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How to Replace Emergency Brake Shoes on Ford F150?

How to Replace Emergency Brake Shoes on Ford F150?

The emergency brake shoe is necessary to prevent accidental situations. Ford F150 comes with powerful emergency brakes.

They require more preventive measures, and the manufacturers added emergency brakes on them.

How to Replace Emergency Brake Shoes on Ford F150? In general, you can replace the emergency brake on the Ford F150 by lifting it and disconnecting the electric supply. Next, separate all the springs, bolts, screws and remove the old brake shoe. Finally, lubricate the surface and install the new emergency brake shoes.

How to Replace Emergency Brake Shoes on Ford F150?

I have explained 11 easy methods to replace the emergency brake shoes on the Ford F150.

Block the wheels of the Ford F150

Block the Ford F150 by stopping the wheels. Use the blockers and adjust them on the front of the wheels. Make sure the truck is not on ignition.

Observe the stability of the structure for at least 3 to 5 minutes. Add more blocks if you find an instability or movement of the truck in the forward direction. 

Add lifting jack on its rear section

The rear wheels are non-moveable after the addition of such blocking tools. Therefore, the rear section requires a specific height in such a replacement procedure. 

Use a high-quality lifting jack and adjust it under the rear wheel compartment. Uplift the structure to a height and stabilize it.

Perform a similar process for both rear sides of the vehicle. Unscrew the bolts of the rear wheels with a screwdriver. 

Leave them inside the wheels and stabilize them. 

Remove its wheels

Make sure that its rear wheels are stable on the lifting stand. Then, use the same screwdriver and remove the supporting tools. 

Detach its wheel and keep it aside. Then, repeat the same removal process for the second rear wheel. 

Detach them from the structure and keep them in one corner. The removal of rear wheels allows more stability and control over such procedures. In addition, the performer gets relaxed after such modifications. 

Disconnect electric wires

The uplifters can hold the pickup without any turbulence. The front wheels are with the blocks, and they keep the structure stable. 

You have to remove the ignition key from the hole. Next, disconnect the electric power supply of the truck. Finally, turn the system on a neutral mode and leave it for the rest of the process.

Check the gadgets in terms of heat and allow them to cool down. Never touch them without wearing protective gloves. 

Remove the lower trim panel

There is a lower panel that is known as a lower trim panel. The removal of the trim panel is necessary after the disconnecting of the electric supply. 

The lower trim panel of the A-pillar comprises clips. The clips attach the structure with the connecting point. Therefore, pull the electric panel manually and never apply excessive strength.

Pull it forward, and the clip opens up, and they detach themselves without any tool. Remove the A-pillar panel from the Ford F150. 

Discard intermediate tension

The rotating sector of the brake system keeps rotating. So you have to stop this rotation by applying a pulling force.

It is also known as an assistance pull to such cables. 

Detach the intermediate cable and ask a friend to hold it.

The friend can keep the cable during the procedure. You can discard the intermediate tension from the electric wires.

Insert a retaining pin in this section. Make sure it does not exceed from 3 to 4 millimeters. 

It instantly releases the intermediate tension of cables and makes the process convenient. 

Remove the emergency brake cable

There is an adjoining system of cables that connect. Use a screwdriver or a wrench and then lose them with it. 

The detachment of the electric cable occurs from many other electric wires in this compartment. 

It offers access to the disc section of the system.

Remove attached cables and discs

There is a disc that controls the performance of the system. For example, it rotates when the driver instantly stops the truck.

First, remove the disc; it has various connecting points and bolts.

Use a bolt puller and adjust it on these tools. Then, detach them from the connecting points and lose the disc. 

Hold it for the protection of the brake disc. It secures the structure from free-falling on the floor. 

Discard screws from brake shoes

First, use a Phillips screwdriver to detach all the screws of the brake shoe section.

Then, adjust it on these supporting devices. 

Two springs support the brake shoes and remove them and the pins in this compartment. 

Instead, keep it aside and use it in future procedures.

Apply grease

The lubrication is necessary after the removal of the old device. Therefore, add the lubricant to these compartments and also grease the new tool.

It helps in the free flow of the equipment. The installation becomes convenient, and you can handle the process without any trouble. 

They are cost-effective products, and you can wipe the excessive amount with a fibrous-free cloth.

Install new emergency brake shoes

Adjust the new emergency brake shoe in the hub. Next, install the new device with the attachment screws.

Adjust and tighten them with the screwdrivers. Next, add the springs, pins, and bolts in the same manner. 

Use the adjustment tools and add the pins. Install the removed panel in the structure. Install the rear wheels back in the system and remove the lifting jacks.

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