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How Do You Reset the Compass on a Ford F150?

How Do You Reset the Compass on a Ford F150?

The compass on a Ford F150 is a direction indicator. It provides information to the driver, and he never loses the direction. It works with the electric power of the Ford F150 and provides geographic information.

How Do You Reset the Compass on a Ford F150? In general, reset the compass of the Ford F150 by turning off the electric supply. Next, access the modification buttons and select the calibration/reset option. Push it for at least 2 to 3 seconds. Then, drive the Ford F150 a few miles to check the orientation and navigation. 

The compass of the truck can lose its performance. It occurs due to internal changes in the device. 

How Do You Reset the Compass on a Ford F150?

I have described two methods to reset the compass on the Ford F150. Select them according to your convenience and take advantage of automatic directions. 

Put the truck on neutral

Park the truck and then get inside the structure. Shut off the batteries by removing their terminals. 

The disconnection of the electric passage is necessary to discard the errors. 

Use a paper or stick

Take a piece of paper, make it in a block shape, and fold it to make a stick. It is feasible for emergencies when you do not have any other tool.

In standard conditions, you can use a toothpick or any other stick. First, insert the tooth stick inside the device and then proceed to the next steps.

The toothpicks are thin, and they can move inside this section without any restriction.

Access the recession button

Insert the used tools inside the system and then access the recession button. You can touch it with a paper clip or toothpick. 

Check the directions or inner configuration of the recession button with the manual. Next, observe the pictures of the manual and then reach the push button.

Select options from the display area

Click on these buttons and keep the movement gentle. 

Apply the force for at least 2 to 4 seconds. The display area shows the options. Press the button until you see the calibration option or reset. 

It appears in the form of the first three alphabets of calibration or reset. Select this option and leave the system for processing 

Take a test drive

The system resets due to these modifications, and now you can use the device.

Take a test drive to check the geographical information from this compass. 

Manually reset the Ford F150 Compass

Turn off the truck and the electric passage of the appliance. Leave the system for cooling and allow it to settle down. 

People perform this process due to their expertise. The manual instructions are beneficial to access the device in the overhead console. 

Remove the unnecessary equipment from the overhead console. It provides clear visibility of the backside structure. 

You can approach the compass buttons for the resetting options. It is a small device with an electric supply. 

It works efficiently with its design and electric power. As a result, you can get correct directions when the device is working appropriately. 

Approach the buttons by clear visibility. Observe the structures according to the instruction of the manual.

In this method, you can use hands and fingers for pressing. Now press the buttons with your finger or thumb. 

Select the reset option and then leave the system. It absorbs and modifies the inner settings without any support. 

The manufacturers designed them on such principles. If you feel that the processing is complete, then proceed to the next step. 

Drive the Ford F150 out of your garage and take a drive of at least 3 to 5 miles.

Why would you reset the Ford F150 compass?

You have to adjust the compass on your Ford F150 due to various reasons. I have explained these in detail here.


The inaccuracy of the navigation and orientation of the device leads to the reset options. 

The readjustment of the specific configuration is necessary for such structures. Follow the instructions and guides to reset the inaccuracy of the system. 

The device becomes accurate in terms of performance after such modifications. 

Change of magnetism

The magnetism of the compass modifies due to the device. Therefore, resolving this problem is one of the essential factors to enhance their work efficiency. 

They have convenient ways to change and modify the settings of a direction indicator. 

New device

In few cases, when the device is new, then you have to reset it more often. The new tools have similar functions, but they require time to adjust in the system.

It leads to various changes in the settings. These modifications can occur suddenly, and it is not suitable for the driver. He can lose direction, and accidents can happen.

No automatic reset

The devices comprise an automatic reset, but few models lack this ability. In those circumstances, the user has to reset the inner settings in various ways. Use all the possible techniques and change the driving directions.

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