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How to Unlock a Chevy Truck with a Coat Hanger?

How to Unlock a Chevy Truck with a Coat Hanger?

It is challenging to unlock a Chevy truck using a coat hanger, and you need to have all the required tools to open its door.

How to Unlock a Chevy Truck with a Coat Hanger? If you want to unlock a Chevy truck using a coat hanger, you first need to find a steel or plastic coat hanger. Now put on your safety gloves and straighten its wire; then hold one end of the wire in your hand and, using a plier, make a u-shaped hook. Put the U-shaped end in the gap between the truck’s window and weather strip and move the wire until you touch the lock pin. Now hook it up with a U-shaped wire and pull it; this will unlock the truck door.

A coat hanger is a handy tool for unlocking trucks doors, but you can also use it for other purposes.

Finding And Straightening a Coat Hanger 

We sometimes forget things; you may forget your keys in your Chevy truck, or sometimes your keys get stolen, or you misplace them, and you cannot find them at the proper time. 

You may get in an emergency, and you need to unlock your truck quickly; in all cases, you can use many different methods to open the door of your vehicle. 

One of those methods includes using a coat hanger; a coat hanger is a device that people use to hang coats, jackets, shirts, and other garments on it. 

The manufacturers use metal and plastic to make these coat hangers, and they come in many different shapes and sizes. 

First of all, you need to go into your room and find a coat hanger, or you may buy one from the nearby store if you are away from your home. 

You can either find any old coat hanger that you usually do not use, or you can bring the one that you use for hanging clothes. 

You can also borrow them from your neighbors because it will only take a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes, and after that, you can return them. 

Once you have a coat hanger, you need to straighten it; before straightening it, you should check its material. For example, if the hanger is made of plastic, you need to apply a little force to make it straight like a wire.

On the other hand, if you have a metal-made hanger, you should apply more force and ensure that it acquires the new position well.

You can use a plier for straightening the metal coat hanger, or you can straighten it using your hand if it is made of plastic.

If the metal wire keeps coming back to its original shape and you cannot make it straight, then; you can put the metal wire under some weight.

You must be very careful while untwisting it as the metal wire is sharp, and you can hurt yourself if you work carelessly. 

The end part of the metal wire can pierce through your skin easily; you can use safety gloves if you have sensitive skin. 

I normally use leather gloves that protect me from any harm; once I wear them, I use my hands for untwisting the hanger.

These gloves are so hard that no sharp object can pass through them; a pair of these gloves will cost you around $10 to $35.

You can buy them from a hardware shop; many online stores have these latex gloves that are cost-effective and last longer than the usual ones.

Making A U-Shaped Hook

Once you untwist the coat hanger, now you need to make a hook of it; take any end of the wire and hold it firmly. 

Now, turn it to make a u-shaped hook; this shape of the hook is essential for unlocking the vehicle; I use pliers to make a u-shaped hook.

Putting a straight wire through the window side will not unlock the truck unless you have not formed a hook at one end. 

Using pliers for rotating the straight wire of the coat hanger for making a hook is also a good idea; you should put any end of the wire inside the mouth of the plier. 

Instead of rotating the wire itself, rotate the plier, and it will automatically rotate the hanger wire; you must leave one end of the hanger straight to hold it easily.

Where To Insert the Coat Hanger?

First of all, check if your Chevy truck has a power door lock system or a manual door lock system.

The remote controls the door locks in a power lock system, and you do not need a key to unlock the doors. 

They have an automatic protection system that almost makes it impossible for you to open the door from outside without the remote.

If your pickup has an automatic remote-control system and only unlocks by pushing certain buttons on the remote, you need to call the locksmith.

You can also contact your dealer, or you may call a professional worker, and maybe they will unlock the truck for you.

On the other hand, in a manual system, keys have their importance as you can put the right key inside, and it unlocks the door.

Now, you should hold the straight end of the hanger and put the u-shaped end in the space available between the weather strip and the truck’s window. 

You can choose any four doors and put the hanger wire inside, but it is beneficial to open the driver’s seat door instead of other doors.

You can also use a small piece of cloth and put it close to the window so that the wire of the hanger will not damage the window.

Finding The Lock Pin

Once the straight wire is inside the gap, you need to push it as far as possible; now, move the wire back and forth to find the lock’s pin.

The lock pin is a piece of metal created to stop the window lock from moving; for older vehicles, chances are you need to replace your lock pins as rust can damage it.

When you feel that the wire is touching the pin, you need to push it up until you can hook the u-shape of the wire around the lock pin. 

Hooking it underneath will make it easier to pull out; now, try to push the hanger toward the rear side of the truck as if you were trying to open the lock.

You should watch the lock from the window, and once the knob of the lock rises, this means you have unlocked the door.

Pulling The Hanger Out

You should now unhook the pin from the u-shape of the wire and then push it downwards and carefully pull it up.

Keep pulling the wire until you see the u-shape of the wire and carefully place it on the roof of the vehicle; now unlock the main door, enter the vehicle, and unlock the rest of the doors from inside. 

Take the straight wire and, with the help of pliers, rotate it so that it will regain its previous shape. If you cannot reshape it, you should not throw it; instead, place it in the toolbox for future use. This is one of the easy methods to unlock your truck without keys.

Which Type of Coat Hanger do You Need to unlock a Chevy truck door?

There are three types of coat hangers: wood, wire, and plastic; wood coat hangers are the most traditional hangers.  

They usually have holes for shoulders and sleeves; some have rubber grips to keep clothes in place.

Wood coat hangers can last for years if you give them a little bit of care and attention, but you cannot use such hangers to unlock the Chevy doors.

On the other hand, if you have steel or plastic hangers available at home, then with a bit of amendment, you can use them.

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