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How to Reinforce Toy Hauler Ramp Door?

How to Reinforce Toy Hauler Ramp Door?

Toy hauler ramp doors increase the available space, but you need to reinforce them to move heavy objects on your truck. 

How to Reinforce Toy Hauler Ramp Door? You can reinforce the toy hauler ramp door by removing the screws on the upper frame using a screwdriver. Push the pinout of the hinges and take out the upper frame and you will see the swollen wooden layer. Remove this bad layer of wood and measure its size. Cut the plywood and styrofoam layer and stick this layer on the metal frame using glue. Put the upper layer again, and with the help of a screwdriver, tighten all the screws.

It is better to maintain its ramp door if you are looking to increase the living space of your home on wheels. 

What is a Toy Hauler Ramp Door? 

Toy haulers are a great option for families with children of all ages as they can allow you to travel with your kids and have fun together without having to stay in hotels every night. 

The idea behind this is to allow families to bring their off-road vehicles along on vacations and take advantage of campgrounds. These campgrounds have large, open spaces to drive their trucks or other vehicles directly into the campsite. 

It gives you the ability to sleep, shower, cook delicious meals on-site, and enjoy all that nature has to offer. In addition, these doors allows you to haul four-wheelers, motorcycles, ATVs, and other stuff that may not fit inside a standard RV. 

It is a specialized RV that can hold and transport several types of items to different places simultaneously. It differs from other vehicles because it has additional space and special features designed to accommodate larger objects. 

This door lets you move your toys right into the garage and take them out again; for example, it is easier to get everything home from the store or other location and then back to your favorite camping spot. 

You can move your additional vehicle right into the back of the toy hauler via a hinged door at the rear of your trailer. 

They allow you to easily access your home away from home and give you a safe, solid place to step on when entering and exiting.

Another good thing is that it provides security to your RV by keeping unwanted people away from breaking into your house while you are not at home. 

Easy Steps to Reinforce Toy Hauler Ramp Door

Find a suitable safe place to park your toy hauler, turn the engine off, move to the back of it and examine the door ramp carefully. 

Identify the problem; losing strength can be due to the swelling of the wood structure, and you need to replace it. 

Now unlock it using your key and take it down slowly if there are no cables to support it, but there are four springs on the door that support the heavyweight and help it move up, down, and keep it in balance. 

Once the ramp door is down, take your screwdriver, remove any screws present, and remove the existing hinge pins from the upper frame using a hammer. 

Next, you will see the swollen wooden plate, take it out of the frame using the appropriate equipment and throw it away. 

Now measure the size of the frame and remember its length, width and height carefully or write them down on paper. 

Bring out the plywood plate along with styrofoam and cut it according to the size of the ramp door in such a way that it will fit exactly at its place. 

You can use wood glue for sticking the plywood with the frame and allow it to cool down for 2 to 3 days and let the glue do its work. 

You can also replace the metal casing of the frame with a new one if you see corroded metal on it, or you can use a welding machine to weld the sides of the metal frame. 

When you weld the metal casing properly and the plywood is perfectly fitted, place the upper frame at its position, tighten all the screws on each hinge into the new plate, and put the pin back in the hinge. 

Why Would You Reinforce a Toy Hauler Ramp Door? 

Some people think they can fit more into their toy hauler than what it actually can hold, which is not true in most cases. 

This ramp door is the essential exterior door on your RV as they keep all of your valuable equipment and possessions dry, secure, and safe from thieves. 

When you keep it in a moisturized place, it can lose its strength over time as it will absorb the rainwater and start swelling, causing it to lose its actual shape, and its color will fade away.

The corrosion process may also occur because of water inside the door ramp, which will eat its metal part. 

It also allows you to park closer to other RVs because you only need to open the rear door, and there is no need to open a regular one. 

They offer convenience when loading and unloading luggage and other bulky items and protection from weather elements, and they can add style to any RV.

Over time, they can become damaged or worn out, making it difficult or impossible to open and close them properly. 

Types of Toy Hauler Ramp Doors 

Rolling ramp doors have a wheeled system that manually moves along a track to open and close it. Sliding ramp doors do not have a wheeled system but rather a rail system that runs across or along an inclined plane to push or pull it from one side to the other. 

You can use different materials to make them, but not all of them offer the same level of durability and service life. The most popular material for making this type of ramp door is aluminum because it is lightweight and rustproof. 

Aluminum has high thermal conductivity, which helps prevent heat loss from within the trailer during cold weather. It should be able to resist the damage caused by high winds, vehicles traveling over it, and everyday use. 

On the other hand, a steel door weighs more robust than an aluminum one of the same thickness. 

There are ramp doors with one side attached to the cables and the RV using hinges. Some of them do not have any cable, and you have to close and open them manually. 

If you use them with utmost care and do not put extra load on them, they will last longer than usual, but they can break or malfunction, causing various problems for those who use them frequently. 

How much total weight toy hauler ramp door can hold? 

The company creates all toy hauler doors with weight capacities in mind, but there are large differences between models of different sizes.

It can easily carry lightweight vehicles like motorbikes or boats that weigh around 550 pounds to 1100 pounds. 

If you have a huge boat or motorcycle that requires more space, you will choose a larger model for the best results, but you probably want to know how much weight the ramp can carry. 

You can look upon the user guide that generally comes with the door ramp, or you can search its model number on the company website and find details about it. 

When looking at the specs of a ramp door, it can be hard to determine how much weight it will hold. Therefore, it is good to consult with a professional engineer for specific weight distribution calculations before loading anything. 

Different doors also have various features; you can use some for lighter weights, while others hold heavier loads.

If you do not know how much weight your doors will hold, you might not even be able to estimate whether or not they can handle the materials you need them to. 

Weight estimation is necessary because if you put 1000 pounds weight on such a ramp with a weight capacity of 700 pounds, you will only be breaking it. 

Time required and cost

There are many options for picking out a new toy hauler ramp door, but many people do not know these details. Instead, they only see the price tag and never get to experience all that they could have experienced with it. 

The price depends on the design and its quality; for example, if you buy it from luxury stores or build it differently, you will have to pay a high price. 

On the other hand, you can get it at a low price if you buy it from local brands and only want to move the objects. For example, a large-sized door ramp will cost you around $1150 to $5500 depending upon the type of material it has, while a small-sized door ramp can cost you around $530 to $2500. 

You can reinforce it within two hours if you are familiar with the design and structure of the door ramp, but if you are a beginner, then it will take approximately three to four hours to reinforce it.

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