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Is Subaru Starlink Worth The Money?

Is Subaru Starlink Worth The Money?

Subaru Starlink is a feature present in Subaru vehicles, and it connects you with navigation, safety, security features, and Wi-Fi systems. Moreover, it is beneficial because of its excellent features in an affordable price range.

Is Subaru Starlink Worth The Money? Subaru Starlink is worth the money because of its advanced safety and security features which are helpful for both driver and passengers. The safety features include automatic collision notification, enhanced roadside assistance, SOS emergency assistance, monthly vehicle health reporting, stolen vehicle recovery, and remote services. The multimedia services are also advanced that you can connect them with both apple and android phones. It also includes a navigation system with an HD display on a big screen and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also provides concierge services to its customers for their hotel reservations and tickets purchasing. The annual subscription fee for their package is about $145 to $150.

You can upgrade its features to enhance connectivity and multimedia access. In addition, it will also give a luxurious appearance to your whole vehicle.

What is Subaru Starlink?

Subaru is a famous automobile manufacturing brand in America because of its unique features. In 2014 the company added the Starlink features to their SUVs.

The company added the telematics system in their vehicles to increase the market demand. In addition, Subaru Starlink also enhances the safety aspects of the vehicle.

The Subaru added this system because of increasing competition in the market. Many people prefer to buy vehicles with excessive safety features and a good multimedia system to make their journey enjoyable.

This Subaru is famous nowadays because of its extra safety, navigation, and multimedia features that are the demand of the modern market.

What is the Subaru Starlink annual and monthly cost?

Subaru Starlink also has the subscription cost, which you have to pay according to the selective package. Therefore, you have to subscribe to the packages after paying their fees.

There are two packages available one of them is Starlink safety plus. The first trial is free for this package, and after completing the trial period, you have to pay $98 to $100 yearly.

In addition, the packages will be free for one year if you purchase the pre-owned and new Subaru from the market.

The other package is Starlink safety plus and security plus, in which you have to pay $48 to $50 for the trail. After completing the trial, the annual subscription cost will be $145 to $150 yearly.

You can also pay them monthly, about $18 to 20$.

Can you use Subaru Starlink for both Apple and Android devices?

The Subaru Starlink is worth buying because it is compatible with Android and iPhone users. However, most iPhone users are worried because they cannot connect with other devices.

When they add Starlink, it makes their mood happy because it can work with this telematics system. Moreover, it is easy to use for both iPhone and Android users.

You have to install the app and connect it with your respective phone. For example, for Apple iOS and new android versions, you have to install the SUBARU STARLINK app and MYSUBARU app.

What are the features of Subaru Starlink?

Subaru Starlink is worth it and famous because of its advanced safety and multimedia features. 

Safety features

The safety of the drivers and passengers is the priority while purchasing any SUVs. The safer ones are better than the luxurious ones.

The safer SUVs are better because they cannot put your life at risk while traveling. The Subaru Starlink has various advanced safety features.

Automatic collision notification

It has an automatic collision notification system that can save your life in case of any emergency and accidental condition.

The safe life of drivers and passengers is the priority of this system. In case of accidental conditions or crashes, airbags are present in vehicles that can open to reduce the risk of injury.

When these airbags open, the company sends the notification, and the Starlink advisor contacts the drive.

They confirm the location and send their respondents to the GPS location of the vehicle.

Enhanced roadside and SOS emergency assistance

They also provide roadside assistance to their valuable customers in case of any emergency and challenging situation.

Sometimes the vehicle’s battery, engine, and tires become out of function, and there are no nearby service centers.

You can call the Starlink advisor; they will surely help you in this situation. In addition, if you need a towing vehicle, they can also send a towing vehicle to your GPS location.

Moreover, they are also serving their customers by giving SOS emergency assistance. You have to press SOS red button to take help from the advisor.

The company’s advisor can connect with you 24/7 to guide you properly.

Maintenance notification

In addition, the Subaru Starlink also has a maintenance notification system. You receive mail via a company representative if your vehicle requires any maintenance in this system.

This service is beneficial because you can resolve the problem before any negative consequences while traveling on the road.

In this way, the risk of damage in different parts will also decrease, and they last for a longer time.

