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How to Turn Your Truck Bed into a Pool?

How to Turn Your Truck Bed into a Pool?

The bed of the pickup truck is vast, and you can turn it into a pool. This sounds very interesting and unique to swim at your place.

How to Turn Your Truck Bed into a Pool? You can turn your truck bed into a pool by measuring the size, using plastic bags, vinyl elastic bags, portable inflatable truck pool, fix it properly, fill it with water, and secure it with nuts, bolts, and brackets.

It costs around $110 to $250 to convert the truck bed into a pool. Just follow the guidelines mentioned here and you can do this at home with these DIY methods.

How to Turn Your Truck Bed into a Pool?

In this article, we have explained detailed steps for converting a truck bed into a pool. You should choose a pickup with a more significant body. It should have a wide area and a strong base. The suspension of it should have an extreme strength to lift the load.

It should be 5 to 6 feet long and wide. This bed can comfortably accommodate a family in it. Otherwise, compact vehicles can only afford one to two people in it.

It should be capable of withstanding the weight of many gallons of water and people. You should have a heavy-duty engine in your automobile.

Tools Required

Gloves, goggles, nuts and bolts, brackets, plastic stripes, plastic bags, vinyl sheets, measuring tape, plastic tape, and scissors.

Use plastic bags as a truck liner

After selecting the vehicle, choose something you can use as a protective layer. Plastic bags are the most suitable option for this.

Use wide plastic bags for this purpose. The plastic bag should have enough thickness and durability.

Measure the length and width to cut the plastic bag according to its size. A Cut piece of 12 to 13 gallons is sufficient for a pickup.

After cutting the plastic bag, place it on the bed, and line up with the edges. You can use some suitable adhesive to line up the plastic bag with the walls and bed. After applying the glue, leave it to dry for some time. If you have converted your pickup into a hybrid, you can use the same method for it also.

Use Vinyl elastic bags

Nowadays, despite a simple plastic bag, thin vinyl flexible liners are very popular. These liners Just simply fit it by pulling them apart.

These liners have two basic sizes, 6 feet for small pickups and 7 feet for a big vehicle. These liners remove and do not cause any damage to paint. This bag also has a handy valve through which you can drain all the water from it quickly.

Portable inflatable truck pool

This is the most widely used portable pool for the truck. You can purchase it from the market. It is available in different brands with different features.

It is available in 66 inches long 62 inches wide and 21 inches high for small vehicles. It contains two air chambers through which you can fill easily. When you fill air into it, gets inflated and becomes a piece of big-size equipment.

It is durable and doesn’t damage the paint, it is made up of thick material.

This material can make it intact in its place. It lasts for approximately 5 to 6 years. Just measure the weight of Ford F250 when buying this product.

Fill it up with water

You can fill water in it with hose easily found at your home. Fill it with tap water with a hose. You can also fill it with purified water when kids, too, are swimming with you. Filling the bed is a long process, as you have to fill approximately 1 ton of water in it.

You can also create more depth by increasing the height of liners. This won’t be a simple task, but you can do it when feeling adventurous.

Always fill it after parking at the target site. You cannot fill it and drive on the streets. It is illegal in many countries.

Always drain water from this after swimming and look for any leaks in it. The leaky liners can make it rusty.

You can remove water from it using a suction pump. It takes a few minutes to do it. Draining water manually is a very tiresome process. You should know the average weight of Ford F150 for better results.

Add supporting brackets to seal it

After filling water, you need to fix the liners and inflatable pool containing gallons of water. Use a high quality supporting bracket to seal it.

Supporting brackets are made from different materials like metal wood and plastic. These brackets keep it in place, and water does not seep through it.

Add nuts and bolts

Previously people use rope and cords to fix it in its place. The rope and cables are not safe to use.

You can also use nuts and bolts to fix it in place. They set it accurately, and it lasts long. It is the cheapest way to do it at your location. But it has a disadvantage that nuts can make holes in the liner.

Add plastic stripes

It is the most convenient way of doing the procedure. Plastic strips have their one side adhesive so that it can stick to any surface. These serve to protect the inner parts and make the equipment works for an extended period of time.

Place the adhesive coating on the inner part to fix it firmly. Non-adhesive stripes are also available along with some adhesive material. These stripes are cheap as compared to other products and work better in many cases. You can easily find them at online stores.

Enjoy the summer

Enjoy swimming, totally isolated from the crowd. Stay there until you want to stay in it. No one Is here to stop you.

Enjoy your summer without getting worried about personal hygiene. In public swimming places, there are a lot of germs, and you have to take many precautionary measures like gloves, masks, and sanitizer.


You can take it wherever you want. Drive the vehicle either to the beach site or some greenery area.

You can also fill it up in your backyard when you are in the mood to stay home. Enjoy seaside parties and barbeque by driving it to a nearby sea.

An outstanding feature of it is its low cost. You can build it at a low price. When you do not have a big villa, it is the most suitable option.

You can own your personal hideout in this way. It gives you safety and privacy with your family. It is also easy to maintain.


It is filled with gallons of water. After that, people add more than they can afford. This burden put pressure on the automobile.

Driving it with load is difficult for the driver. Always see for complete specs of the pickup that how much weight it can carry easily. Arrange the vehicle according to the number of people.

It can cost a lot to the safety of humans, especially kids. The kids can get inure or slip from it quickly. Driving it through the street can be harmful to your neighbors. Driving it is also a crime ad you can get a severe punishment for this.

The suspension can get many cracks due to the load in it. The paint can get damaged because of the persistent water In it. Sometimes the water eeping into the engine gets to mix up with fuel and reduce its performance.

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