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How to Replace Dipstick Tube on Ford F150?

How to Replace Dipstick Tube on Ford F150?

The dipstick tubes are suitable for the Ford F150, but they have issues of damages. The worn out and breaks due to various conditions. The replacement is the only solution for such worn-out tools.

How to Replace Dipstick Tube on Ford F150? In general, you can replace the dipstick tube on Ford F150 by removing its bolts and screws. First, move the supporting materials and remove the tube from the block section. Then, add the new dipstick tube and tighten its screws.

The removal of these dipstick tubes is a challenging process. However, you can perform this replacement method with professional guidelines. 

How to Replace Dipstick Tube on Ford F150?

Here are 9 easy steps to change the dipstick on the Ford F150.

Turn off the Ford F150 engine

Disconnect the electric supply of the truck; you cannot touch the device when the electric current is moving through these structures. 

Remove the ignition key and allow the structures to cool down for few minutes.

It allows the convenient performance of the mechanic or any other person. Stabilize the structure on a smooth surface. 

Access the Dipstick tube

It lies in the hood and near the engine compartment. You can identify it with expertise and professional guidance.

Read the manual and take help from the pictures. The assessment provides a clear picture of the damages. 

The cracks and breaking of these oil tubes is a common thing. It happens due to various heat problems inside the engine compartment.

It is a tricky process, and you have to handle the devices carefully.

Next, adjust the screwdriver on the supporting screws. Remove them one by one. 

Detach the bolts and pull them outwards. Keep the movements gentle during such removals. 

Never break the tube into pieces. It is hard to remove tube pieces, then an intact structure from the engine compartment. 

Negligence and exertion of excessive force can lead to various problems. Time consumption generates frustration, and the process prolongs for 2 to 3 days. 

Detachment of block 

In most designs, this tube comprises mounting brackets. They are beneficial for the control and support of the dipstick tube. 

Remove the mounting bracket with an accurate size wrench. Insert it inside the edge of the mounting bracket and pull it outwards.

Use a bolt puller and detach the bolts. Pull the dipstick tube during such procedures and remove it from the engine block.

You can detach it from the exhaust manifold with the same process. Again, use the accurate tools and then remove the device from the connecting point.

Remove its bolts

Detach the supporting bolts and keep them aside. They are supporting structures, and you can use them in the procedure. 

The installation becomes cost-effective due to the presence of old tools in the procedures.

The removal of such tools is safe and convenient because they have visibility. Access all the bolts in this compartment before pulling the tube. It helps to reduce all types of errors and protect the inner structure of the engine. 

The preventive measures are better than repairing the broken parts of the engine. The cost of replacement enhances more than standard levels due to such conditions. 

Detach O – ring

The dipstick tube of the Ford F150 exists in an O-ring. It is a housing structure for the tube.

Its bottom sides have the O-ring as a supporting tool. You can assess this section by approaching the last area.

Access to the O-ring is challenging in the engine section. It happens due to the presence of different electric wires and cables in the same compartment. 

You can reach this tool through guidance and manual instructions. 

Remove wheels and access the dipstick tube

The removal of wheels requires tools like a screwdriver. First, unscrew and detach the supporting devices, and then discard them.

Adjust them in one corner for future installation and use. Discard the fender from this section and keep them aside.

The clear visibility offers the convenient removal of such structures from this complicated compartment.

Detach supporting equipment

Remove the attachment tools like bolts and screws from the dipstick tube. Next, remove the surrounding connectors of this system.

Remove the device from the engine compartment after such removals. Never leave one supporting joint in these procedures. 

It can lead to the exertion of excessive force, and damages occur. Therefore, I always take the help of a friend to access all the relevant tools in this compartment. 

Never detach the prevalent appliances. The reinstallation process leads to time consumption. Instead, spend time during these assessment procedures.

They keep the system safe and allow the performer to remove the dipstick in one piece. 

Remove old dipstick tube

Discard the old tube from the system and pull it outwards. Ask a friend to take support and force in these removal activities. Always keep the direction of force towards you. 

You can tap the tube if it entangles inside the structure. Tapping can reduce the layers of corrosion in these situations. The detachment becomes convenient, but pulling can lead to breakage of the tube. 

Add the penetrating oil to allow the free movement of the tube. Keep tapping the tube and pull it with the help of a friend. It takes time, and you need to show patience in such removal methods.

The removal of the dipstick from the bottom is necessary. You cannot pull it out without detaching it from this compartment.

Remove it by spraying the penetrating oil and pull it thoroughly. 

Adjust the new tube

Adjust the new tube in the original portion. Insert it inside and adjust the mounting brackets and other screws.

Tighten them and then add the O-ring. First, make sure the structure is new because it affects the performance of the dipstick tube. Next, install every removed tool back in the engine compartment and adjust them.

Tighten the bolts with the wrench and screwdrivers. Close the hood after such replacements.

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