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How to Replace RV Refrigerator Thermocouple?

How to Replace RV Refrigerator Thermocouple?

Problems in RV refrigerators thermocouples are common and you can easily fix it by replacing the faulty product with the new one. It connected with the gas system of the refrigerator and prevents any gas leakage.

How to Replace RV Refrigerator Thermocouple? As a rule, you must shut off the electric and gas supply of the RV refrigerator. Remove the gas panel of the structure and store internal gas. Detach wires and replace the old thermocouple with a new one, and attach it to the meter. Adjust it inside the RV refrigerator. Modify and adjust the settings and take regular readings.

It provides information in the form of digital data. These readings are necessary for the regular maintenance of the device.

How to Replace RV Refrigerator Thermocouple?

Here are easy steps to replace the thermocouple of your RV refrigerator. Many people find it confusing and difficult; my suggestion is to follow these steps.

Cut the power supply of the RV refrigerator

The gas refrigerators also get energy through electric connections. Therefore, it is essential to cut the electric power supply during such activities.

You cannot leave a system on electricity because it can cause various accidental situations. 

The electrical connections of the refrigerator have plugs. Remove the plug from the control panel, and in this way, the device turns off. 

Never touch the internal machinery of the refrigerator after this activity. Instead, leave it for some time and then perform the steps. 

Turn off its gas

The system works without any disturbance, but replacement requires shutting off the gas system. First, access the gas line and then reach the valve. 

Shut off the gas valve, and it diminishes the gas supply. Next, keep the rotations clockwise to remove every trace of gas from the pipeline. Finally, unplug the connections from the electric box. 

Allow the refrigerator to cool

The constant flow of electricity and gas in the refrigerator makes it warm.

However, these conditions are not beneficial for any user because they can cause accidental situations. Leave the device for at least 50 to 55 minutes for proper cooling. 

The device comprises enough heat even when the performance is not sufficient. You cannot touch it without its cooling time. 

Access its gas panel

Access the thermocouple of the refrigerator. It becomes prominent due to the gas panel, and the ends are visible due to sharp edges.

The gas panel is present on the backside of the machinery, and it has a covering in the form of a gas panel. 

Clean the refrigerator and its parts

The presence and accumulation of dirt around the thermocouple are some of the leading causes of its failure. The dust changes into grease with time. 

Take an RV cleaner and spray it around the device. Then, wipe the dust and other greasy material with a lint-free piece of fabric.

Storage of gas

The cleaning process of these small devices can cause other damages. For example, a person can break the gas section and other relevant devices.

You cannot lose this gas because it is essential for the performance of a new thermocouple.

The process becomes frustrating, and you can lose money in such losses. Store the gas in another container temporarily. 

Detach its wires

Check the readings after the cleaning process on the gas pilot. Removal of the electric wires is essential from this tiny device.

You have to detach them to make sure about the absence of electric power. Use an opener for the electric wire connectors. 

Detach them from the middle device and pull them downward. Never detach electric wires from their connecting points permanently. 

Detach them temporarily from the blocking switch. A few of the devices have screws for their excellent attachment conditions.

Use a screwdriver and remove these screws one by one. Keep them aside and use them in the changing procedure.

Remove old thermocouple

Detach and remove the old thermocouple from the RV refrigerator. Discard it depending on its conditions. People prefer to change these devices when they fail to work accurately. 

There is no need to keep this nonfunctional tool. It can confuse about selecting the new installing device. Discard these structures by cutting both ends from the middle. 

Attach reader to new device

The reading meter provides all the relevant information on the standard performance. Therefore, make sure you select a high-quality device in such procedures.

Check the units of power in the form of ohms. You can perform this test by just connecting the leads of the device. Read the digital data, and you can also record it for confirmation. 

Attach the digital meter with the thermocouple directly. Connect all the electrical wires with this additional equipment. 

Adjust thermocouple

Adjust the thermocouple in the refrigerator. It is a tricky procedure, and you can also take the help of a professional technician. 

In few designs of the thermocouple, the structure comprises one end. For example, you can connect the ends of the electric wiring with one edge of the thermocouple. 

The negative and positive ends depend on the electrical configuration of this equipment. Attach the other ends of the electrical wires with the metal sections of the device.

Adjust its settings

First, restore the gas that you have stored in another container. In the absence of gas levels, the readings are negligible. 

Approach the setting section on the meter and turn it to the pilot mode. There is a light inside the pilot section, and it turns on due to the gas levels.

Leave the system on the ignition and allow the gaslight to turn on. Allow the heating of a sensor for at least 20 to 29 seconds.

It is a rough estimate of time, and you can press ignition during these seconds.

Allow the flame to burn and change into blue color. Then, insert the device at least 1 to 1.5 inches inside the burning flame. 

In case of errors, turn off the system once again. Then, detach the system and reinstall everything. The process requires accurate insertion for flames. 

Take readings 

There is a standard range of the reading meter, and it works on these principles. The average electric power reading is up to 24 to 26 millivolts. 

In those situations, when the readings are less, then change the part of the device. 

The compatibility of the unit is necessary for the balanced performance of the device. 

What is the average cost to replace it?

The average cost of an RV refrigerator thermocouple is up to $50 to $65. The labor cost includes up to $15 to $30 when you take professional help.

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