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Why Are Ford Trucks So Expensive? Facts You Should Know

Why Are Ford Trucks So Expensive? Facts You Should Know

The Ford trucks are becoming more expensive with time due to their excellent features. It becomes part of the competition race with different competitors.

Ford is trying its best to introduce the features which augment its high price and demand. The features like the best engine and speaker system, reliability, loyalty, towing, hauling capacity, and many others.

Why Are Ford Trucks So Expensive?

The ford trucks have become the most selling and famous in the USA and other countries like Canada.

The entire F series are selling in high number and becomes trendy. It is most famous due to the pickup ability.

Another is the limited trim feature, affordability, and depending on the hauling or payload capacity. This property is directly proportional to the price range, like high towing causing a high-cost level. 

Supply and demand rule

It describes the interaction between the seller’s and buyers’ resources and the interaction between the product cost and the buyer or seller’s willingness.

When price becomes increasing, the supply high, and the demands become low and vice versa. 

This rule can comply with almost all economic principles, and it is the fundamental rule which implies the goods, products, or services.

For supply and demand, time is the leading concern and affects both curves. Income variation results in a low or high quantity, which demands at any given cost.

The ford truck price becomes high, and its supply increasing affects the demand. This rule applies to price-conscious people.

Increased Labor cost

Your ford truck’s labor cost increases with time, which is the leading factor of enhancing cost.

Different automobile companies increase the average per hour labor cost from December 2019.

It includes several factors like health insurance, incentives, overtime, and employee wages. The estimated labor cost starting from 2015-2019 is around $50-$70.

The famous companies make their best effort to encounter these costs with time. They also make its focus on the material and supply cost to decrease it.  

Ford trucks last longer

These are reliable with standard safety features to timely warn the drivers regarding any fault.

It helps the drivers maintain the vehicle better before the problem causes further damage to any other system.

With proper maintenance and due care, these vehicles may require complete engine overhauling after running more than 2,50,000 miles.

Therefore, for an average driving the vehicle for 10,000 miles per year, life expectancy can be more than 25 years. 

Unleashed sound system

The new 2021 Ford model has the B and O unleashed sound system, which gives a comfortable and entertainment feature.

It contains two groundbreaking features like a headliner speaker in which sound immerse from each angle.

Another one is the headrest speaker in which near ear audio performance design for the driver and passenger seats. 

Brand loyalty

Ford is a brand that has loyal customers because of their best experience with ford products. Therefore, they keep on buying these trucks increasing the demand for them in the market.

They work as brand ambassadors for ford motor company as they narrate such vehicles’ best qualities before other people urging them to purchase. 

The leading reason behind such a die-hard loyalty is the quality and features.

To maintain that quality, manufacturers have to invest money in their production lines and perform several quality control checks.

Special towing capacity

These super-duty trucks are durable and hold a lot of heavy cargo. This ford pickup truck provides remarkable towing capacity depending on how you manage or configure it.

Ford F250 is a heavy truck with the highest payload capacity, around 4000-4229lb.

Each model has its peculiar properties like F450 has a high bed strength of approximately 6000 pounds.

Another model like the Ford F350 weight is around 6100 pounds and has the excellent towing capacity, and you can load your vehicle with available space.

It also gives the excess leverage to carry or tow the enormous weight of around 30000 pounds. The latest model comes with new advancements with exciting power.

Adaptive drive setting

The popularity of these trucks is because manufacturers give importance to the customer choice and provide features to facilitate the driving operation.

Electronic systems allow the driver to select drive settings according to his choice and road conditions, whether it is hilly, slippery, or plain.

This feature automatically controls the fuel to the engine, tire grips, and smooth operation result in better fuel economy and an excellent driving experience.

Another feature in Ford F150 is the presence of adaptive cruise control. It helps you set the cruise speed according to your choice.

It can use that value as a reference point during the cruising operation to control various engine parameters.

During that mode, as you adjust the cruise speed, the truck will self propagate without the need for the driver to pressing the accelerator.

All these advanced level features in the latest models of Ford come at the cost of increased vehicle prices. 


