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How to Install a Brush Guard on Ford F150?

How to Install a Brush Guard on Ford F150?

Brush guard protects the Ford F150 from accidents, particularly headlights, and gives your truck a stylish look.

How to Install a Brush Guard on Ford F150? In general, you can install a brush guard in Ford F-150 by fixing the lower bracket in the inner side of the bumper. Now fix the upper brackets, hold the brush guard, place it into the holes, and secure it with nuts and bolts.

The cost of a brush guard is around $120 to $225, and its cost of installation is $1000 to $ 1150. It takes time of almost 2 to 3 hours in installation

How to Install a Brush Guard on Ford F150?

I have added easy steps to add a brush guard on your truck. First, you take three sockets from 10mm to 21mm and a wrench to loose and fasten the nuts, screws, and bolts. 

Purchase a new device from the hardware store according to the size and requirements of your Ford150. Purchase them after measure the dimension and size of your truck.

You will need a grill guard assembly, lower mounting bracket, upper support bracket, spacer, and double nut plate.

The other parts include hex cap screw, flat washer and split lock washer, cupped washer, and flange nut.

Park your truck at the safe side from where you can work comfortably, and wear safety glasses. 

For Ford F150 Model 2006 to 2008

Remove two tow hooks and also two fasteners. Next, pull the nut plate out from the frame, and do the same process on the other side.

Now take a nut plate and set it in a position that is in front of the frame. Now fit the lower bracket on the nut plate with a long bolt split washer and flat washer in the frame.

Next, install a new bracket and its notched portion slide between the frame and flat washer. Also, add them on the other side of the truck.

Now you take the upper part of it with its two pieces and bolt them to the backside of the frame.

Now fix the bolt with the flat washer, split lock washer, then nut inside it.

First, you secure the lower four fasteners of the grill guard with a bolt, and add a second large flat washer, split lock washer, and nuts.

I usually use a bolt of 10mm and a flat washer with a split lock washer and nuts for the upper bracket. After keeping all hardware in its place and tighten our fasteners. 

For 2009 Ford F150

Brush guards have a structure similar to the cage that covers the front side of the vehicle. It also protects the truck from tiny bushes.

With factory tow hooks

You should remove factory tow hocks and keep them in a frame. First, add the bottom bracket of the grill guard, and then you can tow the hooks by using factory bolts.

Use the bolts to fix, and line up the second end of it with the bumper hole. Fix bracket by using a bolt in its frame.

Without tow hooks

You cut the bumper plastic carefully by heating the blade with a heat gun. Next, turn it towards the driver side, cut them, and take a bulk plate.

Two holes are present in the bottom of each frame and slide the nuts over these holes into the frame.

The bottom bracket of the guard fixes into the bottom of it and tightens the bolts. Next, fix the frame to the tab and installs it with black bolts.

Align the other side of it with the bumper in the hole and use black carriage bolts to install. Tighten the bolts by pushing the loop, and its lines up with the headlights.

Model 2010 to 2015 Ford F150

Remove the license plate and its bracket by moving out the clips that present into the bumper.

Now put it between the factory frame plate and black bolt guide plate to fix it flat in front of the frame horn. Finally, tighten it to the frame horn and installed it correctly.

For the 2011 Ford F150, the air deflector removes by cutting, and it installs again when fitting the brush guard.

Cut the sheet outside the frame, and use a bolt to attach the bracket to the inner side of it. Long angle iron bracket fixes tightly in front of the factory body.

The front frame hole to the inner side of it and aligns it with the bracket hole. That provides strength to them, and fix the bolts by hand in it.

Check alignment of the bolts, tighten it, and recombine the air deflector. Finally, attach the license plate by relocating it with an above bracket to the punch plate.

For model 2016

If two hooks are present, remove them, and if not, then cut the plastic.

Secure the brush guard with bolts and tighten them. Align bolt to the grill guard and tight. The tow hook is present between the metal bumper and front frame.

The rear bolt keeps metal plates in place with nuts. Slide the tow hooks back so that it removes easily, and place the tow hooks on the lower brackets.

When using factory bolts, you should set the tow hooks between the bracket and its frame. Then, fix the bolts loosely so that you move them.

Lift the brush guard and add a washer, nuts in it. Add remaining hardware by rotating bumper. Now adjust the position of the grill guard and tightens all bolts and nuts. 

For model 2017 

Take out the parts of the brush guard from the box and check that they are corrosion-free.

Cut the bumper plastic with the cutter when the tow hooks are not pre-installed in the truck.

Remove the already present tow hooks and place bracket, and secure them with nuts. Next, remove all the bolts and hardware from the grill and attach them in front of a bumper.

For 2018 models

Pushing out the plastic cover from one side, remove 21mm studs, and do the same on the other side.

Hold the bumper firmly before releasing the bumper bolt so that it does not break.

Now take out the bumper from the front and remove the 13mm nuts from the back of the bumper to insert the top bracket.

Fix the top bracket on both sides by using a lock washer, flat washer, and bolt.

Now lay down under the vehicle, remove cover around tow hooks, take it out using 15mm sockets, and repeat this on the other side.

Fix the lower bracket with the factory bolts and readjust the bumper with 21mm nuts on both sides. Place the brush guard in place and tighten it with bolts.

Why would you install a brush guard on the Ford F-150?

Brush guards not only protect your truck from collisions with other vehicles but also protect your vehicles when animals hit them.

In addition, they protect you and other pedestrians from road accidents. Finally, during low speed, they save your truck from crashing down.

It gives a rugged look to the Ford F150. It varies from size to size and comes in different shapes and varieties.

These are present far away from the bumper area in old models, reducing the aerodynamic drag effect.

Does brush guard damage your truck?

The brush guard does not minimize the repair cost, and it is the same as replacing a broken flashlight.

It protects the Ford F150 from low-speed accidents, and in a high-impact collision, it causes loss. This is because they are made up of metal material and cause drastic damage to other vehicles.

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