linearly.

There are a lot of causes of wandering, including loose steering, excessive caster, worn-out steering gears, and worn-out steering linkages. You can add a new cruise control switch for better performance.


If it receives regular maintenance, it can work for years to come; otherwise, you will feel that your steering wheel becomes falter between thirty thousand miles to fifty thousand miles.

Moreover, checking the steering gear of the pickup every six months is adequate. But if you are used to driving in rocky, off-road, rough areas, it can deteriorate quickly.

In this case, it is better to inspect and replace it every three months. This is too heavy, but keep that in your mind that if the front wheels are facing a pounding, then definitely the accessories in your vehicle will face the same problem.

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