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How to Replace a U Joint on Ford F150?

How to Replace a U Joint on Ford F150?

The U joints of the Ford F150 are necessary for the performance of the driver shaft. The movement of the drive shaft becomes vulnerable in their absence. 

How to Replace a U Joint on Ford F150? In general, you can replace the U joint on a Ford F150 by lifting the truck. Adjust it on neutral mode and add the markings. Remove the bolts and screws from the attachment points. Detach clips and remove the old device. Install a new U joint and secure everything.

The unnecessary noises from the U joint are a direct indication of its replacement. Never leave it in a vulnerable state because it can cause damages to the driver shaft.

How to Replace a U Joint on Ford F150?

Many people complain about the problems in the U joint of their trucks. I have added 8 easy steps to replace the U joint on a Ford F150.

Park the Ford F150

Park the truck in a garage or open ground. Always consider an area with maximum space. There are a lot of modifications that require enough space.

The stability of the structure is essential to perform the functions without any problem.

Uplift the vehicle

Uplift the truck with the lifting jacks and other such stands. The higher levels are essential to remove it from the driveshaft.

Always increase the high levels of its rear section. First, add the lifting jack and then uplift the structure according to the instructions.

Make sure the lifting jacks and stands have enough efficiency to tolerate their heavyweight. The stability of the lifting tools is necessary for such replacement procedures.

Put it on the neutral

Turn on the neutral mode for the Ford truck. The neutral option is necessary for the transmission of this structure.

Turn off the power supply of the structure by cutting off the batteries. Leave the system for few minutes and allow cooling of the device.

Never touch the rear end right after the disconnection of the electric passage. It remains hot and can lead to burning accidents.

Add markings

Use a non-permanent marker to make spots at various points. You have to identify the areas of the driving shaft and the yoke section with this marker. It provides convenience for the reinstallation of such tools.

The paint markers are best in such situations because they make clear marks. You can remove them after the adjustment of equipment.

The spots are necessary for the alignment of the U joint and shaft. You cannot remove the mounting equipment without precise spotting.

Detach the bolts

The drive shaft attaches with the help of supporting tools. There are usually 3 to 4 bolts that help the adjustment of the drive shaft.

The removal of these bolts is necessary for the removal of this structure. Use a high-quality and accurate sized wrench.

Adjust it on the bolts one by one, and keep the rotations anticlockwise. Then, remove them from the attachment points.

Keep them aside or in a polythene bag. It enhances the security of the bolts for further adjustment.

Move the driveshaft and change its direction. Access the bolts one after the other and discard them.

Lose the driveshaft and then discard it. It has a sliding ability that makes the removal convenient.

Take it outwards from the transmission section and adjust it in one corner.

Remove the clips

The old U joint has caps that have various clips. All of these tools help to enhance the attachment capabilities of such structures. The clips are tight in one position, and you cannot remove them manually.

Use a set of pliers of accurate size. Adjust them in these clips and pull those outwards. They open with a sound of a click, and you can lose the structure.

The clips also comprise the mounting tabs that keep them firmly in one position. You have to remove the mounting tabs by pressing their ends.

These are present on those clips that have spring configuration in their structure.

Remove the clips from the yoke of the driving shaft and surrounding. Never leave a single attachment point because it can lead to other problems.

Use the specific tool to remove the old device

Press and push the sides of the drive shaft with a specific amount of strength. Then, detach it from both ends and keep losing it.

This tool has a design to detach the sides. However, in few cases, people do not comprise the press U Joint tool. In such situations, use alternatives and then lose the clips and brackets.

The hardware stores also provide these tools on per hourly basis. These are expensive instruments, and hiring is the best option.

It prevents the loss of money. The use is rare, and there is no need to spend such a high amount on this tool.

The pressing tools of the U joint have various sizes and designs. Therefore, select them according to the specifications of your Ford F150.

Read the specifications of the instrument through the manual. It guides the use of such tools without any errors. Follow the guidelines and adjust them in the clips and joints.

Lose them and discard them completely, and never use them in the installation process after the removal.

They do not comprise the same efficiency as a new structure.

Remove and discard the U joint from the drive shaft of the Ford F150. You can destroy the old equipment or keep it aside for repair.

The repairing of such tools is not a great idea in most circumstances. 

Install new U Joint on a truck

Access the ends of the driveshaft and then install the new U Joint. Adjust it near the clips of the structure and then press them firmly.

Always use high-quality tools and new equipment during the installation procedures. They enhance the efficiency of the structure, and everything works effectively.

Utilize the new clips of accurate size, and they arrive in a package. You can purchase them separately from hardware stores or online shops.

The U joint package comprises these clips, and they have adjustment abilities in the groove section. Therefore, insert them in this section and press them to adjust together.

Adjust the structures according to the preexisting mark on the transmission device and the drive shaft. The yoke of the driveshaft has a sliding design.

Always spend more time at this step for the accurate installation of the structure. Then, push it in the transmission area and slide it for the adjustment.

Uplift the rear sections of the driving shaft area. Align the already existing spots on each other.

It leaves no possibility of any error during such installations. Next, adjust the bolts and screws and tighten them with the accurate size wrench.

Follow the pattern of openings in these structures and adjust everything in position.

Remove the uplifting jacks and stands from the rear section of the Ford F150.

Adjust the structure on a smooth surface and stabilize it to check the performance. Observe the noises and vibrations in the rear compartment.

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