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How Much Does it Cost to Tow a 18 Wheeler?

How Much Does it Cost to Tow a 18 Wheeler?

The 18 wheels can break due to high weight and lack of maintenance. In addition, the un-drivable 18 wheelers require towing, and it costs you hundreds of dollars. 

How Much Does it Cost to Tow a 18 Wheeler? An 18 wheeler’s towing costs between $80 to $275 per hour, and it varies from one wheeler to another. It is an expensive procedure and costs you around $800 to $2750 from one port to the other port. Also, the legal companies charge the towing cost between $5 to $8 per mile schedule.

The total bill depends on the distance specifically because it includes the time and miles accordingly. The selection of a towing package is suitable because the owner remains informed about the whole process. 

Around 20% to 45% of people use these towing facilities with refunding policies.

4 Examples of 18 Wheelers with their towing cost per hour, per 10 hours, per day, per month, per year

Name of 18 wheeler Towing cost per mile Towing cost per hour Towing cost per 10 hours Towing cost per day Towing cost per month Towing cost per year
Kenworth $3 to $5 $80 to $130 $800 to $1300 $1920 to $3120 $57600 to $93600 $691200 to $1123200
Volvo semi-truck $5 to $7 $160 to $270 $1600 to $2700 $3840 to $6480 $115200 to $194400 $1382400 to $2332800
Peterbilt $8 to $9 $170 to $240 $1700 to 2400 $4080 to $5760 $122400 to $172800 $1468800 to $2073600
MAN TGX $4 to $8 $180 to $275 $1800 to $2750 $4320 to $6600 $129600 to $198000 $1555200 to $2376000

Kenworth semi-truck is a heavy-duty wheeler with 18 tires. It has fantastic transportation ability and provides comfort to the drivers. 

The new vehicle requires towing equipment and other vehicles for their movement. Therefore, the selling portals offer various policies and toeing policies. 

On average, it costs you around $1920 to $3120 per day. Calculate the differences or ask the representative according to your requirements. 

Peterbilt 18 wheeler is a massive vehicle and helps to move heavyweights from one spot to another. The average towing cost of stable and new Peterbilt models are around $4080 to $5760 per day. 

In these conditions, the companies do not charge for hours or according to usage. Therefore, they have no concern about your utilizations of these equipment and facilities. 

In those situations, when you hire the labor for a day, the charges are according to this pattern. You need to pay all money, but the options of refunding are also available. 

Volvo semi-truck is a stable and attractive trailer truck. It is a popular and demanding vehicle with several facilities. The legal authorities in the United States of America cost you around $3840 to $6480 per day. 

You can break the package on per miles and per-hour basis. The companies help the customers with various options. They have supportive behavior and guides about the process.

MAN TGX is an attractive wheeler with eighteen tires. Few of the tires are part of the truck section, and others are on the trailer part.

They require towing in accidental situations and even when someone buys them. On average, it costs you around $4320 to $6600 per day.

They also have per mile and hour packages. But, again, select it according to your budget because it may cost you a fortune.

What is the maximum and minimum cost to tow an 18 wheeler?

These are heavy vehicles and require special equipment for towing. For example, the maximum cost to tow an 18-wheeler is around $160 to $180 per hour.

The severe accidental conditions increase the total amount. The multiplications of dollars happen in the package when the distance increases other than the agreement.

The minimum cost is around $80 and $130 every hour. It is a costly procedure and also depends on several surrounding factors.

You can select a better package for the new vehicles. Few companies shave their standard limit, but you can consult the representative according to your situation. 

If the distance is less than one mile or hour, then charges can change. 

You can break the total amount into sections by dividing the distance with particular values. 

What is the average cost per mile to tow an 18 wheeler?

It is a low-cost range, and you can get various price policies. However, on average, any legal portal costs you around $3 to $9 per mile.

It depends on the distance between the vehicle and the relevant destination. Therefore, it can increase or decrease according to the situation. 

People select them according to their requirements. 

What is the towing cost of a18 wheeler in different conditions?

The heavy-duty semi-trucks go through various accidental conditions. 

Damages happen inside the engine compartment, and all of it results in a failed performance. The towing of the vehicle is one of the best options to resolve such technical problems. 

Engine failure 

In case of engine failure, the vehicle cannot move on the roads even a few miles. It requires towing equipment to reach the mechanical help.

It depends on the distance of these mechanic workshops. 

On average, they cost you around $55 to $75 per hour. 

The charges increase accordingly, but you can settle them in the agreement. To its maximum, it can reach up to $130 per hour. 

Faulty brakes

The towing facility in case of brake failure also requires the support of other equipment. The legal charges for such provisions are around $60 to $75 per hour.

 It also depends on the other facilities of that specific area. In those situations, when the wheeler is far away from the workshops, then the charges are high. 

The maximum cost for such procedures is around $81 to $95 every hour. You can also settle the agreement per mile. 


In case of accidents, the severity of the problem determines the towing process. The shattering of parts and technical damages require professional assistance.

The support of expert people helps in towing the broken parts. The carriage costs include in the package.

The charges increase from the standard ranges. 

On average, in case of accidents, the portals cost you around $100 to $105 per hour. It also includes the costs of assisting equipment. 

The distance and involvement of material can add $2 to $3 every mile. 

Tire damages

The damages of tires occur due to inappropriate installation and excessive use. Few of them stops working at any point on the road. 

As a result, the equipment takes part in the overall process. They cannot move on the road smoothly despite towing vehicles. 

They require proper control, and you need specific material for the process. The average cost to tow these wheelers is around $64 to $78 per hour.

It increases in exceptional conditions and bargain results in stable packages. These are suitable for the owner and driver in emergencies for towing a semi truck.

Why is it expensive to tow an 18 wheeler?

Yes, it is an expensive procedure because it involves such heavy semi-trucks. In addition, the method is not easy, and it involves multiple people.

The weight of the vehicle is one of the most significant factors to make the process costly. It raises the overall price range by several dollars instantly. The addition of weight on the trailer section determines these costs every hour. 

The involvement of labor for the control and assistance makes it expensive. The team comprises technical and professional people to gather the broken parts. The process becomes costly due to their salaried on every task.

The law of enforcement also compels the companies to charge such high rates locally. These are expensive packages because of the company allowance. Moreover, governmental agreements take part in the procedure. 

Poor maintenance results in several damages at any point. It originates problems that require expensive solutions. 

They can decrease them according to their connections and negotiation policies. The high charges are not advisable by the government, but it is costly despite these guidelines. 

What is the margin to negotiate in the towing cost?

There are two significant ways to negotiate the towing cost of any semi-truck. First, the driver knows the severity and consequences of the problem.

In few situations, these vehicles are new and require transportation to a particular destination. In these cases, you can consult various companies and negotiate the total toeing cost per hour.

You can turn it into smaller sections as charges per mile. Few of them offer moderate rates according to the distance.

In other situations, you can use a middle person and reduce the total prices. Use a high-performance service with the complete package. Take time and discuss every point of the agreement.

The other way of negotiation is a request or pleading to the towing representative. Pay the total amount and ask for a refund.

Also, request them before even paying a certain amount. In this way, you can get a discount of $5 to $10 every hour.

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