Stolen vehicle recovery

The stolen vehicle recovery is also the essential feature of the Subaru Starlink in this modern era.

The SUVs are costly in the market, and if someone can steal them, it can destroy the owner’s savings and make them worried.

This latest system has an immobilizer, and when they turn on, it will protect the vehicle from moving. No one can drive it when the company activates immobilizers.

The stolen vehicle recovery system is present in 2019 models of Subaru, including Crosstrek, Forester, and Impreza.

Remote services

The remote services are also present in Subaru Starlink to operate the vehicle via a remote system. The remote services include lock and unlock.

It is beneficial to lock and unlock the SUVs using a remote device. The other one is remote horn and lights, which is helpful to locate your vehicle when you park them in a crowded place.

When you turn on the remote, the vehicle will start to produce a noise that can indicate its presence at a specific place.

Vehicle health reporting

You can also check the vehicle’s health every month by checking the email address that you provide to the company.

You will receive an email with a specific link from which you can check all the details. In addition, you can also check the tire pressure and remaining gas from there.

Moreover, you can also check the odometer and driving range from

Multimedia Features

Multimedia is essential while traveling a long distance with your family and friends. In addition, it is a source of great entertainment during long tours.

Without these systems, your journey becomes boring, and you cannot enjoy the trip.

Bluetooth connection 

The Bluetooth connection is the major part while connecting your phone with the vehicle. The multimedia of the Subaru Starlink have a Bluetooth connectivity system.

Some people complain that Subaru Bluetooth stops working but the connection with Bluetooth is the easiest and quick method which is more reliable than a wired system.

Everyone in the vehicle can connect their mobile phones without using wire. You can connect your device with the audio system of the Subaru.

In addition, you can play music on this audio system according to your choice. You can also receive calls from this audio system.

You can connect them and use a voice actions system that can minimize distractions while driving on the roads.

Navigation services

It also provides its customers with a navigation system to guide them properly while traveling. In addition, the big screen is present to represent the maps and traveling distance.

You cannot take the wrong way by using this system to save your fuel cost. First, you have to turn on this navigation system and go to your desired place in a few minutes.

It is also helpful to determine your current location and guide you accordingly. It will also tell you when to turn left or right while driving and save your time.

The navigation system’s high resolution and touch screen make your driving smooth and comfortable.

You can also control this feature by using voice commands for your ease.

Wireless connectivity

The multimedia of Subaru Starlink also allows wireless connectivity with the system. So you can connect them without any wires and enjoy your favorite music, songs, and movies.

The wireless connectivity will also make the system easy to run, and you can open your favorite content and apps.

Wi-Fi availability 

The Wi-Fi services are also available in the Subaru Starlink, in which you can share your favorite content on the screen by using a 4G LTE connection.

The Wi-Fi is available for both drivers and passengers to see their favorite movies ad shows while traveling.

It is also entertaining for children because they can easily play their favorite games and cannot get tired from the long journey.

The Starlink Wi-Fi system has different subscription costs according to the internet availability. For example, 1 GB of internet data costs about $28 to $30 per month.

The 5GB of internet data is also available, and its average cost is about $58 to $60.

Concierge services

The Subaru Starlink concierge packages are also available, which can provide you with more details.

The concierge package includes hotel reservations, and the company advisor also sends you the location through the navigation system.

This system is also helpful for booking online seats for traveling and traveling and theatres to watch your favorite movie and show.

You can also make hotel bookings from this system, and it will also guide you about their location.

Do all Subaru vehicles have Starlink?

All Subaru models do not have this Starlin system because it is available for only selective models. Most primarily, the ones that come after 2014 have the latest features.

You have to pay the subscription fee and add this feature to your SUV. However, you can add the Starlink in the following models of Subaru, including Forester, Impreza, Crosstrek, and Ascent.

These selective models are only available in the market with the latest and advanced safety multimedia and Wi-Fi connectivity features.

How to use Subaru Starlink?

You can use the Subaru Starlink by first downloading their apps on your android and apple phones.

You have two options for connectivity you can use Bluetooth or Starlink app for both android and iOS.

After installing the app, you can check all the features present by scrolling down. You can see different icons; you need to press these icons for required functioning.

In addition, you can also find the next feature by just going into the setting menu.

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