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How to Replace RV Skylight Cover?

How to Replace RV Skylight Cover?

Here are 11 easy steps to replace the skylight cover. It plays a vital role in bringing natural light to the RV.

How to Replace RV Skylight Cover? It is necessary to change the RV Skylight cover if you notice any damage or cracks. The cover can easily change by removing the old wrapping, sealant, and bolts. Place the new envelope in its place with the help of a new adhesive and secure it well with self-tapping screws. Add a layer of sealant in the dome line for more protection and accuracy.

The cover brings only an appropriate amount of UV rays so that the interior is not too scorching, and you can easily enjoy your ride in it.

How to Replace RV Skylight Cover?

The sunlight can enter the camper with the help of open space in the roof. 

The open space wraps with the help of a plastic cover. You can see this covering from the outside. It is vital to check the toping frequently and annually. You can reseal the plastic-covering regularly.

Components of RV Skylight

The covering has two components in the outer and inner portions. The inside contains an inner lining that needs to be check regularly for wear and tear due to moisture.

The inner covering is made of transparent color so that it transmits light and makes the interior brighter. 

 The outer cover is in a dome shape that you can see from the roof of the RV. It tightly fixes with the help of bolts in the ceiling. Both covering need different maintenance techniques.

The inner one should handle with more care due to humidity. The cracks can appear in it, so it must be check regularly around the corners for any break or leakage.

The split present in the screw holes of the inner liner needs replacement. The outer dome also damages with time why you need to check it one or two times annually.

You also need to check the sealant around the outer covering. No cracks or gaps present that allow anything to move inside it.

11 Steps to Replace RV Skylight cover 

 It’s easy to change the covering of it. There are some steps to change them that need to follow. 

Choose the correct sealants

 The first step to change the cover is to choose the right side of the dome. After selection of the right size, checks the manual to use the required sealant.

The sealant that refers by the manufacturer is most acceptable. You can read the guidance in the manual to buy the approved binder.

Scratch away the old cover

 The old covering needs to pull off This work can perform with the help of a putty knife.

You need to do this task carefully without damaging the roof. Without the assist of a putty knife, scratch away the old sealant that fixes the old covering in place.

After removing the adhesive, you can reach the area of the original bolt.

Unscrew the bolts

After removing the sealant, you can easily reach towards the screw. Remove with the help of a screwdriver.

These original screws are usually self-tapping. They can easily reuse so keep them safe for attaching the new cover in the place of the old ones.

Make sure that these screws are rust-free or not damage. If any damage occurs to them, then replace them with a new one according to the size of screw holes present in the roof.

Remove the outer covering of the skylight

The next step is the detaching of the dome. You can do this by pulling the dome-covering and using the knife to scrape it off from the roof.

You must be careful in this step because the RV roof forms rubber. The reason they are more prone to damage. 

Remove the old sealant properly

In this step, you need to scratch away the remaining sealant after the removal of the dome.

It is essential to remove it because of the proper attachment of the new cover in its place. You can utilize a rag and put some mineral spirit on the cloth. 

It can perform to remove the sealant. Use the right amount of mineral spirit because it can damage the roof also.

Remove as much sealer as possible it is essential for proper attaching of cover to the ceiling.

Cover up the old screw holes

You need to cover the former holes of the screw. The new dome has the exact fitting pattern as the old one.

You can use the sealant recommended in the manual of new covering. Add the thick layer of it in the place of the former screw hole to completely wrap the surface.

Fit the new covering of the skylight

You can bend the dome so that it can smoothen out and settle on the sealer. Try to attach the outer covering to the layer of sealant that you place in the skylight borders.

It is essential to hide away the old screw holes. Make sure that the dome forms a strong bond with the roof with the help of a sealer. 

Utilize the old screws

 You can secure the dome tightly by making new holes according to the pattern of the new cover.

Attach the self-tapping screws that you remove initially. It is possible that the new covering has the same bolt-holes.

For this purpose, purchase some new screws. You need to tighten the plastic cover with screws as tightly as it does not damage the outer-covering and roof.

In this tightening process, some sealant escapes out from the dome and screw hole. Clean this fastener glue with the help of some paper.

Cover up the dome lining

You can fix the cover with the help of a self-tapping screw. 

It is essential to add a thick layer of sealer to the outer lining of the dome-covering.

This step is necessary to protect the cover from any gaps and holes. It will save the covering from moisture and dirt.

Add sealant on screws

You can add adhesive on the heads of screws. It will protect the screws from outside air and humidity. In this way, the screws save from rusting.

Dry out the adhesive completely

It is vital to completely dry the binder so that there is no gaps or hole present in the lining. Double-check the sealant after some time.

After its completely drying off, add another layer of binder in it for more preciseness. After this step, you need to maintain your cover in clean condition.

Good maintenance techniques help the cover from wear and tear. The place from where the sealant is worn out or crack needs your immediate attention.

Things to consider when buying a new cover for RV Skylight

The cracks appear in the inside and outer side of the skylight. It is necessary to change it. While buying your new skylight cover, check its dimensions.

Measure the size and width of the roof-light dome and the rims where the bolts attach. You can easily find the new covers in the market. 

Type of skylight

Some of them fixed, ventilated, and tubular. While buying them, keep in mind the area where you travel the most.

The ventilated equipment is suitable for tropical regions.

The fixed one installs for the area of colder climates. Tubular work in all seasons without any fear of humidity. 

Material that makes the frame

Skylight attaches to the roof of the RV with the help of frames. It is vital to consider the framing size while buying it. The frame builds of wood, metals or vinyl, and aluminum.

Some frame builds of a mixture of these three substances. Vinyl and aluminum are the best choices because they can resist heat and maintain the temperature.

The wooden frames are more prone to damage due to humidity. 

The metal frames are also at risk due to rusting. These two frames must be check carefully and replace frequently. 

The perfect size of the skylight

 There is the need to choose the accurate size of your RV roof-light. The square and rectangle ones are the most preferable.

They increase the aesthetic appearance of your camper. Measure the area and then choose the cover of it.

You need to measure the width and length of the new covering and its flanges. It must be larger than the original one.

Additional features

The roof light is available with different features that increase the functionality. 

Some of the skylights also have a build-in curb. All these features increase their demand and acceptability. You can easily change the dome or cover of the roof-light without the aid of any professional. 

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