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How to Turn my Truck into a Hybrid?

How to Turn my Truck into a Hybrid?

Here are 10 steps to convert your truck into a hybrid to get rid of the problem of fuel in the truck. These are mostly used in the transportation of luggage and for covering long distances. The engine is massive, and due to this, it consumes extra fuel.

How to Turn my Truck into a Hybrid? Yes, you can convert your truck into a hybrid by adding a hybrid engine in your truck, installing a hybrid battery, connect the wires, adjust voltage, and setting up a charging plug. The hybrid truck does not use fuel and is also friendly to the environment. The hybrid trucks turn ON and OFF with the power button.

The new vehicles are expensive because these have advance technologies. In this article, we have explained the whole procedure in easy steps.

How to Turn my Truck into a Hybrid?

The demand for hybrid vehicles is very high. Consequently, it is an excellent chance for you to convert your simple truck into a hybrid. You will easily maintain your pickup daily or weekly without any high cost.

You will need a screwdriver, safety glasses, gloves, socket wrench, voltage tester, wiring harness, electric motor, hybrid engine, drilling machine, hybrid battery, torch, and rachet.

Take off the internal panels from the trunk

The first step is to remove the internal panels from the trunk of the pickup. There are panels in the back where the extra tire is present. You should first take off these inner panels to make a place for the equipment. For installing new wiring in your vehicle, you must have to remove the internal panels.

There will be clips attached to the panels. Therefore, remove the clips with the help of a screwdriver, after removing the clips, pull them out slowly. The big clips are also present below the panels. Therefore, you should open the clip by placing the screwdriver under the panel.

After removing panels, if you see the dust in the trunk. Then, clean the dusted or rusted area. It is recommended that you should wear safety gloves and safety glasses while working. You should not pull off the panels harshly.

Take out the truck battery

There will be high voltage terminals, after removing the battery, take off the voltage terminals cautiously. The voltage terminals may comprise high current, and this may injure you. Therefore, you should wear safety gloves before disconnecting voltage terminals.

It is recommended that you should turn OFF the engine while disconnecting the voltage terminals. You should check the flow of voltage with the help of a voltage tester.

There is a simple way of removing it. There will be a locking screw, first, remove the locking screw with a socket wrench. First, remove the negative clamp with a socket wrench. After this, remove the positive clamp with the help of a socket wrench.

Place the hybrid engine in the truck

You should replace the simple engine with the new engine. Remove the belt that is attached to the alternator. Then, remove the alternator and water pump.

Remove the radiator and AC compressor. Disconnect the sensors and electrical wires, lift the exhaust studs from the engine. Disconnect the fuel line from the engine and drain the fuel from the fuel line.

Remove all the bolts of the engine that are connected to the frame and disconnect it. After this, install the new engine, use the Crain to place it properly. Place the engine carefully and slowly, connect the wires with the engine correctly. It is recommended that you should join the wires cautiously. This will also help your truck to carry more weight.

Install the electric motor

The electric motor is the crucial constituent of the vehicle. The electric motor will accelerate your pickup. The electrical energy changes into the automatic energy in the motor. Take an electric motor and carefully place it near to the engine.

Then, connect the wires of the motor with the engine; you should not join the opposite wires. After connecting the cables, cover them with the tape. Don’t touch the bare wires with the bare hands.

It is recommended that you should place the rubber rug under the motor to protect it from vibrations. If you don’t understand the installing of the motor, then you should get a guide from the instructions manual. You can also turn the truck bed into a pool with easy methods.

Put in wiring harness

The wiring in the pickup is different; it works on charging; therefore, the wiring setup is different in it. The harness consists of a group of wires or cables. These wires transfer the signals and vehicles run through this.

The wiring harness contains several wires that have different functions. The white wire will make a ground connection with your vehicle. Connect the cables with the electric motor. Connect the cables carefully with the controller and fix the cables with the help of screws.

There will be a power lock wire in the harness. Connect the power lock carefully with the positive and negative ends of the controller. Bind the cables with the tape to protect them from sparking. There will be a wire of tail light, connect the red wire in the tail light of the pickup.

This connection will help you to know the status of charging. For instance, if you are charging, then the light will show you that it is charging. When it is fully charged, then the lights will turn OFF. You can use this same method when converting your truck into a dually.

Remove panels from sides of the steering wheel

The panels are also present around the steering. In this step, you have to remove the panels from the sides of the steering and insert the wiring harness in it. There will be a switch attached to the wiring harness.

Remove the panels that are close to the driving seats, and you should carefully remove the panels. Then, make a space for the harness. Remove the panel from the bottom of the steering wheel. Remove the panel from the top of the steering wheel.

Pass the wires from the space that you made by removing the panels around the steering wheel. There will be a white wire in the wire harness. Connect the white cable with the wires that you pass in the groups.

Then, connect the plug that is attached to the wire harness to activate the electrical connection in the vehicle. It is recommended that you don’t connect the opposite wires because this will disconnect the electrical connection.

Connect the wires with LED and power button

The wiring harness contains the switch at its one end. There is a power button and LED button at the end of the wiring harness. The holes are not present in the switch. Therefore, make holes in the switch with the help of the drilling machine.

The power button will turn the engine ON or OFF. When you apply brakes, then the power button will get light up. When you turn the power button ON, the engine will start with a beep sound.

The small LED bulb will show you that the engine of the pickup is ON. When you turn ON the engine, the LED bulb will turn ON. When you turn OFF the engine, the LED bulb will turn OFF.

After inserting the power button in the harness, connect the connector of the power button with the wiring harness. Fix the removed panels back by putting on the clips again. You can use this truck as a camper.

Install the hybrid battery in your truck

Attach the vent, this will do not overheat the system, and it will stay cool down. Place the rubber mats at the place where you will place the battery. The rubber mats will keep safe the tools from physical damage and also decrease the vibration.

Lift it with the help of Crain and place it carefully. Attach the brackets at the side of the battery to fix it. Then, adjust the connection with voltage terminals in the battery.

Attach the service plug with the battery that will help to start. It is recommended that you should cover it with a towel or plastic bag to protect it from damage. Connect all the bolts and wiring carefully. It is more powerful and can help to get your truck unstuck from snow.

Fix the voltage connection in the hybrid battery

The voltage connection is crucial in the battery. Take off the cover, insert the cables of voltage in the battery. The terminals should be aligned and fixed in the terminals. Fix the bolts in all the terminals with your hand.

Then, take a rachet and fix all the bolts with it carefully. It is recommended that don’t harshly fix the bolts because it will damage the equipment.

Put back the cover and fix it with the bolts. After installing the voltage connection, check the flow of voltage with the help of a voltage tester. You should wear safety glasses and safety gloves while doing this step. This step is a must; otherwise, truck AC will blow hot air.

Install alternating current charging plug

The last and essential step is to install the alternating current charging plug in your drive. You can quickly charge it with the help of a charging socket. The charging plug will connect the network of electricity, and then it will provide the current to your ride.

Make a hole in the bumper with the help of a drilling machine. Insert the AC charging plug in the hole and fix it with the help of screws. After installing the current charging plug, load it with the charger.

When it is fully charged, you can quickly run the engine without any complications. It is recommended that you should fully charge your vehicle before going on a long drive.