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How to Turn Off ABS Light on a Jeep Wrangler?

How to Turn Off ABS Light on a Jeep Wrangler?

ABS lights are warning indications on the Jeep Wrangler dashboard display to identify the mechanical and internal faults of the anti-lock brake system. In addition, you can use OBD II scanners to troubleshoot its internal problems.

How to Turn Off ABS Light on a Jeep Wrangler? You can turn off the ABS light on a Jeep Wrangler by resetting the module, maintaining the fluid levels, replacing the broken speed sensors, disabling the ABS, inflating the tires, and changing faulty fuses.

A malfunctioning anti-lock brake system affects the performance of brakes and produces loud frictional noises. By the following methods, you can power off the warning lights. 

Turn off the ABS light by resetting the module and computer system

Jeep Wrangler is a 4WD mid-size SUV with an identical brake and traction control mechanism. It prevents slipping and rolling of the jeep wrangler on wet roads. 

Due to a faulty traction unit, the warning sign blinks in the display center. The modules of the ABS are a computerized control system that can handle the speed and traction properties. 

The internal programming and codes change due to incorrect utilization and electric surges. As a result, it triggers the sign, and the module requires a reset. 

For this purpose, remove the positive connector and terminal of the battery and stop the power supply. Then, press the brake pedal and drain the electrical power of the SUV. 

It can reset the module by removing the old codes. Then, reconnect the positive terminals, restore the current, and stabilize the power supply. 

Adjust the level of fluid to turn off ABS light in Jeep Wrangler

The fluid of the ABS can evaporate due to internal heat. The high temperature causes leakage and drops the standard levels of lubricant. 

The built-in sensors of the module detect the dropping of fluid. In such conditions, they send signals to the control unit, and a warning light appears. 

You cannot drive a jeep wrangler with a reduced lubricant because the brakes lose their work efficiency. Top up the fluid level and remove the light from the display center. 

For filling procedures, park the SUV on stable ground and wipe the dust particles from the reservoir’s cap. Collect the debris in a separate container and pull off the cap.

Add the fluid in the hose up to the standard limits. Then, re-adjust the cap, move clockwise, and tighten it in the mounting position.

Replace the wheel speed sensors to turn off ABS lights

A wheel speed sensor sends the input signals to the controls of ABS. It detects the fluctuation of speed on different roads.

Its connected CPU malfunction due to surges and a load of current. In these conditions, it changes the codes, and they send false information to the ECU (electric control unit). 

You can resolve the problem by resetting the computer. Turn off the electric supply and remove the problematic codes. Finally, you can pull the clogged and contaminated speed sensor. 

Approach the ABS sensor on the wheels of the Jeep Wrangler. On the front wheels, they are present near the rotors. However, they are inside the housing for the rear wheels.

Access the holding screws and remove them with a screwdriver. Then, unplug the electric cords and pull them. Install a new valve with bolts and screws. Attach the electrical wires and stabilize the power flow. 

The estimated price of the wheel speed sensor is around $60 to $67. The average replacement cost of the speed sensor is $116 to $140. However, the labor charges vary from $55 to $70. 

Disable the ABS system

Sometimes, the light appears due to the mixing of codes in the module of the jeep Wrangler. In these conditions, you can disable the anti-lock system for a few minutes to reset the codes and remove the light. 

Read the manual of your SUV to assess the disabling procedure. Then, open the settings of your controlled module and select the brake portion. 

Then, push the disable option and turn off the system. You can disable it by removing the speed sensor from the system. 

Unplug the module for around 5 to 10 seconds and reset the internal information. Then, reconnect the module to stabilize the performance of the brakes.

Inflate tires and turn off ABS lights

Jeep Wrangler uses ABS to monitor the pressure of all four tires. However, the system lacks built-in sensors to detect the fluctuation of tire inflation.

It provides correct information about the rotations of wheels on different roads. In addition, due to the low pressure of the wheel, the light appears and indicates a drop in inflation. 

The design, shape, and diameter of the tires change. Moreover, under-inflated tires spin at higher rotations than stable wheels. 

As a result, the SUV becomes unstable, and the faulty code triggers a sign to troubleshoot the inflation of all tires. 

You can remove the blinking light by inflating the tires. Also, maintain the pressure of wheels according to the standard specifications of the SUV.

With the maintenance of tire pressure, the light disappears. Also, you can drive the SUV at different speeds with the alignment of tires with the steering wheel. 

Replace the broken relays and fuses

The ABS has a specific fuse box inside the engine. You can find it on the passenger side of the SUV. The built-in fuse controls the electric flow and monitors the surges. 

Electric fluctuations in the circuit and excessive current drainage can damage this fuse. As a result, the ABS loses its performance, the brakes malfunction, and a light flashes on the dashboard.

A faulty fuse cannot send the correct pulses to the control units. In such circumstances, the SUV undergoes sudden tire slip, which leads to severe accidents. 

Multiple gadgets in one circuit can drain the current, and overloading blows the fuses. With the following method, you can replace a blown-out fuse inside the fuse box of your Jeep Wrangler. 

Open the hood compartment and identify the fuse box according to the instructions in the manual. Then, hold the cover manually and remove it from the mounting point. 

Read the manual and mark the ABS-connected fuse. Then, turn off the power delivery inside the system and remove the anti-lock blown fuse. 

Then, plug a new and efficient fuse in a similar spot. Push it inside the socket and turn on the battery. It removes the sign from the dashboard and delivers stable electric pulses to the brakes.

An ABS-connected relay can break due to internal cracks and excessive pressure. In addition, it can damage due to incorrect installation and loose connections. 

As a result, it cannot support the brakes and require replacement. In the hood, you can find the relay box.

A fuse box is a fusion of relays and fuses. Examine the burnt switch and remove it from the ABS. Then, alter it with a new option and connect it to the module through electric wires. 

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