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How to Replace Rear Turn Signal Bulb on Ford F150?

How to Replace Rear Turn Signal Bulb on Ford F150?

The turn signal lights are one of the essential tools in the Ford F150. They help to secure the Ford F150 from various accidental situations. 

How to Replace Rear Turn Signal Bulb on Ford F150? In general, you can replace the rear turn signal bulb by pushing the tailgate downwards. First, remove the bolts and disconnect the electric supply and discard the old rear signal bulb. Next, adjust the new bulb in the assembly and tighten it with bolts. 

In the absence of these signal lights, the system becomes unstable. As a result, there are maximum chances of accidents when the Ford F150 lacks these rear signal turn bulbs. 

How to Replace Rear Turn Signal Bulb on Ford F150?

I have mentioned a stepwise guide to replace the rear turn signal bulb on the Ford F150.

Detach battery and stabilize Ford F150

Stabilize the truck on a smooth surface. Select a parking station or your garage for these activities. 

The stability of the truck is necessary to access all the relevant parts of this replacement process. You can perform this process under the supervision of a friend or expert person. 

Detach the battery and disconnect the electric passage. The detachment of the electric cables and battery terminals is necessary for such replacement procedures.

Allow the truck to cool down for at least 15 to 20 minutes. The warming of the appliances can cause various accidental situations. These are not suitable for the performer, and the results are irreversible. 

Turn off lights and disconnect its wires

Turn off the lights and then disconnect the electric wiring. Make sure that the rear lights are off during the changing activities. 

Close its doors and leave them in a locked position. It prevents the sudden turn-on of these lights on the rear compartments.

Check the doors after locking them as a test procedure. It provides a sense of relaxation to the performer, and he can replace the turn signal bulb without any error. 

Push the tailgate on the Ford truck

The pushing of the tailgate is necessary when you replace a rear signal bulb on the F150. Again, use hands during such procedures because the tailgates have such structures. 

You can unlock them from both sides, and they move downwards without any problem. The access of the rear lights becomes convenient with such activities.

The rear signal bulbs are on the tailgate compartments. You cannot access them when the door is upward. 

The approach becomes challenging, and the process leads to time consumption. Therefore, it is not beneficial for the performer because he can leave it without completion.

Balance the tailgate on a lifting stand, and you can also take the help of a friend during such procedures. The adjustment of the tailgate is necessary during the replacement of the rear signal bulb. 

Detach screws and bolt

Few bolts secure the rear bulb assembly, and you have to remove them. It is necessary to detach the screws with the screwdriver.

You can also use a bolt puller to detach the bolts from the assembly. It makes the tool lose, and you can hold it with the help of a friend. 

There are chances of a sudden fall, and you have to prevent this. Handle it through a smooth surface or ask a friend to hold it until you remove all the bolts. 

Discard the light assembly

In few situations, the light assembly does not fall off after the removal of bolts. Therefore, it is necessary to push the rear bulb assembly manually.

Apply a specific amount of strength on the light assembly and then pull those outwards. Next, grab the light bulb assembly in your direction, and then discard it.

Detach it through the discarding of other tools and then stabilize the system for further replacement. 

Move the old bulb in anti-clockwise.

Access the old bulb in the assembly and rotate it anticlockwise. Keep the rotations gentle, and there is no need to pull out the old device suddenly. 

Lose it inside the assembly and then discard it in the further steps.

Detach its seal

In few designs of the rear light bulb assemblies, the system comprises rubber seals. Therefore, you have to remove them to discard the system from the attachment points. 

Use a sharp tool and detach the rubber seal from various edges. Remove, and you can also discard the rubber material depending on its situation.

Remove electric connections

The electric wires connect the rear signal light bulb. You have to remove them by understanding their attachment layout. If there is a configuration of the clip, then unclip the electric wires. 

Detach the harness of electric wires that attaches to the base of the bulb. You can leave the old bulb with the electric assembly.

Detach both tools simultaneously from the system. You can discard them or keep them for repairing purposes. 

Remove the rear turn signal bulb

The old bulb remains lock in the housing of the Ford F150 rear compartment. The removal of such illuminating structures becomes convenient in various ways. 

You can unlock the bulb by rotating it anticlockwise. After that, it loses the bulb, and you can remove it with a single pull.

There is no need to approach the actual glass of this light bulb. Instead, you can rotate with your hands then discard it depending on your requirement. 

The detachment from the housing is necessary to secure the system for further installation. It also provides clearance to add the new tool in a similar adjustment space. You can do the same for the front turn signal bulb.

Adjust new bulb in assembly

The new assembly is necessary to install in these replacement procedures. You cannot add the new turn signal bulb in an old light tool. It can work for a similar purpose, but the efficacy is below than standard.

There are multiple chances of bulb damages and other sudden errors. In addition, it can lead to various road issues and sudden accidental situations. 

The accidental situations are life-threatening, and they also damage the structure. Moreover, the repairing prices are costly on the budget, and it is not a suitable condition.

Adjust the new bulb in the assembly and rotate it to lock the structure. Then, adjust it firmly before its installation in the spot.

Secure the new bulb

Insert the assembly with the bulb in the rear light section of the Ford truck. Align the tool, and push it inwards manually. 

Use an accurate size screwdriver and adjust the two bolts. Then, tighten them with the help of the appropriate tool. Never tight them over the standard limits, and it can damage the system and break the light bulb.

You have to repeat the whole process, and it is not a suitable condition. The process can reduce time and lead to money loss. 

Make sure the assembly is an alignment that makes the setup secure. In the non-adjustment, there are chances of sudden falling of the rear turn signal bulb and assembly.

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