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What is Mercedes A-Class Seat Comfort Package?

What is Mercedes A-Class Seat Comfort Package?

Mercedes A class is a famous small family car in America. The latest model of this vehicle comes with a seat comfort package to electrically and manually operate the seats.

What is Mercedes A-Class Seat Comfort Package? Mercedes A-Class seat comfort package comes with improved seating to increase the comfort level. The seats are power adjusted for movement in all directions, including up and down. It also has lumbar support, angled cushions, and a headrest to provide more support during driving. It is also comfortable in cold climates due to a heated system. 

It is an expensive car, but you can purchase it if you want a comfortable and relaxed journey without getting tired.

What’s Included in the Mercedes A-Class Seat Comfort Package?

This package makes the interior of your vehicle cozy and comfortable. In addition, these are also good for old age people because of enough space for legroom.

Improved seats

This package adds comfortable seats to the Mercedes car to increase their demand in the market. People check the quality and features while purchasing a new vehicle.

These are soft and smooth, which are better for long road trips. In addition, you cannot get tired while sitting on them for a longer time.

The driver also feels comfortable while driving because of the comfortable environment.

The tired drivers cannot drive properly due to uncomfortable sitting posture. Moreover, their quality is also good, maintaining the resale value.

These are also easy to clean due to accidental spillage of hot and cold drinks.

Height adjustment

Height adjustment is also a feature in various models of Mercedes A-class. The driver seats are height adjusted which is beneficial during driving.

Drivers can quickly lower or raise them for a comfortable driving position. You can also maintain its height to increase the grip or stability of the power steering wheel.

In addition, it is also good to increase the visibility from the front mirror. It also improves the visibility of the blind spots to decrease the risk of frontal collisions.

You can also adjust the passenger seat to maintain your comfort level. You have to set them at a particular angle ideal for good visibility.

Increasing its height can also reduce the visibility of the rear-view mirror. The height adjustment provides up and down movement, and it is also suitable for movement at all angles.

Angle adjusted seat cushion

These small cushions are present on seats to make them more comfortable, relaxing, and soft. These are present on both the front and rear sides for a comfortable journey.

These are filled with air or foam to make the seats soft and cozy. You can also increase the length of diver seat cushions for thigh support.

The thigh support is best for long road trips to make them less tiring. Moreover, these are also beneficial to increasing the height for a better view from the windshield.

It can also help increase the support and make them thick and soft. In addition, these are also easily removable and washable.

You can move them at any angle according to your comfort level. These are also helpful in providing a good sitting posture.

These cushions are also suitable for providing a reclining angle for relaxation.

Lumbar support

Lumbar support is the essential component present at the bottom end of the seats. Therefore, it is suitable for drivers who are frequent travelers.

This sports package is suitable for off-roading trips because of lumbar support. In addition, it can extend the lower side and make you comfortable while driving.

Moreover, you can also drive on bumpy roads with this support. It can correct your sitting position and protect you from all injuries.

It is a wedge-type material that supports your lower back during driving. 

The company uses long-lasting and good-quality foam in a cushion so it cannot become flat and thin.

In addition, it also has two straps to adjust them at their specified position and prevents their sliding to the lower side.

Comfortable headrest

The headrest is present on the backside of the seats to make them comfortable. This component is also made up of soft foam-like material.

These are present on the driver and passenger sides. You can easily relax your head on this support system after getting tired.

In addition, it is also good when you are feeling sleepy during the trip.

You can easily relax on this component to take a short nap.

The drivers also feel relaxed and less tiring while driving on poor terrains.

You can also take a rest for some time in the cars by parking them at a safe place.

It is a safety feature that can also decrease the risk of injuries during the sudden application of brakes.

Many people find this feature unpleasant on the front rows because it can block the visibility from the front side.

You can also detach this component from the front side to enjoy the views during road trips.


Airbag installation makes these vehicles safe and secure. These are balloons like inflated material that open in case of accidents or collisions with other vehicles.

Its airbags are located on the front and rear side seats to make them safe for the driver and passenger.

These inflated cushions can reduce the risk of injury in a frontal crash.

The driver airbags are present on the onboard system for their quick working.

You have to check this safety feature before driving to decrease the risk of damage.

Federal law states that you cannot drive your car without this feature.

The sensor of this system can detect the emergency and open the plastic bags for the passenger’s safety.

It can also decrease the number of deaths during accidental cases. The airbags provide amazingly ideal safety for drivers.

Heated rear seats

Heated seats are an extra comfortable feature in your car. The front and rear rows have this heated system to warm up the interior.

This system supplies warm air through the fabric to maintain the temperature. It is best for driving in cold climates.

People living in the cold area prefer to use this luxurious model for their comfort.

It provides warm air to the whole interior and keeps them warm.

In addition, you can also turn it on while driving on snowy and winter days. It can easily make your trip cozy and comfortable during the winter season.

The leather becomes cold and dry in cold climates, which is problematic. However, you can turn on this system to resolve the issue.

It is connected with power cables for its appropriate working.

The heater switch is present on the dashboard, and you can quickly turn it on and off according to the environmental conditions.

When was the Mercedes A-Class seat package launched?

Mercedes A-Class cars were launched in 1998 with luxurious features. Moreover, the companies are updating these cars with new technologies continuously.

The addition of new features ultimately increases their demand in the market and makes the best one.

This seat comfort package was launched in 2019.

Is the seat comfort package available in all trims of Class A Mercedes?

The class A car has two trims, including A 220 and A 220 4MATIC. A 220 is the basic trim level, and A 220 4MATIC is the advanced trim with a high price tag.

A 220 model does not come on the market with a comfort seat package. However, it has upgraded infotainment and safety features.

2020 4MATIC has this package with power-adjustable front rows, folding seats, large space for headroom and legroom, and supportive cushions.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed about 431 people in America to take their reviews about the Mercedes A-Class seat comfort package.

Out of 431, 225 people (52%) said they are delighted with this trim because of its comfortable and relaxed seats.

147 people (34%) said that the addition of this trim makes the Class A Mercedes costly.

The 59 people (13%) said they prefer the safety features more while purchasing the new cars.

One of its buyers said, “It is a fantastic feature, and I do not get tired while driving due to lumbar support and seat angle cushions.”

Another buyer mentioned: I was looking for these soft and comfortable seats for a longer time and finally found this in Mercedes.

The third buyer said: The height adjustment feature is best, improving my visibility from the front windshield.

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