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How to Reset Adblue Warning on Jaguar XE?

How to Reset Adblue Warning on Jaguar XE?

The Jaguar XE is a famous compact car with a sporty design and luxurious features. It is safe for the environment due to the presence of the AdBlue system.

How to Reset Adblue Warning on Jaguar XE? You can reset the Adblue warning light on Jaguar XE by filling its tank with the appropriate fluid. Turn on the ignition after filling it and wait for some time to reset the system. The other method is to disconnect the cables or negative terminal of the battery while turning off the engine. Attach the cable again after a few minutes and check the screen. It is better to drain the old fluid and refill the tank with new AdBlue liquid. Reset the onboard computer system after filling the tank. 

It can reduce these emissions and make the outside environment safe for pedestrians. You should check its level on the dashboard screen to increase the engine performance.

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is the fluid-like material commonly used in diesel trucks, but nowadays, it is also available in some modern and latest cars.

It is the mixture of deionized water and urea to remove the harmful nitrous oxide emissions.

It is the diesel exhaust fluid that is injected into the exhaust system.

In addition, its tank is also present in vehicles for a continuous supply of liquid during driving. It is supplied in minimum quantity to the exhaust system.

What are the benefits of using AdBlue liquid?

The main advantage of this liquid is that it reduces environmental pollution and makes the environment safe for people and animals.

When injected into the exhaust system, it converts the harmful nitrogen oxides to the less harmful gasses that are not toxic to people.

Moreover, it is commonly used in heavy-duty trucks and cars that release more gasses during driving.

It is helpful to convert the nitrogen oxide to nitrogen and water due to its high temperature.

It has its separate tank and outlet, which supply this liquid in a measured amount.

How do you reset the AdBlue warning light?

I have added 3 different methods to reset the AdBlue warning light and resolve the issue.

Fill tank

You can turn this warning light off by filling the tank with this liquid. It is a simple and less technical process, and you can do it at your home.

The small tanks with various quantities are available at different service stations.

You can purchase these bottles and fill the tank.

You also have to check their levels during the filling procedure. The cars have a measuring gauge that shows the reading on the dashboard system.

Check the levels carefully because overfilling can create pressure and cause difficulty in their supply to the exhaust system.

You can find this option on the jaguar XE screen and then check the levels during the procedure. On average, 4L to 6L is enough if the tank is empty and you want to reset the system.

Turn on ignition

When the tank is filled with the fluid, turn on the ignition. Keep your foot on the gas pedal and hold it for a few seconds.

Do not start the car while doing this procedure and put it in parking gear. Engaging in parking gear is necessary for the resetting process.

Wait for sometime

After some time, turn off the ignition and leave your vehicle for 10 to 20 minutes.

Do not do any operations during this time because it can disturb the restoring procedure.

Turn on the ignition again and start your vehicle to check the warning lights.

The disappeared lights on the dashboard indicate that the issue is resolved.

Disconnect battery

You can easily do this without taking help from the experts or service centers.

You have to disconnect the battery from your vehicle’s system. Turn off the engine before disconnecting the battery.

Remove the negative terminals carefully by wearing gloves for protection. The negative terminal is indicated by a black or minus sign.

You have to carefully remove the battery’s terminals because contact with acid is harmful to your skin.

After removing the battery’s terminals, wait for a few minutes for restoration of the system.

Then, hold the negative terminal of the battery in your hand for some time.

Attach the cable with the battery by using a wrench. Fasten it in its appropriate position because loose connections also cause a problem.

Turn on your car and see the warning lights disappear from the screen.

Drain the fluid

You have to drain the old and impure fluid from the tank. When the impurities are present in them, you should change the fluid.

It is an inexpensive liquid, and everyone can afford it easily.

However, you also have to change the liquid when it expires and becomes damaging.

Drain the tank in this situation to get rid of any further damages. Then, take your cars to the service centers for appropriate removal of old, impure, and low-quality fluid.

Do not turn on your engine because impure and incorrect liquid can damage the other components.

Refill the tank

First, you have to locate the AdBlue in your car before refilling. It is present near the bonnet or diesel filler caps.

You can use the anti-spill nozzle to add the liquid to the tank and decrease the chances of spillage. You can also use a funnel if you do not have an anti-spill nozzle.

Open the cap and put the funnel on its surface for the appropriate addition of liquid.

Reset onboard computer system

You have to reset the onboard computer system of your car after filling the tank for accurate reading on the screen.

Reset this system by turning off the ignition and disconnecting battery terminals. Then reconnect the battery after some minutes.

Now dashboard is clear, and no warning lights are activated on the screen.

What is the AdBlue warning light?

This warning light turns on due to different reasons or inappropriate functions of the system.

It is the combination of three lights on the dashboard screen to make people aware.

The activation of these lights warns the drivers that there is some issue in the AdBlue system, and you have to resolve this issue.

It is the computerized system that detects the problem in this system and, as a result, turns on its lights.

When does the AdBlue warning light turn On?

The warning lights appear on the screen due to different reasons. However, you should not ignore these lights in the Jaguar XE because the wrong fluid can increase the risk of damage.

Low levels of fluid

The yellow light will appear on the screen to show the lower level of fluid in the tank.

It indicates that the tank is not empty, but its levels are low.

Therefore, you should refill them to turn off these lights from the dashboard screen.

If you are not refilling the tank, this yellow light eventually turns into red color. The red indicates a dangerous situation means that you cannot start your car.

If you turn off the engine, the vehicle will not start again due to an empty fluid tank.

Therefore, you should take your car to the nearby refilling station to resolve the issue.

The safety feature makes you aware that you should avoid driving without exhaust fluid.

The issue with the delivery system

Sometimes the service engine light also appears with this warning light.

This is because it shows an issue in the delivery system of this fluid.

It also comes when you use incorrect or low-quality liquid in your cars.

You have to attach the diagnostic tools with a computer system to read the error codes in this situation.

These error codes help diagnose the exact problem.

Inappropriate working of sensors

Sometimes the sensor of this system is not working appropriately due to the accumulation of nitrogen oxides.

The inaccurate working of sensors cannot supply the fluid to the exhaust system for the environment’s safety.

You have to clean the sensor and then reset the system to work correctly in this situation.

How long does AdBlue last in Jaguar XE?

The longevity of AdBlue fluid depends on the power of the engine.

For example, it can last for 7000 miles to 8000 miles if the engine is 182hp in your Jaguar XE.

It is equipped with a 16-liter tank for filling this fluid.

In addition, it also provides extra 1400 miles to 1450 miles when the tank is near to dry.

Moreover, its use also depends on the fuel consumption of your vehicles. The use of this fluid increases with the consumption of fuel.

On average, 1 liter of this liquid will last for about 500 miles to 600 miles without any issue.

How much AdBlue does Jaguar XE take?

The AdBlue tank in Jaguar can easily take 3 liters to 4 liters of fluid. The refilling method is easy and also takes less time.

You can fill the whole tank in about 10 to 20 minutes.

It is necessary to check the reading on its gauge for the safety of different components.

It is also essential to check the levels to protect from bubbling issues.

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