According to the 2018 consumer report survey, Ford’s reliability advance over time.

European automobiles have become famous, highly improves, and the most reliable vehicle in America.

One Ford Hybrid and the three nameplates like ford, mercury, and another retaining the best top-rank reliable vehicle start from better to the best grade.

Its sedan model also getting improvement with time from its first model 2000 to till gain advanced technology. Now, it becomes the most recommended and reliable vehicle. 

Good handling

These are easy to handle, therefore the first choice of drivers.

Due to their dominance in this market, they are easy to maintain parts are cheap, and plenty of workshops and mechanics are available markets to offer maintenance services. 

Truck owners do not have to worry about finding workshops or spares for routine maintenance matters like oil change, periodic replacement of parts, and corrective maintenance procedures.

Fuel economy

The ford series is best to optimize its fuel economy, and this feature also enhances its cost ranges.

The best fuel economy obtains through different factors like reducing the cold engine working.

These vehicle types have smooth and efficient acceleration and braking systems, which affect the highway speed and the off-road both.

It can also reduce excessive idling, which a factor to make it expensive. The ford model like hybrid fusion 2020, F150, and escape has the best and incredible fuel-efficient property.

The highway estimated mpg which show this best feature are the 30-41 or more.

Lightweight body construction

Most truck manufacturers consume or use various alloys, which enhance its fancy appearance make the truck body lightweight.

Aluminum use in Ford trucks nowadays has become famous, but some unwanted effects occur due to this metal using.

This metal cost is high rather than other metal, which enhances the price of the truck. The heat-treating method applies, which makes the aluminum alloy hard.

The advantage of it gives a dent-resistant and hard but light frame. The ford f 350 models containing the high-strength military-grade aluminum alloy. 

Excellent safety standards

The truck manufacturing companies try their best to enhance safety. It can achieve by the addition of the other driver-resistant advancement.

Sometimes the introduction of new technology is not an easy task that can affect the final value. It includes the brake, lane assist and parking, adaptive cruise control, and few others.

Due to the conventional properties, it is difficult for the seller to resale at a low value so enhance the cost range. 

This advancement is becoming better over time. The brake assists help to take an emergency halt when you try preventing the hit and run.

Various engine options

Ford provides various six engine options, which become pair with the 10-speed automatic transmission.

It also provides a better choice for drivers to choose from but has a slight variation for the same engine.

The horsepower and torque depending on the entry-level option. The 3.3, 2.7, 3.5L V6 generate differently, and torque and horsepower range like 290-230 horsepower and 265-266 lb-ft for the first one.

Lane-keeping system

The latest models of ford trucks come equipped with a lane-keeping system. As soon as you deviate from your lane, the rearview camera will warn you to drive straight in your lane.

Installation of a camera and its integration with the truck’s central computer and electronic system demands extra money.

Customers have to pay that cost to get this safety feature to smoothen their driving experience.

Better Wi-Fi access

When you travel or make delivery or transportation, entertainment is the best option, making your pleasant mood and avoiding the dull environment.

A Wi-Fi hotspot is a game-changer if you are in working condition or doing some enjoyment.

The Ford F-150 model year 2020 has this feature, and you can utilize it through far away distance, like 45-50 feet away from your truck.

The ford pass connects this offer available to you by this advanced f-series. It enables the driver to make the application installation and get better access to ford f150 remote features. 

Off-road package

Ford offers an off-road kit installed with your Ford F150 to make its operation safer for off-road or rough terrains.

The kit includes protective plates below the vehicle to protect the engine, fuel tanks, and parts of the transmission system.

It also contains better shocks to withstand heavy jerks and special tires for smooth driving on rough surfaces or sand deserts. Hill descent control is present for driving in hilly areas. 

This extra kit comes at the cost of around a few hundred dollars. Therefore, it can a factor increase the overall price of the truck compared to its regular model.

Boxlink system

The boxlink system defines as they contain four-lockable cleats made up of zinc and better flexibility and organization.

The four box link cleats mix up with the existing tie-down 4-hooks from the last model. The cleats have the best hauling and towing capacity both for the horizontal and diagonal load. 

