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How to Stop RV Windows From Rattling?

How to Stop RV Windows From Rattling?

Sometimes RV Windows start to vibrate and produce rattling noise and it can make you uncomfortable.

How to Stop RV Windows From Rattling? The rattling in the window happens due to the loose glass and frame of the window. You can fix it by adding glazing tape and gasket around the mirror and seal the edges of frames. The flexible sliding screen can improve by adding new anti-rattle clips. You can also add new run channels around the RV window glass to prevent rattling.

How to Stop RV Windows From Rattling?

There are different reasons why your RV windows start to vibrate and make disturbing noises that can easily distract the driver and make its driving experience awful. 

The looseness in the glass of the RV window

Sometimes rattling occurs due to the presence of loose glass inside the window frame of the RV. While traveling, the glass starts to vibrate and produce irritating noises.

Adding the new glazing tape and gasket

The primary reason for the damage of the rubber gasket is the excessive heat coming from the sunlight.

In addition, the glazing tape that secures the glass with the window’s internal frame loses its functioning due to the presence of gaps.

You can fix it by removing the old gasket and glazing tape and adding the new one in its place. For this purpose, you need to purchase a black double-sided glazing tape and rubber gasket according to its glass. 

Clean the whole area by using some glass cleaner. Next, detach the glass from the frame by using a razor blade scraper. After that, remove the old double-sided tape using the scraper and some adhesive remover. 

Attach the new double-sided glazing tape on the top and bottom of the internal frame assembly of the window. Now add the glass in its place and attach the rubber gasket around it.

You can also add some sealant on the edges of the glass and the rubber gasket to make them more secure and airtight. 

 Replacing the run channel in the sliding window

The loose glass of the sliding window rattles due to the damaged U-shaped channels that run throughout the track.

The primary function of these channels is to secure the mirror in its place tightly. These run channels are available in different shapes. You can choose them according to the configuration of your old run channels. 

Removing the old one

It would be best to have a scraper, a cleaning rag, and some scissors for the replacement process. First, remove the old U-shaped channels from their track with the help of a scraper.

You can also remove the bumper stops that prevent the window from moving too far back in its track. 

After its removal, you need to make some adjustments to prevent

the glass from falling behind because these run channels are the only structure that holds the glass assembly in its place.

Next, you need to clean the area of old run channels with the help of a damp rag that can easily wipe the dirt and debris from the track.

Installation technique of run channels

You need to calculate the length and height of your old run channel and use the new one of exact dimensions. 

Measure the perimeter of the window frame with the help of measuring tape. Now add the new run channel from the sliding point and cut the area of drainage holes on them. 

When you reach the endpoint of the window frame, cut a little extra length for the precise sealing of the space.

After that, slide the window glass in the forward and backward position; it will further press and secure the run channels in their track.

The loose window frame

It is essential to regularly inspect your window frame to prevent them from rusting and making clattering noises during traveling.

For this purpose, you need to discover the location that rattles a lot. First, touch its frame with your fingers and slightly press it downward by applying some force.

If the frame starts to moves from its place, it indicates looseness in its attachment points with the wall of the camper.

A thick layer of sealants around the frame

You can quickly treat the problem of the loose frame that causes excessive rattling in the camper by using silicone-based sealants. For this purpose, use a putty knife or a sealant gun to add them to the frame’s edges. 

You can also fix this on the front driver and passenger side sliding windows using the same sealant.

First, you need to remove the glass using a flat-blade screwdriver for this process.

After that, remove the rubber seal, add a thick layer of sealant on it and refix the seal to its place. 

Broken anti-rattle clips

It also occurs due to the excessive vibration of the loose screen.

These screens are present on the front of the glass to protect the driver from flying bugs and pests. 

The sliding screens fit into the window track with the help of anti-rattle clips that hold the assembly in its place and prevent them from striking with its glass due to the continuous vibration of the camper while driving. 

Due to damage anti-rattle clips, the screen loses its track and starts to strike with the glass and cause excessive noises.

You can fix this it by adding new clips on the window track. They are economical, with an average cost of about $7 to $10. You can easily replace anti-rattle clips without the help of a professional.

Fault in the RV window knob

The plastic roller moves out of its track if someone turns them too hard or drives on a bumpy road. 

When this roller moves out of its track, its glass becomes insecure and starts to produce noise in the RV. 

Modifications in the plastic roller assembly

You can treat this problem by fixing the roller in its place with the help of bolts.

For this purpose, you need a cordless drill machine with a suitable drill bit, some bolts and nuts, a Philips screwdriver, and a wrench. 

Now remove the rivets from the plastic rollers with the help of a drill machine.

It will help if you line up the rollers on its tray before adding bolts and nuts in the place of the rivet with the help of a screwdriver.

Next, clean all the shaving using a rag and put the screen back in its place. Finally, test the procedure by turning the plastic roller to open and close your crank window.

Make sure to close these windows with the help of rollers while driving on the road to prevent any mishap of glass breakage. 

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