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Is a Truck a Good First Car?

Is a Truck a Good First Car?

Everyone wants to own a personal vehicle at some stage in their life. It is the dream of youngsters and teenagers to buy a dream car. However, people are confused about whether to buy a car or a truck.

Is a Truck a Good First Car? According to our experience, a truck is a good first car because it is safer and gives a better driving experience with more towing capacity. They have advanced designs with the latest technology as compared to cars. However, trucks have poor fuel economy and are difficult to drive for new drivers. In addition, they are expensive, and some models have fewer seats.

Both of these vehicles have their pros and cons. I have explained the benefits of buying a truck along with its disadvantages.

Can you buy a truck as your first car?

Everyone wants to buy a better vehicle that can provide convenience and comfort to their life. Usually, a small vehicle is the priority of all beginners and new drivers.

But it is equally good to buy a truck as a first car. It does not make any difference which vehicle you choose for you. It depends upon your preferences and choice. Each of them has its own merits and demerits.

Whether you are buying a pickup or car, check the specs carefully. Get information about the pricing, technology, and features of the automobile.

It will help you to decide which is better for you. You can buy a better vehicle at a reasonable price by researching all the specs and features.

Why it is better to have a truck as your first car?

The pickups are large and can provide many benefits. You will get a fantastic experience driving a truck.

Safe to drive

A new driver or a beginner is always afraid of driving a vehicle due to the risk of accidental collision with other objects.

They do not feel safe and secure while driving for the first time. People usually think that a small vehicle is easy to handle due to its small size. But it is not safe due to its delicate body and frame.

The trucks are huge, and their outer body is strong. Therefore, it acts as a protective shell to protect the driver and passenger.

Moreover, in case of accidental collision with other objects, it protects the people inside from injuries. As a result, the beginners feel safe and confidently learn to drive the new vehicle.

Better driving experience

Trucks are a great option for people starting their jobs as truck drivers. They are difficult to control due to their big size. But practicing driving a pickup can give you a better driving experience.

You can become an expert in driving all vehicles. Once you have learned to drive a big truck, it is easy to drive small automobiles.

You are in a better position to cross all the hurdles on rough and rocky roads. It increases the stamina of the driver to drive for a long time.

The drivers of big pickup trucks are not tired easily and can drive for the whole night without getting sleepy.

You can drive fearlessly on inclined and sloppy roads. It enables you to have better control over spinning wheels on highways. You can accelerate the vehicle to increase the speed limit in a better way.

Multi-Purpose Vehicle

Multiple uses of the pickup is another perk of buying them as a first vehicle. The cars are only used for traveling to other places.

They do not serve any other purposes. In contrast, trucks can be used for multiple tasks due to their big size. Apart from taking you to far-off places, the pickups have many other uses.

They have a large storage compartment to store all your valuables. You can haul heavy stuff like furniture or other objects to other places. 

The truck beds are also convertible to sleeping beds. You can turn them into the pool to enjoy a bath with friends. Convert the back into the cinema to enjoy movie time with friends.

Better towing capacity

They have high horsepower and powerful engines. They generate more power than a small car. 

They can bear more pressure and load. This is because they have a solid frame with a high towing capacity.

They can tow and haul large objects easily than small automobiles. You can also use them to provide cargo service and earn money.

Besides being a personal vehicle, it can become a source of income for your family. However, the cars have a low towing capacity and can not use for towing heavy objects.

You can convert the truck into a camper by attaching a camper shell to it. They can easily tow big trailers due to their high towing capacity.

In this way, it helps you stay outside at night without worrying about the hotel bills. You can take your family on a long trip and live in the camper peacefully for many days.

Versatility and advanced technology

Everyone wants their first vehicle to be stylish and elegant. The pickups are available in a wide range of styles and designs. In addition, they are versatile in size and design compared to small cars.

The manufacturers have brought innovation in the designs and shapes of the trucks. As a result, all the models have unique styles and are available in different colors.

They have all the technology and accessories available in luxury cars.

They have computerized control modules, electronic braking systems, and warning lights to provide a better driving experience. So you can enjoy the luxury and advanced technology of luxury cars.

Issues with having a truck as a first car

Besides all the benefits of using a pickup as a first vehicle, it also has some drawbacks. 

Poor fuel economy

One major drawback of having a truck is its poor fuel economy. Every driver wishes to have an automobile that gives more mileage. Small cars are positive in this aspect because they spend less fuel and have more mileage.

The trucks have a big truck bed and hence require more fuel to operate at a steady speed. In addition, the heavy tires burn more fuel to rotate and run the tires.

The pickup has four high-power engines that draw the oil to deliver the necessary power to the wheels. As a result, the cars can give more mileage per gallon as compared to pickups.

For example, a truck can give only 20 MPG, while a small car gives 30 to 40 MPG. The higher fuel consumption can put a lot of burden on your pocket.

Hard to drive

Large vehicles are difficult to drive due to their size. This issue restricts many people from buying them as their first car.

They have heavy tires, and a lot of force and technique is required to rotate the steering to run the wheels.

It is challenging to maintain a steady speed on an inclined road. New drivers, like teenagers, are always tempted to accelerate their vehicles.

It has a high risk that the truck can go out of control. It is difficult for a beginner to control it at high speed.

Large vehicles have the drawback of uncontrolled spinning wheels that can cause irreparable damage.

They are also laborious to drive on narrow roads. The drivers also find it tough to park in a heavily loaded parking lot.

In contrast, cars are easy to drive due to their small size. In addition, they have small tires, and it is easy to rotate the steering to spin the wheels.


The higher cost is the major issue with buying them in place of other vehicles. They have higher prices because of their strong outer frame and body. 

They have better horsepower and more engines to generate power. 

They have powerful transmission systems and brakes to control the tires and wheels.

New and advanced trucks are more expensive due to their fuel-efficient engine and towing capacities.

When you are buying a vehicle first time, it is hard to spend so much money. Every beginner wants to learn and practice driving a cheap automobile to minimize the loss.

The cars are better for learning to drive and getting experience without worrying about the budget.

Can hit small vehicles

Many new drivers are nervous about buying a truck because it has many blind spots. They can easily hit small bikes and other minor objects on the road.

While driving a big vehicle, the driver is at a higher position and cannot see the small objects on the road. It also takes time to stop a big automobile after pressing the brake pedals.

They can easily collide with small cars, and accidents can happen on the road. During the collision, the trucks usually suffer less, but the small automobiles are brutally damaged.

Therefore, when you are not confident about driving a big vehicle on the road, it is better not to buy a pickup.

Limited seating capacity

Limited seating capacity is another issue with buying a pick as a first car. The trucks usually have only two seats on the front side.

They lack the passenger seat on the rear of the vehicle. As a result, it is hard to travel with family on the pickups.

Only two persons can sit together while the rest have to adjust in the truck bed. It makes them unfit for a family.

In contrast, the cars are perfect for a family tour. They have two seats on the front and two or three passengers seat on the rear side of the body. So you can sit together with your family and enjoy your journey.

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