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How to Get Your Truck Unlocked Without Keys?

How to Get Your Truck Unlocked Without Keys?

Here are 12 best DIY methods to unlock your truck without keys. All of these techniques are proven, and you can do these at home.

How to Get Your Truck Unlocked Without Keys? You can get your truck unlocked without keys by using a metal rod, hardware with a hook, lockout tools, plastic silver, play ball, mobile lock app, and a pump wedge tool.

Do not rush into this; otherwise, you can damage the parts; you can also call a local mechanic or a locksmith for your help.

How to Get Your Truck Unlocked Without Keys?

Mostly, we need to unlock the vehicle without keys when we lost keys. Before going to try any method, you should first find the spare or unused key at home.

We have added the required tools for this procedure; you have to follow the guidelines.

Remove truck windshield wiper

The driver and passenger view outside through this windshield. When you want to fix it without keys, you should remove the Windshield wiper to access the bolt.

You can easily disconnect the windshield, but it can vary in different vehicles. Slightly uninstall the wiper by using various tools.

Try to remove it safely; you should prevent it from damaging or breaking. Wiper removing is better than calling anyone for assistance. It can get damaged during this process; however, you can easily fix the cracked windshield.

Using rope or shoelace

when you are unable or find it difficult to remove the windshield, you can try shoelaces. Find a thick string, loop, and it is better to take shoelaces, it will work amazingly.

You should tie or roll a slipknot in the center of it. You should tight it properly by pulling one side of the lace and make a firm knot. Hold one side of the string, and push the rope in the vehicle door.

Wiggle the rope around the window side, hold the rope tightly with your both hands, and move it continuously. Now catch the lock around with this loop, and pull it.

You maybe find it challenging, but it is not impossible and may take a few minutes. This method does not work on all fords because some vehicles have this mechanism on the door’s flank.

Use a metal rod or screwdriver

First, you should form a space between the window and a ford body. Enter the rod at the height of the pickup door.

To prevent damage or paint injury, you should cover the stick well. Move it in the direction of the button.

Gently press the device with your stick; it will open successfully after a few tries. Now you should sit in the vehicle and recover your keys. Add a toolbox in the truck bed and you can store all these accessories in it.

Use truck antenna

The old pickups have to insert an antenna below the handle, but new variants do not have this function. So check your pickup door handle first, before trying to expose it.

You can reveal the door by using this antenna. You can remove it by using tools and maneuver it by the door handle.

You can move the antenna until the latch begins jiggling. When you successfully make a strong connection, shove the antenna onward. 

Using long hardwire with the hook

The hook wire works well because it is slim and quickly enters the door. The hook-like hanger act amazingly. Use a coat hanger for this method and make sure it is narrow or made with metal.

You should unravel the hanger with pliers’ help and make it like a stick; the hook should remain as it is. You pull the control arm under the door with this slim stick and connect it with the panel.

Now slide the hook wire down between the stripping and the window until the hanger hook reaches below where the door and window meet the handle.

Rotate the stick when you are locked in, jerk up, and the door will open. Keep it in your mind; this trick also not use on any pickup.

Get a lockout tool

The locksmith usually uses this tool, it is also known as a lock pick tool; you should know how to use it before purchasing.

This tool comes with an instruction list that tells you the way to use it. You can also learn how to use it by searching on the internet.

Using a plastic sliver

You can use a plastic sliver; it should be stable and should not make with metal because it can damage the paint when you enter the window.

It can also act just like the rod, stick, or another tool you use to press the bolt keys. You can practice this method only when it has a latching mechanism on the top rather than on the side.

You can find the strap at your home, office, or also can get from the nearest shop or can find it in your toolbox.

Using a play ball

It sounds unfamiliar to everyone to expose with play ball, but it is a cool way for unlocking. You take a tennis ball, make a hole with a screwdriver or electric drill.

You keep the ball on the upper of the keyhole and shove it. The air burden will create in the ball; it forces the vehicle to unravel the latch.

Use a mobile lock app

The newer model fords can remotely expose through using a mobile lock app. You need to sign up in an account, choose your model.

When you are buying the ford, get the app also to save from this mess. Multiple apps are available for your specific variant.

MySubaru, myChevrolet, Toyota app, Hyundai Blue Link, and Nissanconnect app are the different applications. Choose the right one according to your brand.

Pump wedge tool

This type of soft wedge will save your pickup from paint damaging or scratches. The air fills in this wedge, and air pressure is used to disclose the door safely.

It will generate enough space to insert the hanger, tool, rod, or string. You can pull the latch keys; after a few trials, you can expose it.

Get help from a locksmith

If you are still unable to disclose the door after trying all methods, then call a locksmith is another good option. He has multiple tools or equipment and also has skills to use these outfits.

It will cost around $20 for one lock. The kit contains multiple plastics, wedges, metal or vinyl, lock picking tools, strings or rod, etc.

Call a local mechanic

If you are unable to get the help of the locksmith, he cannot come to you because of long-distance so that you can get the use of a local mechanic.

Call the nearest auto professional, someone arrives and aids you within an hour.

In the case of an emergency, when an animal or person is locked in a pickup, you should immediately dial the emergency number for help.

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