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Cool Things To Do With a Truck Bed

Cool Things To Do With a Truck Bed

Every pickup truck has a metallic bed on the backside, which is used to carry different stuff from one place to another. Apart from transferring goods to another place, you can use it for many purposes.

Cool things to do with a truck bed include converting it into a camper for traveling to different areas. You can use the back as a workplace, create an office setup, or sell various food items like a mobile food truck. In addition, many people use it as a pool to have fun in the summer. Furthermore, you can modify it into a mobile garden to grow different plants or even sell goods in different places.

Following are some unique and cool ideas you can use to make the truck bed useful.

Convert to a camper

Converting a truck bed into a camper is beneficial for us in many ways. First, it will give a personalized space for spending the night on your journey towards your destination. 

You can keep all the valuables and vehicle spare parts securely in a camper shell. I will also protect you and all other accessories on rainy days.

You can convert it into a camper by using different camper shells. It all depends upon the accessories you want and the budget.

Camper shells are available in different materials like glass and aluminum shells in the market. In addition, they come with different designs and features like window placement and small racks.

When you want a cheap solution, use a tent to cover it. Measure the height, length, and width of the truck bed and select a tent of the same size. 

Then place bed matters to sleep comfortably at night. Then fit the tent on the vehicle back and fix it with the help of adhesive tapes and screws.

Convert to a mobile restaurant

You can use the truck bed to run a food restaurant to start a new business. It does not only give you a sense of adventure but makes you financially stable. 

To run a food vehicle, first, you should have a permit or license from the respective authority of the country. Then, you can open a restaurant, fast-food chain, or simply a coffee bar using the pickup bed.

Just collect these simple accessories to start your own small business like outer frame, cooking tools, gas cylinder, AC, a hood, a slab for cooking and, a gas burner.

You can use a wooden or metallic frame to close the open ends of the truck back. Its length and width should exactly match the bed. Then hire an electrician for electrical wiring of the pickup restaurant.

Then you can install two openings for the window to serve the customers and fit AC in the frame. Then place the gas burner and other tools on the slab and start your new mobile café.

Convert truck bed to a pool

When you are not traveling, convert a pickup truck bed into a pool in hot weather. Then, you can enjoy a pool party with your family and friends at any place or even can move it to other areas.

To convert a bed into a pool first, you should consider how much weight your vehicle back can bear. Water can put a lot of weight on the pickup. You have to consider the no of people that can go inside it.

You can convert the vehicle back into the pool using different methods. Covering the back with a plastic sheet is a cheaper way.

You can take plastic bags, join them together, and spread them on the floor. Then wrap it on the outer walls of the back and fix it with adhesive glue. Then fill it up with water and enjoy your party.

In markets, different inflatable pools are available to use in the vehicle.

Use as a workplace

Conversion of vehicle bed to a workplace is an excellent idea for entrepreneurs who also like to travel. It allows you to explore the world besides finishing all the office work.

In addition, you can take your colleagues with you and continue working on your project during traveling.

It is a simple task to convert it into a small office by adding some furniture in the back.

You can add a small desk or side table to the vehicle back. Add some electric wiring and attach them to your laptop. Place all the papers, pencil boxes and, all other accessories on the table.

You can cover it with a metal frame to close your workspace. Then, attach the electric wires to the battery to turn your laptop and lights.

Use it as a concert stage

A musician who wants to attract an audience of different places can use this idea. For example, they can start a singing concert and advertise their new music band to other people.

It is easy to set up and money-saving because you need not rent a specific stage or hall for performance.

First, gather all music tools and attach different lightings on the sidewalls of the truck back. Then, connect the electric wires of the musical instruments to the vehicle’s power source.

Paste your musical logo on the walls of the truck to attract people. Then park it in any crowded place and start singing with your crew to have great fun.

Mobile market

It is another innovative idea that any person can use to start a small business. You can convert it into a moving shop of anything to sell all the kinds of stuff. You can sell groceries, clothes, shoes, or anything you like.

You can provide home delivery of different goods to people in other areas and earn money. First, estimate the stock of the goods and the truck bed space to do this. Then display all the goods on the floor by placing them on the benches.

You can add different drawers to display different stuff. For example, to show clothes, attach hanging tubes, and display clothes to attract customers.

Such a setup will minimize the expenditure by eliminating shop rent costs.

Mobile garden

A farmer can use this idea to convert it into a farming place. You can grow any vegetable, plant, or flowers in this place. You can add different plants on the bed and create a refreshing feel in your backyard.

You can grow different vegetables and sell them in the market or provide door-to-door services. Planting in the pickup is a simple task and, you can do it on your own.

First, gather the fertile soil that you can spread on the bed. Then bury the seeds of vegetables you want to grow.

Water them regularly and add fertilizer to them to grow fresh vegetables. After ripening, you can sell them in different areas.

Use it as a storage compartment

When you are not driving, the vehicle is standing idle in the garage; use it as a storage compartment.

You can make different drawers in the truck bed to create space for multiple things. In addition, it will provide a dry and dust-free place to store all the valuables.

You can add sliding drawers in the back of the vehicle and approach all the things easily.

When you store small and delicate items, create small drawers of equal sizes. Place everything separately in them and mar every drawer to identify the things.

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