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How to replace front turn signal bulb on Ford F150?

How to replace front turn signal bulb on Ford F150?

You can remove the broken bulb and add a new turn signal bulb in your Ford using these easy methods.

How to replace front turn signal bulb on Ford F150? You can replace the front turn signal bulb on Ford F150 by turning off the engine, remove the headlights, disconnect the electric wires, remove and add a new bulb, and secure the wires.

It is an essential part of the vehicle during driving. It lets you know about the next move of the vehicle on the road.

How to replace front turn signal bulb on Ford F150?

These turn signals are necessary to estimate in which direction you should move about other vehicles. Other drivers on-road can also assess your turn when you are driving.

These lights can save us from accidents and injuries. In most cases, these burn out due to various reasons.

Turn off the engine

Before starting the work, you should check the working of the gadget. Park the vehicle in a smooth and less crowded surface.

Determine which accessory is not working. When both are not working, then you should fix them from both sides.

Stop it on the parking brake and turn off all other electric appliances present in it.

Your safety comes first, so wear rubber gloves to start your work. You should never wear any expensive clothes and jewelry when dealing with them.

Remove its headlights

First, you need to locate it inside the headlight. You can read the complete manual to know how they are fixed at their place.

To remove it, you should remove the headlights of the pickup. To do it, open the hood of it and reach the inside welding of the headlights.

The bolts fixing it are screwed in place with a rubber seal. Take a screwdriver to remove the seal. The rubber seal is held at its place with the help of a screw.

Remove it and expose the headlights. Headlights are usually fit in its assembly. You should move them back and forth to pull them apart.

Again the headlights have 3 bolts to fix them together. First, remove the inside bolt of the headlight with the help of a screwdriver. Then remove the other two bolts at the top of it.

Pull out the headlights with your hands. Apply little force to pull them apart. Place them safely on the bumper or at the safe side to prevent scratches on the glass lens.

Disconnect the electric wires

After removing the headlights, remove the electric connections to the device. It is connected to two wires to get electricity.

These wires are held in place by a snap-fit or through screws. Check the electric cables to discard the possibility of any fault.

Remove them with a screwdriver and pull them away from the wires. Do not touch the bare ending of the cables. Mark the cables for identification. Follow the same step when removing the rear turn signal bulb.

Remove broken turn signal bulb

These parts are held in place in a socket inside the headlight. To remove it from the socket first, you should displace the socket from its side. Then try to move the light in an anticlockwise direction.

It will lose its grip on the socket. When you see it is free from any grip, pull it away gently. Slightly move the parts with your hands and check for any fault. You can turn off daytime running lights until it is fixed.

Install new bulb

Purchase good products, match the size material, and quality of it to the previous one. The installation process of it is reverse as you have removed it from its place.

Remove any grease or dirt from the socket with the help of a brush. Then apply any lubricant to it to prevent corrosion. You can also use this when adding a new Ford Emblem on the tailgate with this technique.

Fit the new light in the socket and connect the electric wires in the same order. Then place it on its respective side and start mounting the headlights. First, you should change it on the driver’s side and then on the other side.

First of all, fit the headlights in the assembly and attach it to the bolt with the help of screws. Use Philip’s screwdriver to place all three bolts on it. Then put the rubber seal on it.

Fit the seal properly on it by using bolts of the proper size. Close the hood of the vehicle after finishing your work. This will make your truck headlights better with more visibility.

Secure the wires

When you have adjusted them, never forget to test their functioning, you should schedule a test of all accessories after regular intervals.

Move the ignition of the vehicle, now switch on the blinker lights. They should blink properly and both at a time.

When you see any malfunction in it can be due to other reasons. You should adequately check each step to determine the fault.

You can also attach a voltmeter to get the voltage reading of them. It will ascertain that the device and wiring are intact. It should read 12volts reading on the meter. Connect it on both sides for proper testing.

How much does it cost to replace the turn signal bulb?

These products have a long life, and you need not change them frequently. You can do it quickly, and there is no need to visit any repair shop.

The overall cost of the replacement is around $40.The average price of a bulb is between $10 to $20.

It depends upon the material and quality of the accessories used in this process. Filament bulbs are durable and cheap. They can decrease the cost and also deliver good quality.

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