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Who Owns WFX Trucking?

Who Owns WFX Trucking?

Western Flyer Xpress started in 1996, and a small number of employees are presently working as drivers and management team under two owners, but still, it lacks management of activities.

Who Owns WFX Trucking? WFX trucking is owned by Rodney and Randy Timms. It is a family business started in 1996 and co-owned by Michael Robinson. They have improved the fleet and increased its size from a few trucks to almost 1000 to 3000 trucks and trailers. However, they have only 200 to 300 employees that cannot manage the burden of hauling tasks efficiently. Furthermore, they have lost reliability due to harsh attitudes with their employees and a lack of advancements in their management system. 

The trucking companies have to consider employees as assets to build their reputation and name in society; otherwise, it has to face many complications.

Furthermore, WFX has provided many facilities to employees, but still, there are a few things that need to be considered to work efficiently.

What is WFX? 

It means Western Flyer Xpress, a trucking company operating in Oklahoma City, US. It covers many areas and provides services for loading the material to transport.

It has extended the fleet size from a few vehicles to almost 900 to 1000 trucks. In addition, it has nearly 2000 to 3000 trailers to work for hauling purposes.

Moreover, WFX provides dedicated trucks or OTR lanes for commercial use to private or government contractors and drivers interested in towing or hauling.

Furthermore, it also added refrigerated vehicles to transport frozen items. These dump truck fleets are equipped with high-quality equipment and dry vans.

They are known to provide appropriate solutions for the public’s problems, making them unique to others. In addition, they ensure the safe delivery of the product to the destination.

Who is the owner of WFX trucking?

Western Flyer Xpress trucking company was owned by Randy Timms in 1996 when he got guidance from his father Rodney Timms about initiating such business.

He has experience driving a large vehicle and became a professional driver after getting a commercial driving license or CDL.

Moreover, he participated in the company’s tasks for a few years when it had not been fully established but rarely drove when the number of vehicles in the fleet had increased.

The fleet grew in size within 5 to 8 years, which led to the beginning of new hiring as drivers in Oklahoma City to drive the vehicles for hauling.

However, Timms has not left the driving entirely and takes the vehicle on the road when drivers are unavailable.

He had delivered to the grocery stores that were out of stock and needed quick refilling to facilitate the customers.

Furthermore, Michael Robinson has considered the co-owner of this family-owned business run by Timms.

They have provided superior services to their customers to fulfill their needs of getting the right products at the right time.

Is WFX trucking company reliable?

Many concerns are shown on social media platforms and forums related to the reliability of the WFX trucking company.

Many workers have created a negative image for many reasons and exposed their behavior towards employees.

Lack of facilities

Many employees complain about the lack of facilities in the company, like there is no technological advancement in their system and following the old methods of communication.

This communication barrier makes them suffer a lot as the drivers cannot talk to those sitting in the main office at the right time.

So, they have to make some decisions on their end that are likely to create problems later. They have an app, but it is useless as it does not help in emergencies.

Less availability of fuel

They do not allow drivers to keep their fuel tank full, and you can only go for fueling whenever you have to go for the hauling task.

It indicates that they have a fuel shortage, so they are keeping a strict check on the usage. Fuel is like the food of the vehicle that is essential for its parts to operate smoothly.

You have to face problems on the way when your fuel tank gets empty as it has consumed more than expected fuel.

So, all these problems seem minor, but these are enough to complicate the situation and frustrate drivers.

Poor check and balance

There is no proper checking to look for the faults in the vehicles on time. Still, they ignore the issues to a maximum extent even if the driver notifies the management.

One of my friends who had worked with WFX told me that he said the management team about the damaged inverter, but no attention was given to it.

You know that the invertor is essential for converting the stored battery power into AC that can be used by the vehicle. However, all of this negligence was due to poor management.

Long duty hours

You can become a truck driver at WFX if you have planned to compromise on sleep hours and resting schedules to fulfill your driving dreams.

