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Motorhome Drop Down Bed Problems

Motorhome Drop Down Bed Problems

Many people like to install drop-down beds in their motorhomes to extend the sleeping place. You can add these beds in your RV while traveling with the whole family so everyone can sleep in the bed.

Motorhome Drop Down Bed Problems includes poor power supply from the batteries due to damaged terminals. The problem in their opening is due to broken wires. In addition, sagging in this bed is caused by a heavy mattress. Faulty installation of safety pins also causes dropping-down issues from one side. Moreover, the jammed limit switch is due to electrical problems and a blown fuse.

They are specifically attached to the ceiling or on the side of the wall and are comfortable and occupy less space than standard beds.

Poor battery power

The battery is the crucial part of the motorhomes to supply electrical powers to a different system for their better working.

The drop-down bed in RVs needs power from the batteries to open and close. The inappropriate power supply from the batteries will cause an interruption in the opening and closing of beds.

They get stuck while opening and closing and also produce a squeaking sound. The battery power supply issue will come when they are not in use for a longer time.

Proper fitting of the batteries in the motorhomes is also essential. If you do not fit them and their accessories with the system, they will not work.

The inadequate cleaning of its terminals and wires can also cut the power supply, which can cause the issue.

When these beds cannot open due to insufficient power supply, people have to sleep or sit on the floor.

However, sitting on the floor is uncomfortable, especially during the winter season due to the cold.

You can resolve this issue by filling the batteries with their fluid to work. Moreover, you should also check their working and terminals before going on a long tour.

Broken wires

The wires are primarily attached to these beds to supply electricity for their proper opening and closing.

Sometimes these wires become faulty and cannot provide a power supply to open and close these beds.

The wires become broken due to different issues and interrupt the electricity supply. In addition, wear and tear will produce due to continuous opening and closing.

In addition, when they become old, they also start to break from different points. So sometimes overheating will also occur in it, which can cause the melting of wires and short circuits.

The wires can also break due to stress on these wires while opening and closing. Sometimes the issues will also occur when they contact other equipment in the motorhome.

Many people also complain that their wires can also become damaged due to seasonal changes like excessive heat and moisture in the surroundings.

You can resolve this issue by carefully closing and opening the drop-down beds. You can also change the broken cables to provide enough electricity supply.

Moreover, you can also prevent excessive heat by insulating them with electrical tape.


People use drop-down beds to sleep at night, and it is beneficial to increase sleeping space for your whole family.

These beds become damaged when you place heavy loads on them. Moreover, they are attached with screws and bolts that can bear specific weight.

These bolts cannot bear the weight and wear out when you put heavy loads on their surface. My friend also complains that his motorhome drop-down bed starts to sag.

The sagging will occur when you place heavy mattresses on their frame. 

Many of my friends are using heavy accessories on them, which can cause the screws to become loose and break down.

The screws also become loose when you drive the motorhomes on bumpy roads due to continuous vibration.

Due to the sagging of the bed, you cannot sleep on them during nighttime for proper testing. Therefore, it is better to check its manual to estimate its weight-bearing capacity.

You cannot place the heavy mattresses on their surface to fix the problem. Moreover, you should also tighten the nuts and bolts after a few months.

Blown fuse

The fuse is also present in the motorhome drop-down beds’ electrical system, which sometimes becomes faulty and causes inappropriate closing and opening.

When the fuse blows out for different reasons, you cannot open and close these beds. The fuse blows out when you are opening and closing them frequently.

In addition, the surge of power supply from the electricity source will also cause the fuse to blow out. Moreover, when you put extra bedding on the surface, it will also blow out.

Too much stress on the beds due to excessive bedding and other accessories present on their surface will also cause this problem.

They will also blow out due to aging problems when they become old. The sudden spikes in the power supply will also cause the fuse issue.

When you turn on the accessories that drain too much power from the batteries, the fuse also blows out.

You can resolve this problem by finding the fuse box that is white in color and present under the seats. After locating the fuse box in the motorhome, change the blown fuse.

Improper installation of safety pins

The safety pins are also the requirement of motorhome drop down beds for their appropriate installation. When you do not hire professional persons for their installation, it will cause an issue.

Many of my friends who used this RV complains that the one side of the bed becomes lowered and causes an uncomfortable situation.

The lowering at one side will occur due to improper installation of safety pins. Due to the poor installation of these pins, the beds become lower 3 to 4 inches from one side.

Moreover, some people install them by themselves in their homes, and they do not know about the correct position of pins.

The lowering of beds at one side will also cause the breaking of its different components. In addition, you cannot sleep them at night due to the uncomfortable positioning of the beds.

Sometimes these pins also break at one side because of different issues and cause sagging.

When you place your accessories on it, they will also slip from their due to incorrect leveling and balance of their surface.

You can resolve this issue by hiring professionals for their proper fixing. I recommend not putting the excessive weight at one side to increase the life of pins for correct adjustment.

Jammed limit switch

Limit switches are the vital part of the drop-down beds in motorhomes that are beneficial for their movement. When you move them down, they will help with the downward movement of the bed.

They are also helpful to stop the bed at the maximum range according to your requirement. However, when these switches become damaged, you cannot open the beds; they get stuck and close.

The older switches become jammed and cause stuck-off issues. These switches also jammed when you opened and closed the drop-down beds manually.

The limit switch also becomes faulty and cannot operate appropriately due to improper airflow in its system.

The damaged fuse and wiring of the limit switch will also cause the issue. When these switches do not connect with the stopper and produce a click sound, they are faulty.

You can resolve the jammed limit switch problem by resetting its system. Locate the switch on the side of the track and click it 3 to 4 times for their good functioning.

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