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How Much Does it Cost to Replace an RV Shower?

How Much Does it Cost to Replace an RV Shower?

The RV bathrooms are a fantastic facility to bathe in moving home. The abundance of water supply and all these features like an RV shower make it a luxurious journey.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace an RV Shower? The average cost to replace the RV shower is approximately $125 to $520. The design and qualities of the RV shower determine the exact price of the process. They can range from $145 to $315, and the rates enhance due to the addition of lights and automatic features.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace an RV Shower?

The precise gadgets and expert instructions can help a person to replace an RV shower. A person can change the devices in less time than a plumbing person due to all knowledge.

The average maximum rate to change it without any support is up to $50 to $100. The addition of a new bathroom faucet or shower parts can lead to $90 to $700.

It also depends on the selection of these parts. The low prices of the side parts can reduce the cost of changing processes instantly. You can also alter it from $45 to $70.

Minimum cost

The minim cost to replace it depends on the availability of machinery and other gadgets. The process minimizes in terms of rates due to expert support.

The minimum rate to change an RV shower is up to $12 to $20. It happens with the presence of the head and faucets.

If you have to buy such things, then the average minimum price is up to $20 to $55. It also minimizes the lower height conditions. The price ranges from $18 to $49 due to a lack of machinery requirement. 

Maximum cost

The maximum cost to replace is approximately $40 to $80. It enhances due to the addition of upgraded and fancy devices.

They require more technical installation, and you must have accurate gadgets. The maximum average price of the replacement reaches at least $68 to $110.

The instigating factors are contributors of prices, and a procedure gets complex. The addition of luxurious items is the owner’s choice, and it is an optional thing. 

How much does a plumber cost when he replaces an RV shower?

The plumbers are efficient in replacement of the RV showers within 1 to 2 hours. The professional expertise makes the procedure convenient, but it expands the expenditure.

The plumbers have additional charges than the process machinery. The average rate of a plumber is approximately $70 to $175.

It can vary according to agreements and concession policies. You can convince the plumber to reduce the replacement rate, and it can make a difference of at least $20 to $25. 

Metal tool for head removal

The metal tools are essential for the removal of the shower head. There is no other accessory that can remove the head section.

The skipping can cause dangerous effects, and pulling generates accidental conditions. It is not a beneficial thing, and people arrange the metal tools for such a purpose.

The average cost of this tool is up to $46 to $55.

It can enhance due to variations of design that require more effort. The addition of equipment can increase the price up to $15 to $45. 

New RV shower head

The vast range can enhance the price up to dollars, and the average minimum price of a showerhead is approximately $30 to $49.

There is a middle range of cost in terms of the design and performance of the showerhead. The average price of this tool is at least $65 to $130.

They include stylish products with a fantastic front. The average maximum cost of the product is approximately $160 to $170. 

Water heater

The water heaters are essential things to warm the water. However, these are expensive tools and enhance the cost of the process.

The maximum price of an RV water heater is up to $900 to $1100. It can warm at least 9 to 13 gallons of water, and the minim cost of these heating devices is approximately $600 to $780. 

Dispensing parts

The water dispensing devices are essential to separate the fresh water from wastewater. These things keep the passages away from each other with built-in features.

They are providers of soap and shampoo with individual properties. The average cost of these soap providers is up to $20 to $56.

The fancy and stylish gadgets are expensive because they add to appealing features. The process of a luxurious and attractive soap dispenser is $50 to $120.

Water pressure control devices

The pressure control devices are regulators of such setup. They handle the water flow and adjust with the faucets. In few cases, all of these things arrive in one packaging.

They are cheap tools with maximum advantages, and you can buy them from authentic websites. The average cost of these water pressure regulators is $15 to $40. 


It is a cost-effective thing, but the shower tape is separate. They are costly in few cases, and modification enhances the price.

The maximum rate of this tape is $28 to $49. They have sealants for adhesive properties. The vast materials are expensive and range up to $69. 


It is a cheap product with maximum stability. The high price of shower thread is $16 to $19. 


A ladder is an expensive gadget during such methods. The price of such uplifting tools is up to $90 to $115. The cost can vary according to manufacturers. It can lead to $200. 

Cleaning towel

The cleaning towel during the replacement of a shower is a necessity. These are cost-effective and have various sizes. The minimum price of the cleaning towel is $7 to $12. The maximum rate is $18 to $22. 

New pliers

The new pliers offer maximum attachment properties. They have fixing and other such features. They are cheap than any other gadget during such procedures. You can purchase a pack of pliers for $5 to $8.

Is it expensive to replace the RV shower?

It is not a costly process until you add the luxurious items. 

The plumber charges according to the procedure, and they never take additional money. It is not a time-based method, and you have to pay according to the deal. 

How to reduce the replacement cost?

You can reduce the replacement cost through these features. They instantly decrease the amount in dollars. 

Availability of local shower head

The local products are cheaper than fancy ones. You can decrease costs through this process instantly. Arrange a showerhead even when the plumber does the replacement. 

Use hired tools

The hiring of the ladder and other such machinery can reduce the replacement cost. Use the hired material instead of new stuff. It helps to reduce the process rates up to $20 to $30. 

Use Professional instructions 

The professional instructions are beneficial to change it at a low cost. The amount settles in half of the original amount due to such techniques. 

Preventive measures

The preventive measures include maintenance and protection of the RV shower. The less damaged parts mean the fewer prices. 

Avoid the internal cracks and damages of shower fixing position. It can lessen the procedure cost up to $40 to $45.

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