Moreover, you have to prepare yourself for the long duty hours as they demand 12 to 24 hours of continuous driving when you are assigned a long route.

My friend told me that he had not visited home for the last 5 to 8 days due to a challenging routine.

I know the trucking job is challenging, but you cannot expect to spend consecutive 8 days at the job without seeing your family, as it can lead to depression sometimes.

Unfair treatment of employees

It is better not to expect polite behavior from the people dealing with your affairs at WFX if you are a junior.

They are not going to treat you in a good way as they know there will not be a shortage of drivers.

There is a high turnover of the people seeking a job in the trucking companies as they pay a good salary.

Therefore, the officers take advantage of this opportunity and show harsh behavior towards employees.

Many employees have mentioned that WFX does not deal in a good way, and even their senior officers yell at employees without any hesitation.

You probably have to face more problems if you have mistakenly mentioned any ideas for improving the system as it is insubordination.

No security of a job

You cannot be satisfied with a trucking job at Western Flyer Xpress as it does not provide any security for your future. In addition, you can be kicked out of the company whenever they do not need you.

In addition, you cannot enjoy any raises in the monthly income even if you have spent many years serving the company.

There is no space for any changes or advancements in your career because your reputation and monthly income do not change even after years.

No notice for deductions

There are no defined rules about notifying the employees of any deduction in the salary. You are only informed about the deduction when it is already deducted from it.

Furthermore, you have to follow the orders per their instruction to get your full pay; otherwise, they can deduct some amount as a fine.

They offer some sick days for their employees to get paid leaves, but they rarely reset these sick days.

Some of their initiatives are good for the employees, like a pay package, but the harsh behavior cannot be ignored.

Does Western Flyer Xpress trucking pay well? 

Many WFX employees are satisfied with their salary and rarely show concerns on this aspect. The amount varies according to the type of role that you play in the company.

Likewise, a driver has an income of almost $1219 to $1229 weekly, but your salary can be raised to nearly $1338 if you are hired to drive a tractor-trailer.

In the same way, you can expect a pay package of almost $1679 to $1693 for a week when you drive a truck or become a team driver.

However, the packages are fascinating for the van drivers and dispatchers as they can get almost $50,000 to $90,000 a year.

Does WFX trucking deliver fast? 

The Western Flyer Xpress has been trying to improve the fleet since 1996 and increasing the number of vehicles to provide better facilities.

The number of vehicles has increased from a few to thousands of trucks and trailers. In addition, they have added almost 2000 to 3000 trailers in their fleet to load more products to avoid delays.

However, they have only 200 to 300 employees, that are not enough to manage the tasks when there are more orders to deliver.

Overburden can impose stress on the drivers leading to poor handling, misplacement, and product damage.

Furthermore, it ensures the delivery of the products professionally, but it is challenging to manage the multiple delivery tasks on time with a small number of drivers.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 653 people, including the WFX employees and others, to get an idea of this trucking company and its owner and reliability.

Out of 653 people, 476 people (73%) said their owner Randy Timms drives a truck sometimes and is polite, but there are problems in the administration department as they are rude to employees.

However, 105 people (16%) said they are good at providing suitable pay packages and allow some paid sick leaves.

While the remaining 72 people (11%) said, they have no idea about WFX as they have never interacted directly or indirectly with this trucking company.

The WFX administration requires a lot of changes in their systems of dealing with the issues and behavior of employees.

“I left a driver job at WFX about 3 to 4 months ago due to issues with leadership because a senior was yelling at me for no reason, and I responded to him in the same way.”

They can only satisfy the employees by paying a good salary at the end of the month if they have not deducted any amount.

“I am working with WFX and happy with their pay packages. They put some extra workload sometimes, but that’s not a big issue for me.”

There is lesser advancement in the management systems of Western Flyer Xpress; that’s why they are lagging.

“I faced many issues on the road when the app was not working, and it was important to contact the administration.”

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