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Can You Put a Mustang Engine in an F150?

Can You Put a Mustang Engine in an F150?

Here are easy steps to put a Mustang engine into your F150. Replacement of the engine from one vehicle to the other can be an enjoyable task or become a nightmare if you are stuck at some points. 

Can You Put a Mustang Engine in an F150? You can put the Mustang engine into the Ford F150 to improve the engine performance. While installing it, you should know that some parts need modification because these are different in both engines. You can install it by uncovering the hood to disconnect the battery and radiator connection. Remove bolts and fixation plates, install the Mustang engine with the hoist and heavy chains. Re-assemble and fix the other disconnected parts at their place. 

These are best for sheer power, towing, fuel efficiency, or hauling. In this way, the Mustang engine is also available in various options with high credibility and efficiency. 

Things to consider before adding the Mustang Engine in the Ford F150 Truck

You can use engine swapping terminology for this activity. Like one vehicle engine replaces with the other vehicle engine but make sure its parts should compatible with each other otherwise cause an issue in performance. 


In modern engine swapping, wiring is a complicated process that you handle carefully. First, you understand the overall circuit, amperage, relays, and wire gauge.

These must be in the correct position, same as the changed engine; if you make an incorrect adjustment, it can cause a problem.

Headers of the Engine

It is best to modify the exhaust manifold. Mustang and F-150 engines have the same head and cams.

When mounting it, some other components can also cause a problem for you, like spark plugs, wire, and steering linkage. 

Torque Converter

You can solve the issue by conducting considerable research and planning for the system layout.

 In addition, you can get help and support from an experienced mechanic, so hire them to perform the torque converter component modification or installation.

Compression ratio

The compression ratio of the Mustang engine can vary according to its performance. Like chamber volume difference, heads of it can increase the compression ratio.

However, the high compression ratio is not ideal for highway traveling that affects the forced induction like hybrid motor have 10.1:1. So, the low compression ratio is the best solution to increase its performance. 


It is highly susceptible to corrosion and makes sure its service is in a routine. V8 and V6 engine designs are more robust, long-lasting, and suitable for sporty use. 

Appropriate measures and routine maintenance like use full synthetic oil, mild PCM tuning, and change the oil from intake give comfortable and high engine performance. 

How to Install Mustang Engine into the Ford F150?

When you install it in the appropriate method, its swapping can be equally reliable and durable. 

Uncover Hood to Remove Old Engine

 It is necessary to remove the old engine present inside the hood before the new Mustang engine installation. So, first, uncover the hood and bring up the old engine out of this hood. Then, you will be able to create the necessary space and connections needed for the new engine. 

So, the new machinery may not face difficulty in installation, connectivity, and operation. After removal, clean the hood thoroughly to avoid any future trouble. 

Disconnect its battery

After uncovering the hood, you need to disconnect all battery connections with the old engine. 

Moreover, if you do not remove these connections, then it may cause damage to the battery of your Ford F-150. Hence, carefully disconnect all connections of the battery with the old engine before its removal. 

Remove Radiator Connections from the Old Engine of your F-150

Furthermore, after removal of battery connections, now come towards the radiator of your Ford F-150. First, you need to find all attachments to the radiator. 

After locating these connections, now disconnect this one by one. 

In both cases, actively removing connections helps in its removal from its casing or hood, where it is present.

Later on, check this radiator and its compatibility with the newly installed device.

If this radiator is compatible with the new engine, keep it with you and use it as a spare when it is needed. 

Removal Bolts and Fixation Plates to Get Old-Engine Out of Hood

Furthermore, you focus on all nut bolts and plates associated with the engine to secure it in the hood after disconnecting the connections.

Remove all these bolts and plates fixed with the engine and hood. Remove all such components with extreme care so as not to damage the hood or casing.

Use Hoist to Bring out the Old Engine from Engine Hood or Casing

Removal of the engine from the engine casing needs the best care on the part of the mechanic. Do not bring it out manually by just using your energy. 

Make sure to bring the engine out through a hoist and heavy chains system used to shift and transfer a heavy object from height to ground or from ground to height. 

For this purpose, first, you need to tie chains with engine hooks carefully to avoid any mishap during the lifting and removal of the engine. Now lift this part through the hoist and remove it from the hood. 

Install New Mustang Engine into Your Ford F150

After removal of the engine from the casing, now tie up your mustang engine and put it into the engine casing through chains and a hoist system. 

Place engine carefully that its alignments are alright. 

Avoid misalignment inside the engine hood. After making sure it’s aligned, put fixation plates and bolts in their place. After tightening bolts and fixation plates, connect the engine and radiator with the battery supply. 

What Parts You Should Upgrade When You Put Mustang Engine in the Ford F150?

Mustang engine is similar to the Ford F150 engine, but some connections make these different. So, while swapping it modify some components like PCM tuning, check alternator location, wiring connections, intake manifold, exhaust system, and many others.  

Exhaust System

Its installation and removal is an easy process, so you do not need to put in the extra effort. 

However, while swapping the mustang engine into the F-150 truck, you need to upgrade it because these are dissimilar to each other. 

Intake Manifold

You can get excellent towing performance and more end torque in the Ford F150 engine due to the small intake pattern of the intake. 

The intake manifold replaces that compatible with the Ford F150 model to improve the torque and horsepower.

You buy it from a well-reputed source that is precision-designed and compatible with the standard manifold for the specified truck. Make sure of its durability and OEM performance. 

So, perfect compatibility can lead to easy installation by choosing it according to the pickup truck year and parts type. For installing it, first, you have to clean it properly with rags and a plastic scraper.

Then, to adjust and position the intake manifold on the lifter galley uses the silicone sealant. Then, fix the coolant crossover with the bolts and fastener. 

Since the F150 upper intake manifold is high than the Mustang’s, there’s a possibility it cannot fit under the hood.

Clutch and Flywheel

You should need a new flywheel and clutch according to the need. If you use the updated flywheel, you do not need to buy a new clutch because you can reuse it to improve the performance of your F150.

If the size of the flywheel is large, then 12 inches clutch is the ideal option. You can use a bracket, so screw it and reuse clutch connections. With this bracket help, you do not need any drilling. 

PCM Tuning

PCM tuning tells you about the optimal engine performance because it monitors the electrical aspects, compression ratio, air, transmission, emission control system, and fuel. Improper adjustment can cause difficulty in truck starting, performance, and stalling. 

So, get some information about it before tuning it. Then, when you inspect it, check its wiring and other connections. You have to match its position and connectors with the F150 compatibility. Make sure all you do is according to the need. 

Wiring Harness

Make sure that the wiring harness of both vehicles is the same or different. So that you do not have trouble while driving your truck, you should make changes as needed.

Electronic fuel injection system

However electronic injection system of the Mustang is quite similar to the Ford 150, but there is some significant difference you should understand. Although, it is still in working condition. 

Instead of a Mustang sequential injection, the truck intake stroke uses batch fire injection, which fires all of the injectors one side at a time.

Alternator location

It can be possible that the location of the alternator is different in both vehicles.

So, make sure that everything is fine and fits in its place for better performance. It collaborates with the battery to produce electrical component power. 

Cost of adding a Mustang Engine to an F150

It is difficult for you to decide the cost because each vehicle has different components and layouts. However, we can make an estimated cost of replacing the F150 engine.

Each part and component are available in various price ranges. It also depends on the body style and type of the vehicle.

For example, the average cost of adding the Mustang engine to F150 is around $5000 to $15000.

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