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How to Replace RV Refrigerator Door Panels?

How to Replace RV Refrigerator Door Panels?

RV refrigerator door panels have a variety of designs and costs. Here are easy DIY methods to remove them and add new door panels to your RV refrigerator.

How to Replace RV Refrigerator Door Panels? Replace the wood panels of the RV refrigerator door with pressure and detachment of clips. Insert the new woody panels with sliding. Replace the adhesive panels by scratching old structures. Add sticky material and paste it on the surface. Remove and replace the rubber lining of screw panels. Tighten screws and clips to stabilize the door panel on the RV refrigerator.

In the absence of these panels, the refrigerator doors are not safe. They can get scratches and cracks due to a lack of external support.

How to Replace RV Refrigerator Door Panels?

Start from the upper side of the RV refrigerator. Access a safe edge with no sharp boundaries. It is necessary to access the corner before removing it permanently. 

The corner of this structure comprises multiple clippers. They have an adjustment capacity with tucking.

Therefore, you can remove them with an accurate amount of pressure. Use hands-on the edges and apply pressure on the backside of the structure. 

Use a screwdriver with a flat end to remove the clip. Insert it in the safe edge and pull it outwards. Repeat this process at least 2 to 3 times. 

The wood panels slide-able, and they have one of the most convenient removals. Use hands for such sliding purposes.

Move the wood panel outwards. Take the help of a friend in case you have fewer handling capacities. Remove it and keep the refrigerator panel outside. 

Detach the bottom panel with the support of a friend. The woody panels of the bottom parts are heavier than the upper compartments. 

Detach it from its doors and keeps it aside. Then, you can use these panels in the future. Of course, it depends on the present conditions and other factors.

They have sliding installations, and they are quick. However, they remain firm in their adjustments spots. The accurate size panels are the best options to reduce time consumption. 

Insert the new wood panel on the surface. Tuck them in the edges accurately to reduce the movements. 

Add back the retainer clip and adjust it. Apply pressure and fix it in the original state. 

Replace adhesive door panel on RV refrigerator

The adhesive refrigerator door panels have challenging removals. They stick with the bottom surface of the door.

Access and approach a corner for the removal of these sticky materials. The corner comprises sharp edges that provide excellent detachment of these adhesive substances. 

You can use any kitchen or other knife to remove the sticky material. First, insert it in the edge and then pull it outwards. In the case of non-detaching conditions, push the sharp end of the knife inwards. 

Detach the panel with the knife and discard it. Always try to remove it in intact form.

Once you remove the edge and then handle it manually, peel off the panel slowly and keep the movements gently. It prevents the tearing of the adhesive refrigerator panel.

You can handle it with the support of a friend. Peel both sides of the panel together. 

In few circumstances, the adhesive material leaves paper patches. These are not suitable for the installation of the new panel.

Instead, remove the patches with a sharp tool and clean the surface. You can remove them with a cleaner as well.

Damp the piece of fabric in the cleaner and rub it on the patches. The adhesive material melts due to these cleaning agents. Next, wipe the surface and rub it with a fibrous-free and dry cloth. 

The absence of dirt allows the new adhesive material to stick firmly. 

It also attaches the panel with minimal errors. You can use any panel glue with brushes on this surface. 

Apply the adhesive material on the backside of the panel edges. You can also rub sticky material on the surface. The application of material on both sides secures the panel.

Start the fixing from the edges, and insert a one-panel edge in one corner of the RV fridge door. Paste in and rub your hands for excellent adjustment.

Method to replace screw panels on RV refrigerator

The process is suitable for those RV refrigerator door panels that have screws for attachment. But, first, turn off the refrigerator because the metal screws can lead to short circuits. 

Close the refrigerator and adjust the lock. Check and observe the handle to avoid free-falling of internal material. 

Access rubber security

The old panels have a rubber ling around them. It is a security tool to keep the material in one position. The edges remain safe after this rubber structure. Access these rubber linings for the removal of panels. 

Cut one corner of the rubber liner with a sharp tool. Peel and discard the structure and remove it. You can discard panels permanently because they are not useable. 

Remove its screws

The holding screws are present under the rubber lining. Removal of this structure provides access if screws.

They are multiple and have attachment capabilities. Use a screwdriver and unscrew them. Detach and discard them for detachment of panel. 

Remove its sides

The removal of the screws makes the sides of the panel unstable. Apply pressure and remove them from their spots.

Detach them and keep them aside for further use. You can also use new structures during the replacement process. 

Detach and slide the panel

Detach the panel with hands and slide these panels, and they have sliding abilities after the screw removal. They can move in any possible direction after such modifications. 

Move them in the forward direction. The process becomes convenient in terms of such movements. 

Attach and insert new tool

Attach the new panel on its door. Insert it inside the clean surface. It is a stability and organization step of the panels. You can modify structures during such conditions. 

Add screws and a new rubber seal

Add new screws in the already existing openings. Tighten them in clockwise directions with a screwdriver.

Secure the structure and then adjust the rubber seal. Finally, tuck it in all the edges and corners with enough amount of strength. 


Add clips to secure and stabilize the refrigerator door panel. Tuck them inside the corners for precision and control. 

4 Examples of RV Refrigerator Door Panel with its weight, size, and cost 

  • Norcold Refrigerator Bottom Panel – 5 pounds – 41 x 24 x 2 inches – $48
  • DOMETIC Refrigerator Door Panel Black Acrylic – 6 pounds – 36 x 24 x 1.9 inches – $60
  • Norcold Door Panel Set – 6 pounds – 12 x 8 x 1.5 inches – $55
  • Norcold Fresh Food Door Panel Fits – 5 pounds – 41 x 24 x 2 inches – $76

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