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How to Unlock Jeep Grand Cherokee with Keys Inside?

How to Unlock Jeep Grand Cherokee with Keys Inside?

Many people forget their manual and remote keys inside the Jeep Grand Cherokee due to negligence. In such conditions, other techniques are effective for bypassing the locks. 

How to Unlock Jeep Grand Cherokee with Keys Inside? You can unlock the jeep grand Cherokee with the keys inside by using a mobile application, with the assistance of a locksmith, removing the soft top, a rod to push the door handle, using the tennis ball technique, tapping with a hammer, and open the trunk with a flat tool.

A few people break their windows to enter the SUV in emergencies. But, the repair cost of glass windows is high.

You can use non-damaging techniques to enter the passenger cabin when the keys are behind the locked doors. A few procedures are time-consuming and can take up to 20 minutes. 

Unlock the Jeep Grand Cherokee through a mobile application

U-connect is a specific application that can regulate the door locks of an SUV. You can download it on your smartphone and connect with the multi-media of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

With the U-connect application, you can start the engine for your Jeep Cherokee without using the key. Furthermore, the application can regulate the headlights and horns. 

Download the app from the authentic portals and program it into your smartphone with the help of a dealer. To install the app, you require a specific subscription for uninterrupted usage. 

You can connect and use it with a particular account and username. In such circumstances, open the application on your smartphone and press the settings to unlock the SUV. Then, open the menu of your SUV and find the privacy features. 

In these tabs, press the option of unlocking. Then, open them while the keys are inside the passenger cabin. 

Take the assistance of a locksmith

Few people lack bypassing skills, and they approach the quick and comfortable ways to unlock. In such circumstances, you can contact a professional locksmith. 

However, the locksmiths are experts with adequate skills and the required equipment to unlock the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Yet, it is an expensive method because the locksmiths charge you around $55 to $105 for these procedures. 

The cost varies according to the garage distance, the SUV model, and the complexity of the lock systems. On non-working days, the locksmith charges extra dollars for a similar procedure.

With minimum complexity, it takes around 12 to 14 minutes.

Remove its soft top when keys are inside

A few trim levels and models of the Jeep Cherokee have a soft top according to their manufacturing properties. Jeep Grand Cherokee XJ is a 2-dr and 4-dr compact model with 4WD and a soft top.

The slight removal of the soft top is one of the cheapest and quick methods to open the locked entrances. For the approach, inspect the roof seams and find a loop. 

From a gap, you can push a small hook inside the cabin. You can make and maintain a gap between the roof and the frame of the SUV with a sharp and thin hook.

With the hook, you can bring out the keys. The procedure takes 10 to 20 minutes with repeated efforts and multiple failures. 

In addition, you can access the view through window glass and press the buttons to unlock the sunroof.

Rod techniques to push handle to unlock the Jeep

It is a less common method because the incorrect use of a thin rod can damage the frame. For the procedure, select the thin rod to unlock the jeep Cherokee. 

You can purchase slim Jim, which is a high-performance tool. It can penetrate inside the frame without surface damage.

 It is a non-abrasive tool with an air-filled bladder. A pump can fill the air in the bladder and penetrates the doors. 

Then, push a rod between the glass and the door frame. Now, approach the internal handle of the door and push it with the rod. 

Keep the movements slow because sudden push can damage the surface of the handle and frame. 

Unlock the Jeep through the pressure of a tennis ball

Young drivers use this method to unlock their SUVs when the manual and remote keys are in the passenger cabin. Take a standard tennis ball and make a small round hole on one side. 

For the hole, use a sharp tool that can penetrate the hard surface of the tennis ball. Now, adjust the hole in the direction of the door lock. Now, fix the hole on the keyhole and apply a specific amount of pressure.

As a result, you can generate a particular suction inside the keyhole that can push the unlock button. It is not a supporting technique for all the trims and models of the SUV.

Utilize the Hammer method

It is one of the most famous DIY methods to open the locks of your SUV within 5 to 7 minutes. With the hammer, you can crack high-quality locks. 

In these procedures, increase the visibility of the lock to protect the frame from sudden damage. Then, adjust the hammer on the lock and tap.

However, keep the tapping slow and aligned to protect the surface. Keep tapping the lock until it pops out from the mounting spot.

Use a screwdriver and remove the screws and pull off the door panel to access the cabin. You can repair the broken locks within 15 to 20 minutes with professional help.

Open the trunk with a flat tool

It has a specious truck with an average area of around 25 to 26 cubic feet. However, you can open the Jeep Grand Cherokee by entering the trunk. 

It connects with the module of the SUV with a push button that mounts on the instrument panel. You cannot access the button with locked doors.

In these conditions, approach the rear side of your SUV, remove the screws of the license plate and keep it aside. Then, adjust a thin hanger from the bottom side of the trunk and push it towards the latch. 

Once you approach the trunk door latch, push it 1 to 2 times and open the trunk. Next, enter the cabin by folding the second row of seats. Then, press the buttons from the passenger cabin to unlock the SUV.

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