Availability of LCD screen

Ford has installed a large productivity screen to beat its competitors in dashboard dominance.

This large touchscreen displays the various vehicle functions to the driver on several screens. Moreover, it can use to play multimedia options.

Other best information can fuel economy, trip mileage, climate control, and towing data of the truck.

This 8-inch display screen comes at a slightly increased cost of the newer models fitted with these displays for infotainment purposes.

Large wheels

Large clearance area under the vehicle and lifting capability offers truck owners to install larger tires with them.

Larger tires provide better road grip, best ground clearance to protect the engine, and excellent vehicle handling capability on the sand, gravel, and rough terrains.

However, retrofitting your truck with larger tires will slightly increase the overall price to a few hundred dollars.

Remote tailgate property

The remote tailgate features can control by the button depending on the key fob. It also has a lockable property which enhances security.

It is particularly effective when paired with the Tonneau cover. The loading and unloading become easy with this tailgate and step bars.

You can also secure your cargo with four premium locking cleats that prevent it from slipping around. 

The ultimate trailer tow camera system up-gradation gives extra coverage and vision. It creates a 360 angle from the front and rear to observe.

Limited trim features

These pickups come equipped with a variety of trim levels to provide different power and luxury options.

Limited trim is one of the 7-variants that have power and luxury combined in one choice.

It has a 450 horsepower engine, all view camera, leather seats, and other performance and operation-related features. 

However, all of these power and luxurious features come at a high price.

Purchase of a limited trim level will increase the cost of the base model to more than double. Therefore, you can enjoy these extra features if you can afford them.

Nice equipped

Ford offers a variety of options for buyers to purchase for his popular truck F150.

Each model has additional features from the base model to pay engine performance and customer comfort levels.

Each model has different prices depending upon the number of features and their nature. Performance-based features come at a higher price than luxurious ones. 

Therefore, customers can purchase the base model or other expensive models according to their operational requirements and affordability.

Bailout money

During the financial crisis in 2008-10, ford motors suffered a loss and received a loan from the government to support its operation.

Moreover, its shares in the stock market have excellent depreciation in their value. These all scenarios forced the company to increase the prices of its vehicles and trucks to support its operations. 

Due to the stoppage of production lines during the recession, the trucks’ overall supply has been reduced, and new models’ prices go up to maintain the demand-supply gap.

Guidance for buying

When you buy the truck, you should follow some beneficial guidelines and measure different aspects.

You have to observe the seating capacity and its arrangement, which tells you the spacious environment.

Next, you make observations that the truck beds at which rate accommodate your belongings like appliances, sod pallets, furniture, equipment, and many other heavy objects.

Engine and fuel economy like ford gives you the hybrid power train and its towing capacity, which creates high power and torque with that efficiency.

You can find the safety and handling measurement and technology advancement. 

Factory discount

Manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) and invoice are two different things.

When you buy your truck, you can face these terms. It describes the vehicle price, and MSRP enhances its perceived value.

Then, the manufacturing company gives the buyer an offer. It contains several aspects like a discount, reimbursement, plans, and main thing negotiation power.

With this heavy discount, you estimate that factory discounts give you the best opportunity to buy an expensive truck.

While buying, consider some points like do not rely on the sticker price because most people pay that price.

Like some of their variants have a sticker price of $40k, you have to reduce it below as $30 k. However, the high trim level will push up the high cost.

Competition race

The truck manufacturer makes the competition setting with their competitor. Although competition is the best thing, this race increases the demand.

The manufacturer tries their best to introduce the new excellent advancement which cannot match by the other.

However, the America top tier bread and butter 1/2 ton truck sector become massive define by dignity and uniqueness rather than capability.

Old Ford trucks are more famous

The old ford model becomes iconic with time and more expensive today. 

Like, ford’s 100 model, which becomes famous from all the f series due to its specific features like towing, hauling, and goods or services transportation. Many people want to buy Ford Highboy and they just love it.

It is quality and sentimental value that increase people’s attachment. In most cases, these are part of the restoration, but you can modify them on your standard criteria.

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